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The Comic Directory is a sorted, organized list of our member's comics, if they choose to have them listed.

This list is kept organized and we go through it at least once a month to be sure these comics are still active and that the links work, so have no fears! Canceled and discontinued comics will be removed from the list.

===== To Advertise Your Comic Here =====

To get your comic listed, please view our How To guide

===== Finding a Comic =====

Comics rarely have just one genre. Pick the genre you want the most and view the comics in it by clicking the link. Read their descriptions to see any sub/genres, the comics title will be a link to the comic. Adult Only comics will only be places in the Adult section, nowhere else.

:teddy: = A comic that is completed.
:plug: = A comic that is on Hiatus.
:pumpkin: = A comic perfect for Halloween.

===== Genres =====

Comics will be listed in alphabetical order.
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YummingDoe4's avatar
I'm somewhat an on-off worker on my comic that means, at times I get several pages done while other times I won't be able to work on it for a couple of months. Does it still qualify for the list or not, since there may not be a new page or "activity" each month?
Schizobot's avatar
That's fine. We won't hold it against you if you don't post for a while. 
YummingDoe4's avatar
Alright thanks!
DevinHWorks's avatar
'You must link to this directory somewhere public and easy to view. This is so you and everyone else will have a better chance of being found, as everyone has to do it, but also to give you the credibility of being in a directory.'

How do I do this? :confused:
DevinHWorks's avatar
Nevermind, I misunderstood. :stupidme: Anyway, I linked it in my journal. I'll be sure to include the link in future journal entries as well. :)
TheTweedleTwins's avatar
I think I will do this once I get more of my manga done. I've barely begun on it, so I think it would be best if I wait.

RavynCrescent's avatar
You are correct! In general, it's best to wait till you have a minimum of 10 pages before you really start advertising.
TheTweedleTwins's avatar
okay. I have more than that done, but I have to admit, I'm a bit confused about the form sorry. I just don't want to mess it up.
RavynCrescent's avatar
Alright, for the form we'd like you to include:
The title of the comic:
The genre(s) of your comic: (If it were a movie, or in a book store, what section(s) would it be placed in? Max of 4)
A link to the first page of the comic:
And a short, 300 character blurb describing what the comic is about:

That's all we truly need.
TheTweedleTwins's avatar
Alright, that's what I thought. Thanks for clearing that up. Perhaps I will go ahead and do this now. My uploading is on hold, but I'm getting a lot done.
RavynCrescent's avatar
I want to hear more! I'm always excited to hear of upcoming projects!
TheTweedleTwins's avatar
:D okay! Did you get my note, then?
RavynCrescent's avatar
probably, it's a HUGE amount if work, so it can take me a week, or more, to get everyone listed.
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Gell-pen's avatar
asdfghjkl; I don't know where my comic should go :T
RavynCrescent's avatar
Just think of the Genre. Each section has a small definition for what that genre reflects.
CityOfStygian's avatar
My comic's progress is a bit slow right now but the website is normally updated weekly.
I'm trying to find a comfortable pace for my comics as it is, but my comic pages will be updated monthly at the least.

Is this alright?
Jetago's avatar
What if your comic has a lot of pages done but is still being made?
RavynCrescent's avatar
That's fine, most of the comics are still being created. As long as you have "begun" and are posting it for people to see, you can have your comic added.
Jetago's avatar
And what if it's a comic that is mainly for art improvement, meaning not for sale?
RavynCrescent's avatar
That's fine. We're not listing just comics and aren't for sale.
Jetago's avatar
Alright the main thing I'm anxious about is how many people are going to look at my comic and be "wow yet another freaking wolf comic how original" ... oh well I'll try it out :)
RavynCrescent's avatar
*laughs* You can't think like that! You have to think like all the people out there who LOVE Wolf Comics and want to see one they haven't read before, one with a unique plot, unique characters, or even just something familiar that they love and enjoy.
Jetago's avatar
Awwwwwh thank you! I hope my comic is like that, at least in the future. The one I'm doing now is essentially a "rough draft" for a REAL one I'll make when I go professional one day and maybe even publish :)
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