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Hello Members!

If anyone is looking for someone to help them with a comic, with character art, or covers . . . even needs help creating a coloring book to sell, or illustrations next to poetry and such, my two friends, Theo and Elizabeth Ashford are currently offering major discounts on their work.

Right now . . . they are living in a room at a Motel 6. They lost their apartment a short while ago and are really, truly struggling to make things happen. They left Portland Oregon and are in Seattle, Washington right now. They could badly use some help! Their ideal goal is to have a place where the two of them and their two cats can stay together (most shelters don't take couples, hardly any take people with pets), and Theo just got a job as an on call security guard. In this job, he must be clean, with ironed clothes every time he is called in, he must be ultra tidy and presentable, so being on the street isn't an option if he wants to keep his job, which he really does.

Anyone in the area who might be able to help out is more than encouraged to contact either of them through the facebook pages I linked to each of their names.

Anyone else who even just has a couple bucks to spare, please see their GoFundMe page, or contact them about a paypal or facebook donation.

Anyone interested in having a comic done, or in need of any artwork, this is a good chance to not only get something affordable, but to know that you are saving people who are frequently just hours away from being on the street. . . this is a hand UP not a hand OUT. Theo has a job, Elizabeth does online commissions, they are very close to being stable and just need a little help getting on their feet.

Theo is also a published author who does book covers at a very discounted rate, so be sure to drop by his Amazon page when you have a moment, as even book sales or sharing their stuff will help them out. Elizabeth is an artist and her Etsy page has a lot of great coloring pages and examples of what she can do.
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I'm sympathetic to their situation, and have been close to it before. I want to help with what little I can offer, but the Gofundme link doesn't work!
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terribly sorry! Let me fix that.
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