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We want to approve as much of our members' qualified submissions as we can!

We enjoy seeing it, we get new comics to read from it, and it's the entire reason this group exists. However, sometimes we have to deny a submission due to something we often feel was caused by a lack of communication, or understanding of how this group works. Let's face it, there are lots of comic groups on DA and it can be difficult to remember the rules for each one.

Therefor, the following guide has been created for our use and to help all you members out. It contains a list of our folders, in alphabetical order, and a brief explanation on what is to be submitted in each particular one.  But before that, let's start off by explaining why we might deny your submission.

To save time, remember that all artwork must follow the rules on our front page, regardless what folder it is submitted to.

The #1 reason we deny a submission, is because it is an illustration (a picture that is stand-alone and is not a comic), is a re-coloring of someone else's work, cover design without a comic attached, etc. . . We are a group for comic creators, we are not a group to show off fanart of comics, unless it's done as an actual comic itself, such as a FanComic (the comic version of FanFiction.) We are also not a group for illustrations, even if they are illustrations of characters from your comic-- we'd rather just see the comic! Let your fans go directly to you, or to an exclusive part of your site, to see the bonus illustrations.

The #2 reason we deny is because the submission is already in the group. Please double check when submitting and also check you have submitted to the correct section, this will save us all some time :)

Now, let's take a look at the sections and categories, as well as what defines them.

18+ Adults Only

Mature art is one of those "tricky" areas. 99% of the time, submissions to this category are approved, so long as they are not illustrations and fulfill the group rules and requirements. The 1% of the time we do not, is when the context seems to be glorifying rape/pedophilia.

The Adults Only folder is comics, comic pages, and covers that has sexual content, enough to warrant an adult content warning from Deviantart, and does not violate DA's forbidden content rules.

Gore and violence are credited as mature content on DeviantArt, but we do not require them to be submitted to this folder, as this folder is designed primarily for work of a sexual nature. You may submit your entire comic here if it has adult content, even if most of the pages are "clean", or just submit the pages with the sexual content, though we suggest submitting the entire thing in order for other members to find the comics they want to read easier.


Animated comics can be full animations, animated "game" comics such as Homestuck, or even comics done in Flash or a similar program which allows readers to click within the animation itself to change the page. We allow animated promotional material as well within this folder, and all Flash content should go here.

Literature. We allow stories and scripts written by comic authors to be submitted.

The Game: Level 3 Prologue by GreenMangos Arnice       A loud series of bangs startled me awake. I quickly jumped to my feet and saw Joseph looking down at me.
       “That’s where you’ve been hiding,” he scoffed and then pulled me out into the open. “Go fetch my horse,” he said and pointed across the field. I could see it in the distance, ambling around in the wild grass. “Go on, now, get to work,” he commanded and then swung his foot behind my rear and nudged me forward.
       After catching my balance, I yawned and then began a brisk walk to the animal at my own pace. I stopped halfway and turned to see if Joseph was still looking; he was, standing there with his arms folded. “Go on! Cripes, I know you heard me,” he said in his grumbly tone. I lowered my head and continued on my way.
       I don’t know why he always sent me to tend to that old horse. The beast was ancient and smelled


This is for comics that have anthropomorphic characters. 'Furry' can also be submitted to this page, but all other rules must still be followed, meaning the pages must be comics, not illustrations, fanart still goes in the fanart folder, mature art in the mature art section, etc.

Comic - baking with Sam and Spike by oomizuao Comic - Zee is a scary gamer by oomizuao

Character Sheets

NO FANART in this section.
People try to submit illustrations and such into this all the time, but we really want to reserve it for character bios and such! Even if the illustration is of your character, please save that as a special that can only be seen on your DA page or website, your illustration doesn't belong in this group even if it is spectacular.

People who view this section are looking to learn about a character, so that they can find new, interesting stories to read based on if they like the character.

Readers likely won't be too interested in seeing just a head, or a sketch, or even a scene. We want submissions to have enough that the person viewing it will go "wow, I want to learn more about this character" so that the viewer will read/buy the comic.

