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The Airship Millennium
Official Site
Genres: Steampunk, Science Fiction, Manga, Action/Adventure
A universe that has been kept in the Neovictiroan society is home to a crew of Airship Pirates in this Wrath of Fate fan comic. The content is primarily original, with just a taste of Abney Park. A vast universe awaits readers, full of adventure, plenty of funny moments, romance, everything you need! Oh! And pirates!


Bremen, the rare half
Official Site
Genres: Fantasy, action/adventure, steampunk
The story of a young human/prettan hybrid gifted with various fantastic abilities due to his unusual heritage. Living an otherwise quiet and uneventful life in a remote village, he is suddenly drawn into a world of intrigue and danger as sinister forces with with lofty aspirations begin to take notice of him and his unique 'gifts'.


Manhattan1930: The Man in the White Suit:teddy:
Genre: Action, Crime/Detective, Steampunk, Supernatural
Available in three parts priced $0.99/70pUK or Euro equivalent via,
Drive Thru Comics, Amazon Kindle, and Kobo]
This is 114 hard boiled pulp fiction colour pages of steampunk science and occult mystery. Song, a masked Harlem PI, while investigating his partner’s murder, uncovers a battle for control New York between the legendary scientist Nikola Tesla and the English magician Aleister Crowley.

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