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Welcome to the Comic-Makers-Club!


Our group focuses on comics! Making them and reading them! We are dedicated to supporting and assisting comic makers, as well as provide comic readers with plenty of new comics coming in daily!


:bulletred:I. :pointr: You may submit only once a day.

:bulletgreen:II. :pointr: We do not accept Work In Progress pieces. We also do not allow sketch comics. Your submission must be a completed page, or strip that is easy to read and needs no further edits.

:bulletblue:III. :pointr: This is a comic club, we only accept comics, and the occasional original comic character bio (in full color and only in the Character Bio section). We do not accept illustration artwork of comicbook characters; we really prefer full comic pages or comic covers. That being said, we do allow you to post advertisements (that are print ready pieces you would hang in a display window) in the Promotion folder, and pictures of your table and such from conventions in the Conventions folder.

:bulletpurple:IV. :pointr: Do not harass other members! Be supportive, this is a safe environment. Constructive criticism only, and only when requested. Harassment includes: Slandering anyone, not respecting the "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" rule, posting hate art, spamming, generally being a jerk.

We also have a Job Posting board, for if you are looking for partners in creating a comic, and a commission page for if you are offering commissions, or seeking someone to commission.

=====More Info=====

We aren't for people who simply love comics and do a lot of fanart and illustrations from Marvel or DC... We are for small companies, publishers, groups, and individuals who want to get their comics out there. We want to help those who have an idea for a comic, but lack the ability to draw, as well as those who can draw but need help with an idea. We want to help set up websites and edit comics for members, help them be seen at conventions and host contests to keep people inspired!

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to contact RavynCrescent via Note.

Gallery Folders

18+ Adults Only
Sora, TF Story (PATREON TEASER, Page 13) by xMonsterGirlsHideout
TBOC 6x16 by ChristinZakh
TBOC 6x17 by ChristinZakh

Mature Content

Garden-016 by Daniel-RM
Character Sheets
Get Along Gang by Ballisticfury
Character sheet- Yvonne by DemonFox9Tails
[Critique wanted] Gustavo - Developer notes by Cricketmisu
Finley The Nightborn by AnAdminNamedPaul
XFan Comics- FULL
A Sketchy Johto SS nuzlocke #68 by Charlemagne1
A Sketchy Johto SS nuzlocke #67 by Charlemagne1
Sabbatical Update: July by Jaden-Von-Bat
Kitty katswell - Operation Cat's life - Page 3 by i77310
Graphic Novels II
Maelstrom Page 22 by goemonsama
ITLD- The Wolf's Veil- 387-388 by Respeanut
Chapter 23: Dancing Queen - 5 by DevanMuse
ITLD- The Wolf's Veil- 385-386 by Respeanut
Memes and Expression Sheets
Header Image Comparison by undeadfriend
Rosa. Page 15 by Obelis
The Poopocalypse by Spidersaiyan
Princess of Psykron Issue 1 Page 2 by CometColt
Bringing The Airship Andalusia To Life! by D3ltaf0rg3studios

Mature Content

Bucking Dash - Step by Step by PerfectBlue97
Fantasy pose tut sketch w vectors by OcioProduction
How to draw Skirts (Pleated) by WaxBottle
Promotonal Material - Posters
Sonic and Tails Crystallization (Teaser) by EVOHeaven
May Wallpaper 2020: Sweets Galore by undeadfriend
Nekoshi Face Mask by Shono
Sand rose - alternative cover by YariGrafight
Insert Witty Phrase Here
Eric and Al- Area 51 by Vearce
Eric and Al- Moving In by Vearce
Stranger Things by d-latt
Cherry Knot by d-latt
Billy the Platypus Strip 359 - Pie Hard Pt. 7 by SuperJeff62
An Adventure Cover by Bellise
X Single Page Comics FULL
Qadosh (page 1) by hrwilliams
XOC Comics Full
Kool-Aid by Supa-Syrex
XOriginal Character Comics-FULL
Misadventure of the Scavengers pg 53 by GearGades
X Manga- FULL
Confusa Tenebris Pg 6 by minushumanity
X OC Comics Full
XOriginal Character Comics- FULL
The Labyrinth 2.0 by snippetsincolors
Serious Engineering - Brigadoon page 29 by RomanJones
Bite Sized Monster Life: Under The Bed by AnAdminNamedPaul
XFan Character Comics - FULL
Wendy's Commercial by HGWizard
Single Page Comics
Triple Threat by PerfectBlue97
Dogstar: Chapter 5 - Page 20 by BVW
X Original Caracter Comics- FULL
Inkoctober3 2019 Bait by DrPingas
Fan Comics
The Fairy of Thorns - Prologue part 1 by Webmegami
Original Character Comics
Garden-018 by Daniel-RM

Newest Members

Hey everyone, Schizobot here
I want to apologize for letting the group submissions get backlogged like that. Eclipse wasnít sending me notifications and it took a bit to figure out where they ended up.
But I figured it out, so hopefully, weíre back on track.
Hopefully, keyword there.
Because as I was going through the queue, I noticed Eclipse wasnít showing if things had been accepted or not. It looks like anything that got approved ended up in the group but there were a few that made no indication or just wouldnít load... The ones that wouldn't load also had no indication who they were from...
So, thatís why Iím making this journal. If you submit something and donít get a response after about a week, withdraw it and try again. If itís still not working, message me or the group and weíll look into it.
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essp9 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
A bit late but thanks for letting me join and thanks for accepting my comics into the Single Page gallery.
chainedknee Featured By Owner May 8, 2020
Thanks for letting me join.  I dabble in making comics as a way to stay sane.  I wish I could draw, but I fall back on rendering and try to make them look drawn.  I wish I was focused enough to turn out a comic series on one topic.  One day...oh one day!
bsmit93 Featured By Owner May 1, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist

Thank for letting me join the group.  I am currently working on a graphic novel. I have the script written from beginning to end.  I am working on the pages at the moment.  I guess I'm here to network and see others'approaches.  I also just posted in the Character Sheets folder.
Toolkitz Featured By Owner Edited Apr 26, 2020
Uhh... I accidentally clicked submit before choosing the folder, so I accidentally submitted my strip to the 18+ folder. Yeah.... my comic is not 18+. Sweating a little...

I meant to put it on Single Page, but I don't know if it canceled out the previous attempt as it doesn't give me an option to do it manually.
Schizobot Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
What's the title of the submission?
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