Character Sheets are not a place to stick illustrations or fanart. It is to be considered a section for Original Character Biographies, and contain full color, completed work. If your comic is not in color, use this as a rare opportunity to allow people to see the characters in color, and help them imagine that color while reading the rest of the comic.

Sketches, illustrations, fanart, and covers do not belong in this section

Character sheet - Frog by celesse Adel Character Sheet by ionen Endzone: Character Sheet by ippus
Character Reference Sheet by Laliah Reference Sheet Template by KazzantiChaos


The convention section is for members to show off pictures from conventions they attended. We greatly want to see photographs of table/booth set ups, panels our members were involved in, and the materials they are selling/using to promote their work.

We also allow promotional materials and journals to be posted here to advertise conventions. If a member is attending one, creating an image with the conventions name, date, and location, as well as the location of their booth/table or the information on their panel is a fantastic idea and ideal for this folder.

Members may also post guides for attending a convention here, to help out other members, and tutorials for building displays.

It is not for convention exclusives, sketch covers, etc. Unless they are photographs taken while at the convention itself, or are a promotion on where to get the convention exclusive. Photos of sketch covers you are doing do not belong here, unless they are of original characters from your comic. Remember, you want to keep some things as exclusives that can only be seen by people watching your page, seeing you at conventions, or visiting your website.

Fan Comics

Fan comics are fanfiction, in comic form. These are comics which feature characters, places, events, or are based on a copyrighted universe.

The only thing that belongs in this folder is fan comics. There are plenty of groups for Marvel, DC and other publishing houses for you to post fanart and illustrations, they do not belong in this group, and will be denied. The thing to remember is the Comic Makers Club wants to see Comics!

Single Page Comics

4-Panel Koma comics, stand alone comics where a single page is all that's needed, these are perfect for this section. These are like the comics you find quite often in newspapers and blogs, stand-alone comics with no need for any backstory or continuation.

Graphic Novels

Definition: A novel whose narrative is related through a combination of text and art, often in comic-strip form.
These are for comics that are text-heavy, or have a text based go-along, such as books turned into comics.  

Graphic Novels tend to be comics that are very lengthy, text wise. These are often illustrations above a huge block of text, or comics that go along with stories in the artist's description--there are even novels that if opened right to let is a comic, and left to right is the book version of the comic.

If your comic is very text heavy, graphic novels is the folder for you. Otherwise, Original Character Comics is correct if you're trying to decide between the two.

Insert Witty Phrase Here

Comedy, short comics that will eventually go into the group's webcomic, to be used for advertising and other effects. All comics submitted to this folder will be used, so only submit comedy comics you approve of being part of this project. These comics may eventually be printed into a book or put on a website, which will link to the original creator.


The Japanese Manga/ Outside-Japan Manga debate is a long one, indeed... for the sake of the folders here, we go by "style". Basically, a comic done in a manga "style" will go into the manga folder, simply because people searching for that style will look in the Manga folder, even if it is made outside of Japan. The same for someone from Japan who is doing an American style will not submit to the Manga folder, even though their comics are being made in Japan.

Memes and Expression Sheets

Expression sheets are useful tools to learn to keep a characters expressions consistent, and to help learn to draw a character repeatedly, looking the same except with different expressions. This folder is for meme comics and those expression sheets, only.

Original Character Comics

Comics using original characters, and covers for those comics. Pages must be completed, or link to the completed page/book. This is the folder that most people will submit to. This is for comics that aren't animated, aren't fan content, and aren't single page, stand alone comics. These are 100% created by the comic creator, meaning they don't have a single character owned by someone else. If your story, world, just about everything isn't copyrighted to someone else, except one place/character, that goes into the fan comic folder, this is for original content.

Promotional Material

Print ready promotional material, such as business cards, flyers, banners, and signs. These need to be at a high level of quality, something you would send to a printer and pay to have printed and distributed.  Covers can go here, but you need to be sure the rest of the comic is linked in the authors description.


All completed tutorials can go here... From drawing tutorials, to publishing tutorials, even 'how to find an artist/writer', all tutorials are allowed here.

