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Comics perfect for Halloween or whenever you're in a spooky mood. These comics have terrorizing characters and suspenseful plot lines.

Murderers, criminals, plagues, diseases, all these can be found in the Horror section.

Vampires, shapeshifters, zombies and more, all these can be found in the Supernatural section.


Home Page
Genre: Suspense/Drama and Horror/Supernatural
A German Shepherd named Russell finds himself seeking answers for his family only to get lost in the insane world of his city. Quickly learning the true life function deep under the empire, he finds that his life was never really under his control.


Fond Recollections
Genres: Fantasy, Suspense/Drama, horror/supernatural, mystery/crime/detective
If you haven't read our first comic, Shades of Grey, I strongly suggest checking it out (here: fondrecollections.deviantart.c…) before reading Fond Recollections
Fond Recollections is a dark tale revolving around some violent murders in the fictional English slum, Spinner's End, and one of its inhabitants, Severus Snape. Harry Potter Fan Comic


Football Crazy: The Theatre of Nightmares on the Road to Insanity:teddy::pumpkin:
Genres: Horror/Supernatural, Psychological, Humor/Comedy, Mystery/Crime
Available in two parts priced $0.99, 70p UK or Euro equivalent each, via Amazon Kindle, SmashSwords, and Drive Thru Comics.

The 66 page narrative follows a clubs FA Cup run against the backdrop of a murder investigation. The colour images blend football action, TV punditry with autopsy scenes, crime scene investigations and interviews with possible suspects. It’s Roy of the Rovers meets CSI in the Twilight Zone.


Manhattan1930: The Man in the White Suit:teddy:
Genre: Action, Crime/Detective, Steampunk, Supernatural
Available in three parts priced $0.99/70pUK or Euro equivalent via,
Drive Thru Comics, Amazon Kindle, and Kobo]
This is 114 hard boiled pulp fiction colour pages of steampunk science and occult mystery. Song, a masked Harlem PI, while investigating his partner’s murder, uncovers a battle for control New York between the legendary scientist Nikola Tesla and the English magician Aleister Crowley.


Meadowhell: The True Horror of Shopping:teddy::pumpkin:
Genres: Horror/Supernatural, Psychological, Mystery/Crime
Available in two parts priced $0.99, 70p UK or Euro equivalent each, via Amazon Kindle, SmashSwords, and Drive Thru Comics.
The 66 colour pages follow the Police Investigation into three murders at a soon to be opened shopping mall. This is a whodunit, with the clues placed like Easter Eggs for reader to discover or to look back at after the killer is revealed, but be warned, this could change the way you shop forever.


Spring Heeled Jack: From the Tunnels of Hell:teddy::pumpkin:
Genres: Horror/Supernatural, Psychological and Mystery/Crime
Available in two parts priced $0.99, 70p UK or Euro equivalent each, via Amazon Kindle, SmashSwords, and Drive Thru Comics.
The truth about the infamous Victorian Urban Legend is revealed as the Penny Dreadful myth is brought bang up to date. The 66 full colour pages are Hammer style horror with a macabre twist and is perfect for Halloween as one man fights to lift a family curse. Please do have nightmares.


The Tome of the Ancients
Genres:Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Horror/Supernatural, Humor/Comedy
Official Site
The Tome of the Ancients is a fantastically detailed & presented free, 3D webcomic.
Currently with 19 full-color chapters. Emphasis on striking 3D visuals & fun, with mild nudity in places;
hence the '17' warning.



Carnacki & Hannay: Issue One
Eyam: The Plague Village UFO Mystery
Genre: Science Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Supernatural
Eyam was devastated by the plague in 1665 and on the three hundredth anniversary radar picks up UFOs over the village. MI6 send their best agent and contact a paranormal detective when they discover the entire population of Eyam have been abducted. This is 1965 UK, X-Files, for Roswell read Eyam.


Chaos Creator
Genres: Manga, Romance, Supernatural
In a new world built from the ashes of a fallen earth, two gods rule over humans. Enya, the embodiment of good, and S'wangshi Dao, the embodiment of evil, struggle to coexist with both each other and humans. With a power struggle breaking the bonds between Enya and S'wangshi Dao, memories from the old world come back to haunt them.


City Of Stygian
Official Site
Genre: Anthropomorphic, Comedy, and Horror/Supernatural.
Stygian(not to be confused with Stygia) is a hidden layer of Hell where people and many other creatures have "comfortably" called their home. Monera and her family move into the capital Morose. A town that is currently having a cult problem.


Official Site
Genre: Supernatural/Horror, Drama/Suspense.
Bianca 'Bean' Fortune has a couple neuroses, but thanks to a life spent in her mother's old house, hauntings aren't one of them. The ghosts catch her off guard sometimes, sure, but coping with her aimless young adulthood is a bigger priority... Or at least, it was before the accident.


War Nurse: Issue 1:teddy:
Genre: Action/Adventure, humor, science fiction, supernatural
Available priced $0.99/70pUK or Euro equivalent via,
Drive Thru Comics, Amazon Kindle, and Kobo]
The 42 page colour comic revamps the origin of Speed Comics domain free WWII English Nurse, who is back fighting Nazis in her underwear. Issue 1 has Nikola Tesla, Aleister Crowley and introduces lots of other supporting characters in this fist fest shoot 'em' up. Issue 2: Nazi Zombies coming soon.

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