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Comic-Creations is a Group for comics of all kinds! Human or animal, Manga or Western, and of many genres! We are here to support creativity and to provide encouragement to fellow comic artists.
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2,731 Members
2,394 Watchers
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Covers and Posters
Deep Gloom cover 2 by B4arts
The Dancing Flame - New Webtoon cover by ValiantSurvivor
A Family of Trees Cover Alt by Mr-Scarlet-Nokitsune
Deer Mafia Cover by Mr-Scarlet-Nokitsune
Animal Comics
000 pg 18 by star--burnt
Surreal - Page 543 by FritzFliza
CoL: Chapter 2 Page 7 by frankxface

Mature Content

Mutual Depression Death Battle by Mr-Scarlet-Nokitsune
Animal Comics :Archived:
City Of Trees Prologue 4 by SanjanaIndica
Sherbet Lemon | Page 3 by Rengyo
When heaven becomes HELL - Page 25 by MonaHyena
HOME Page 2 by CharlieAmber
Anthro Comics
The Ja-Nin-Clan - Ch. 3, P. 216 by xChadxRoyal
The Ja-Nin-Clan - Ch. 3, P. 215 by xChadxRoyal
The Ja-Nin-Clan - Ch. 3, P. 214 by xChadxRoyal
The Ja-Nin-Clan - Ch. 3, P. 213 by xChadxRoyal
The Birth Of The Lizard Queen Page 1 by xMonsterGirlsHideout
Follow Your Heart: Page 248 by NiteTheKitten
Osmosis Jones 2 : LoveSick Ch9/Page202 by PhyrexiaVirus
The Prince of the Moonlight Stone / page 259 by KillerSandy
FanComics :Archived:
Follow Your Heart: Page 17 by NiteTheKitten
Follow Your Heart: Page 18 by NiteTheKitten
Path of the Huntresss (Page 4) by EstigiaKinslayer
Path of the Huntress (Page 5) by EstigiaKinslayer
Human Comics
Doggy Buddies by DevanMuse

Mature Content

Inheritance Chapter 4- Page 5 by SunlessRose
Inheritance Chapter 4- Page 4 by SunlessRose
Chapter 35: In The Face of Evil - 1 by DevanMuse
Human Comics :Archived:
Dragon of Acadia chapter 1 page 5 by gborja357
Dragon of Acadia chapter 1 page 6 by gborja357
Dragon of Acadia chapter 1 page 7 by gborja357
Comic Page 11 by Super-Chi
Mixed Content Comics
Elemental Sisters Ch.10 Pg.7 by AuroraMBlazer
Salva-nos (Save us) Remaster 006 by Templarpt1993
2nd Life: Life Through the Mirror (Pag 40) by EstigiaKinslayer
2nd Life: Life Through the Mirror (Pag 39) by EstigiaKinslayer
Mixed Content Comics :Archived:

Mature Content

ALAN, THE LEOPARD- page 22 daylight version by Alan-the-leopard
Sci-Fi Comics
Twinkle Buster C9 Page 6 by TheStarskipper
18+ Mature

Mature Content

The Call of The Lizard Queen Page 1 by xMonsterGirlsHideout
Strips and Short Stories
The breaking wind and blaming prank by AldrineRowdyruffBoy
Hair Tutorial by SunlessRose
Group Exchanges and Contests
Collab: A Winter Wonderland by AlfaFilly


Welcome to Comic-Creations!

If you would like to join, please read the following first:

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: Submission Rules and Guidelines :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

Thank you!









Last updated: 8/2/21
Due to a glitch, I am unable to edit the previous rules page, so it is being resubmitted for Eclipse. I recommend to read them as a refresher if you submit here regularly as we have had an excessive amount of people not following the rules, especially regarding stand-alone illustrations (see "What is NOT Allowed"). Thanks!

What is allowed?

  • Covers and Posters WITH A CLEAR TITLE VISIBLE.
  • Multiple-panel Comic Pages or Strips
  • Tutorials relevant to the comic making process (Case-by-Case basis)

What is NOT allowed?

  • Splash pages/single-panel pages with NO DIALOGUE OR NARRATION. Sound Effects DO NOT COUNT.
  • Literature or journal posts. VISUAL MEDIUMS ONLY.
  • Illustrated literature (images with accompanying text that is neither dialogue nor narration. Case-by-Case basis)
  • Animations EXCEPT comics in a Flash format or .gif pages with animated elements
  • Character References
  • Illustrations INCLUDING character art/scenes from the comic.
  • Submissions acting as a preview image linking to off-site comics. COMICS MUST BE POSTED TO DEVIANTART. You CAN link your comic's main site/other upload sites in the description, but do NOT post teasers of a page suggestion the reader see the full thing elsewhere.
  • Advertisements such as for Patreon or Kickstarter, UNLESS they can double as a cover/poster. You CAN include a logo for Patreon or Kickstarter on covers or pages, though. (Case-by-case basis)
What about Mature Content?
Mature Content IS ALLOWED as long as it abides by deviantART's rules and your submissions have a MATURE CONTENT WARNING. Examples of works that require a mature content warning:
  • Nudity
  • Sexual acts
  • Extreme gore or violence (a little blood is okay)
If you feel your content is highly sexual or graphic in nature, please SUBMIT YOUR PAGES TO THE 18+ FOLDER.

How do I join?

