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The anthology As Wicked As They Come is currently looking to add some more writers.

Word Count: No limit, but keep in mind this is going into an anthology, so your best change is to keep it around 25k.

Genre: Horror, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural, Thriller, Mystery-- the focus on this anthology is horror. It's going to be marketed toward people who adore Halloween, who watch horror movies, who read horror novels, so read through your story and consider the market. Does your story make people shiver? Is this creepy, does it have a monster, is there a battle that needs to be fought that'll have the readers afraid to turn the page, while also being unable to put the book down? Excellent.

Submission Deadline: January 25th, 2019

Requirements: Submissions must be fully edited and print ready. Unedited submissions will be rejected quickly. We suggest Word Slayer Editing. Go through your document with a fine-toothed comb, have friends and family members beta read it, look for spelling and grammar issues.

For the formatting:
1. Times Roman pt 12 for text
2. Heading 1 for chapters Chapters: Times Roman 18
3. Paragraph indent 0.5 (NOT tabs)
4. No lines between paragraphs
5. No spaces between paragraphs
6. Page break between chapters
7. Justify left

Payment: This is a legitimate publishing deal, in that you pay NOTHING. You do not pay to have your story considered. You do not pay if it gets accepted. You do not pay. You DO get paid royalties as the book sells, however.

Please send entries to


I want you all to get accepted. I know that won't happen... but I want to give you all the best chances you can have!
Here are some resources for you!

Strong Writing Made Easier helps you strengthen your story by identifying words that makes sentences weak, as well as giving advice on how to fix them.

In addition, consider joining the facebook group for the anthology. You can even post there stating if you need help/advice, or even if you're willing to help edit a story for someone, or even set up an exchange where you will edit one person's story if they edit yours... there are also a ton of resources in the FILES section of the group.
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tarorae Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2018  Professional General Artist
Are you accepting work that was previously published online?
RavynCrescent Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2018  Professional Artisan Crafter
I believe they are looking only for unpublished work, but contact the email address listed and ask :)
tarorae Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2018  Professional General Artist
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RavynCrescent Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2018  Professional Artisan Crafter
No worries, StraysInTraining :) Everyone's welcome in this group, and are allowed to have differences in opinion. I know you and I don't agree that horror is evil, but we need to stay positive and respectful to everyone, regardless their race, religion, sexual preference, etc. unless they are engaging in criminal misconduct. So! I suggest you ignore TornadoWeirdo. They aren't an admin, so you are allowed to, and that'll be the best solution to this. There's little chance you'll get them to change their mind, or for them to change your mind, so take the high ground, laugh it off, and go about your day :)

TornadoWeirdo, it's very understood that you disagree with the content of this journal, and that is fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, because of your belief I strongly suggest you just ignore this journal and any others like it, as it doesn't relate to you and it's more respectful to those who do enjoy it, as there will be more things related to this and many other topics, so if you disagree, just ignore it and move on.

This way, no need for fights or for anyone to be upset.
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December 4, 2018


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