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Hello members of Comic-Makers-Club!

This is Myles D. Goethe alias Shadow Goethe, brand new member of the group. I have a brand new fantasy themed web comic on Webtoon I'd like to inform you all, titled, FRIGHT DARKWATER! Still fairly early, it's only been out for a week but I would definitely appreciate some feedback on it cuz this is first SERIOUS comic on Webtoon.

Description: Fright Darkwater is a new student enrolling at Vanir Academy’s School for the Mystic Arts aspiring to be a master sorceress. However, most of the school find her difficult to be around. Bias, ignorance and slander has painted Fright in the eyes of everyone as a wicked witch to be feared; consequently, due to her Haitian Hoodoo heritage and history of using forbidden spells. But is Fright wicked? Or simply misunderstood?

Link here:…

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i have read act I pat 1 its good,it only need some hookups so that it will open the reader mind for the rest of the story line..else then that it is good