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EDIT: If you are listed, or wish to be listed, please read!

===== To Advertise Your Comic Here =====

First of all, you must be a member of the group. If you aren't already, there is a Join button at the top.

To have your story featured and continued to be listed in the comic directory: comic-makers-club.deviantart.c…
You MUST link back to the directory on your own page/website. This link must at least be on the front page of the website, or the first page of the comic in the artists description.

To do so, you use the Link tags on the right hand side of the journal page (comic-makers-club.deviantart.c…), preferably the one listed as "Link". You then past that link using a link code such as < a href="fav. me/d54o6qb">Comic Directory</a > (without the space between the "<" and the "a" at the start and the "a" and the ">" at the end, and remove the space between fav. and me/)

Think about it, if no one links to the directory, then no ones comic gets seen. So, to be listed, it is mandatory you link back to the directory! We need every person who can to link to this directory everywhere they can! It will get you more views, I guarantee it. If you think you don't need to do it, please consider how many other people think that same way, that's a lot less people to become potential readers because they don't see a link to the directory.

The Comic Directory is a sorted, organized list of our member's comics, if they choose to have them listed.

This list is kept organized and we go through at least once a month to be sure these comics are still active and that the links work, so have no fears! Canceled and discontinued comics will be removed from the list.

While being listed is easy, we have a few specifications. Anyone who ignores a step will not be listed.

  • Note the group-do not post here, send a note-with the form below.
  • Your comic must be easy to read, or buy. The first page should link to the second page, etc. or members who click on the link for your comic must be able to quickly see what it is about and how to purchase it.
  • Note the group if your comic status becomes Completed, Hiatus, or Canceled by sending the group a note with the comic title and genres so we can find it.
  • You must link to this directory on the first page of your comic in the artists description and/or the first page of your website. .
  • If your comic has multiple locations, such as on Drunk Duck, SmackJeeves, etc. let us know.

===== Send a Note to the Group with: =====

  • The title of your comic (Please send 1 note per comic, so we can stay organized)
  • The Genre(s) of your comic. You may choose up to 4 from the list below.
  • A link to your comic's first page, or where to purchase the comic. If you have multiple locations, provide up to 3.
  • A short, 300 characters or less explanation of your comic. This is like your "blurb", the back cover definition that gets readers to want to read your work.
  • If your comic is Adult Only, let us know by putting "Adult Content" in the subject line. Adult Only is not gore unless it is excessive, such as something that would be banned from public television. Primarily we're focusing on sexual/adult situations. R rated comics and above.
  • You may send a small logo, such as :iconrakkushi1plz::iconrakkushi2plz::iconrakkushi3plz: or similar. We prefer it be a .png with a transparent background. This will go above your comic's information.
  • 4 thumbnails you feel best fit your comic. OR a banner for your comic that is no more than 200 pixels tall, and 500 pixels wide.
  • -----------------------------------

===== Genres =====

Please allow at least 1 week to be listed.

Comics will be listed in alphabetical order.

If you are unsure where your comic should go, browse the directory and look at the comics already listed.
We're now open for listings!
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seionara's avatar
So, something like this would be Fantasy and Anthropomorphic?
And Suspense/Drama, though that's not too obvious now.

Can other hosting sites be added later on?

If I'm entirely sure wheather it fits a genre or not, is there anyone I can ask?

For example, how exactly is the Mystery/Crime/Detective genre defined?
Would it still "count" if the Characters are more-or-less dragged into the crime investigation and far more concerned with their personal problems (which partly overlap with the case) while they solve it mostly due to (un)lucky Accidents?
(Okay, that kinda sounds like's more assault and kidnapping involving older teens that are far too brave for their own good.)

Does Action/Adventure require a clear moral binary or goals that are always straightforward, or is anything that involves enough fights, running away and explosions admissible?
Must these be necessarily against enemies?
(Mostly asking for later)

Sorry, if I'm being a bother, I'm kind of nervous about screwing up.