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Stories about love, be it bitter-sweet or a dream come true. While these stories won't involve graphic content, they may still make your heart melt and your eyes tear.

We do allow homosexual as well as heterosexual comics into this section. We don't, however, allow "age play" with children involved with adults in any romantic situation. All creators who have concerns about if their comic will qualify can send the group a note.

If you are concerned you'll read a story with a relationship you don't approve of for reasons besides "age play", this may not be the section for you.

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Chaos Creator
Genres: Manga, Romance, Supernatural
In a new world built from the ashes of a fallen earth, two gods rule over humans. Enya, the embodiment of good, and S'wangshi Dao, the embodiment of evil, struggle to coexist with both each other and humans. With a power struggle breaking the bonds between Enya and S'wangshi Dao, memories from the old world come back to haunt them.


Manga Magazine
Genres: Manga, Mystery, Romance, Drama/Suspense

Yani is a university student who is currently studying Computer Science. One day, she bumps into a guy that proclaims himself as a genius in computers. Yani thought that was everything she should know about him, but her life turns around when she finds out the secret he has been keeping inside, and she’s the only one who can uncover it.


My Personal Angel
French Version
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Manga, Humor/comedy
In spite of his preppy looks, Gauthier, 22, is an otaku and a loser in almost every way. "Aaah, if only a beautiful and lovig fairy could come down from the sky and magically fix all my problems"... he sighs again and again, ingenuously.
One day the stars hear Gauthier's prayers and decide to grant his wish... KINDA.
My personal angels contains BL themes but no explicit content.


Operation: Electronic Love
Fancomic to The Amazing Spiez
:plug:July 15, 2012
Genres: Romance, Suspense/Drama, Manga, Humor/Comedy
Antoinette Clark has an ordinary…well as ordinary as a secret agent’s life can be. Not only does she have to balance school, MMA training, and fighting bad guys while looking good, but she also has a crush on someone she met in the park. Her nightmares unveil more and more of her past she finds that the stranger isn’t As unfamiliar as she first thought.


Ti Amo
TCZ Studio
Genres: Humor/Comedy, Romance, Manga, Real Life->Slice of Life-> Young Adults
It's Valentine's Day, and the only thing Mira wants is to make record sales for her cafe's "Ti Amo" Valentine's Day Set Meals. But magic is in the air, and a chance meeting with a mysterious flower girl brings an unexpected twist to her day...


Triple E
Official Site
Genre:  Real life, Drama, Romance, Fantasy.
Triple E presents the story of two demon brothers, Cain and Abel, that just got to a new high school as exchange students. What they'll find in the human world will sometimes make Hell seem like a better place. They need to keep their true nature covered, but will they succeed until the end of the exchange program? A story full of ups and downs, love, and drama.

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