I hope that clears some things up! We love seeing your art but, please, keep it to your comics! You may have drawn an awesome cover for a Marvel/DC/Etc. and that's fantastic! But unless it's a cover for your own comic, or a fan comic you're doing, or you work/ed for Marvel/DC/Etc on that cover it doesn't belong here.
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coldfire0007's avatar

Want to make sure I get this right. I believe mine is a graphic novel I want to submit, but I also have a cover art page as well as a couple chapter covers. Do I submit those with the novel in the same folder or should that go somewhere else (if anywhere)?

RavynCrescent's avatar

Yes indeed, they would go to the same folder

Hide-and-Sheik's avatar
Where can I submit the cover of a comic if it links to the rest of the comic? Should it go in the "original comics" folder even if it's technically an illustration?
RavynCrescent's avatar

Original Comics works, but Promotional would likely be better, just make sure it links to all the other comic pages so we know it's not just an illustration (since we don't allow illustrations)

kevintheradioguy's avatar
But if there are, say, humans, and monsters, and anthros, and fan characters, and canon characters all mushed up in a comic, where does it go?
Israel42's avatar
hi are you guys still active?
RavynCrescent's avatar
Israel42's avatar
good  bin wanting to join a group where i can post my comics up O3O
Schizobot's avatar
Yup, Just approved you. 
Israel42's avatar
THank u so much ^^
KidRou's avatar
hello, I  have one question here about "Original characters Comic" and "Manga". My style more toward "manga" style but the story, characters and all is my original idea. so, if I wanna submit my comic, which folder should I choose?
RavynCrescent's avatar

You can choose either one, whichever you prefer. If your style is closer to a manga style and you want to keep the manga audience, submit to Mange. If you're seeking readers who look for just Original Characters regardless of style, select original

KidRou's avatar
thank you~ and thank you for accepting us too
SaltyRiot97's avatar
I do have one question. I'm not sure what category a comic of an undertale au would be submitted to? Since the character designs are mine, but the characters are altered versions of the undertale characters? 
Schizobot's avatar
It would go into Fan comics since it's using ideas and concepts from a video game made by someone else. 
VampiricLepara's avatar
So, I have two comics running, but one, in particular, has two characters I adopted from someone else. Does it go into original or fan?
RavynCrescent's avatar

If you are using characters someone else created, they go into fan, UNLESS it was an 'adoptable' situation where the creator of these characters legit gave them to just you to use. Sorta like when you adopt a pet/kid, it becomes yours.

Schizobot's avatar
Because you own the characters, you can put it into original. 
tece-cartoonist's avatar
Hi! My comic book contains anthropomorphic characters, but also more fanciful characters. Can I still publish it in the "Anthropomorphic" folder?
RavynCrescent's avatar

Yes, anything with anthro characters can be submitted to the Anthropomorphic folder if you like! We try our best to help you get the most exposure, so if your audience is primarily those who look for anthropomorphic comics, that's the best folder.

tece-cartoonist's avatar
Thank you. So I imported a page of my comic in the Anthro folder! :)
Pinupmeister's avatar
Thanks for the rundown. 
Si-Nister's avatar
Hi :) I've read it and, well, I thnik I have a categorisation challenge XD.

I'm making a fancomic but it's from a french comic "Les Légendaires" by Patrick Sobral. So, being considered as a fancomic here might be problematic ? :s 

But even worst, this fancomic is full of OCs, it's the universe of the original comic but not the officials characters. So is it in OC ?

But one of the character is an anthro but not all of them. So I put it in anthro ? :s 

BUT some pages are one shot, one page (unlike the complete story wich is longer :s ) . So is it in single page comics ?

Sorry if I show a lack of politeness in this comment, I find this situation quite funny and I hope you will as well XD.

Otherwise, well sorry, for the lack of serious, don't want to border anyone :s . 

I supposed I should submit my one shot in single page but what about pages from the full story which is a fancomic of a french comic but with an anthro character and only OCs please ?  

Have a great day :) .
RavynCrescent's avatar
I can help you with that!

Okay, it still counts as a fancomic because it's based on a world created by Patrick Sobral.
Any comics considered being part of the same comic go into the same folder, so you can submit everything there, that'll work just fine!

So there you go :) Even full of
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