We have two roles: MEMBERS and CONTRIBUTORS.
  • No requirements whatsoever! You don't even need to have a comic, you can just join to read them!
  • Members are allowed to submit! The only catch is submissions are set for voting approval. This simply means it may take 24-48 hours before your submissions appear in our gallery.
  • As a Contributor, you can bypass the voting process by getting your submissions submitted to the Group instantly!
  • The catch: Contributors MUST have a comic.
  • The comic MUST have a minimum of 15 pages already posted in your deviantART gallery before you ask to join.
  • The comic MUST be in your deviantART gallery. Even if the 15 pages exist already on another website, we cannot approve you unless those pages are in your dA gallery and you continue to update on deviantART (even if it is a mirror site).
  • Once approved as a Contributor, you MUST keep your comic updated and submitted to the Group! We recommend Contributors post a minimum of ONCE A MONTH, however, the minimum is ONCE EVERY THREE MONTHS.
  • If you have been inactive for THREE MONTHS OR MORE you will be demoted to Member Status! You can rejoin at any time, however.
If you'd like to become a Contributor, please submit the following in the Join Request box:
  • A link to your comic folder with the minimum 15 pages.
  • Copy/paste the following sentence: "I have read and agreed to the rules for being a Contributor."
Can I be a Member now, but move up to a Contributor when I get enough pages?
YES! Simply leave the Group and rejoin as a Contributor!
If I was a Contributor but I got demoted to Member for inactivity, can I be a Contributor again if I update frequently?
YES! We will gladly allow you back as long as you keep up with the rules!

Where do I submit?

Please submit your comic into the folder you feel best fits the content type:
  • Covers and Posters: illustrations with a title to promote the comic
  • Animal Comics: stories starring feral animals or animal-like creatures
  • Anthro Comics: stories starring anthropomorphic or "furry" characters (humans with animal ears/tails included)
  • FanComics: stories starring characters/species from movies/games/TV shows/etc. Trademarked or Copyrighted media.
  • Human Comics: stories starring humans or humanoids
  • Mixed Content Comics: stories that star a mixture of any or all of the other genres (humans AND animals, anthros AND humans, etc.)
  • Sci-fi Comics: stories starring alien/extraterrestrial characters and/or unknown creatures that cannot be defined as either anthro, human, or animal.
  • 18+ Mature: folder for erotica comics OR individual pages from other genres that contain overtly sexual or violent content.
  • Strips and Short Stories: One-panel comic gags, joke strips, comics that are short (below 20-or-so pages), etc.
  • Tutorials: helpful guides for anything you feel could benefit comic artists (Case-by-Case basis)
If I have a completed comic or a series with a lot of pages, can I post them all to the Group?
We recommend that you submit ONLY the cover/poster and first couple pages (1-5) of your comic. After that, ONLY submit your most recent pages.
HOWEVER, you MAY submit your entire comic gradually over time AS LONG AS you abide by the daily limit. DO NOT SPAM YOUR ENTIRE COMIC INTO THE GROUP. We will deny every page if you do this as it FLOODS OUR VOTING INBOX.

What do I do if my submission was declined/I was demoted/I was kicked out of the Group?

  • Check to make sure you followed the rules.
  • ESPECIALLY make sure you submitted to the correct folder!
  • If you wish to appeal, please comment on the submission post OR note the Group and we will get back to you! DO NOT COMMENT ON THE FRONT PAGE.
If you constantly re-offend after we tell you to stop, you will be kicked out and potentially banned from the group.
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theovonart Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist

I'm open to commissions. Painter 

Need Colors single piece or comic flatter? 
DM! ;)

Theo Von
instagram theovonart

22-02-23 PGxPRED FINAL 7 by theovonart   PGxPRED FINAL INKS by theovonart   20-02-23 Oc Final 8 by theovonart   Beatrix by theovonart   Batman page comics by theovonart  
Hellzart Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2023  Professional Digital Artist
Hit me up for character and comic page commissions :)
Comic Example:
The Night Jersey Pages 6+7 by Hellzart  
Ken-chan94 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2023  Professional Traditional Artist
Commission open by Ken-chan94   Comic ych commission by Ken-chan94   Comic wip 4  by Ken-chan94   Webcomic lineart part 3 by Ken-chan94   Sukuna Jujutsu Kaisen FanArt by Ken-chan94  
SunlessRose Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2023  Professional General Artist
500 Watcher Raffle! First of all thank you SO much to everyone for 500 watchers! I really didn't think it would ever happen but here we are XDIt felt like only yesterday that we did a 400 watcher celebration ;_; But with all that out of the way, let's get to the exciting part, the raffle!,DEADLINE IS MARCH 1STEntries will be accepted up until February 28th at midnight ESTOkay so here's how it's gonna work.To enter you must1: Already be a watcher (New watchers are welcome!)2: Share this post3: Type "Spooder" in your commentThis will give you a number and you'll be entered!If you want more numbers for a better chance to win, you can do the following~1: Tag up to 3 people (1 ticket per)2: Tell me who your favorite Inheritance character is and why (1 ticket)3: Tell me your favorite moment in Inheritance so far (1 ticket) 4: Tell me a pun that I haven't heard before (2 tickets cause you'd be surprised how many I know and you are allowed to try multiple times) Now onto the exciting bit, the prizes!,There will be 2 winners and each winner will get A fully colored and shaded (digital or traditional) half body of one of their OC's A hype badge on one piece of their choosing (Conditions apply which will be listed below)I know it's not a lot but I will be hosting a contest when the first volume of Inheritance finished up and there will be a LOT more for that so don't you worry XD And here are the rules in regards to the prizes. This is a list of things I will not draw and I ask that you please respect them.I will NOT draw (No exceptions)-Furries-Mecha-Nudity-Excessive gore (Yes, I am a semi horror artist but I will not do anything excessively violent)-GL or BL or anything that promotes it-Anything political/controversial/hateful or anything that aims wicked intent towards any group of people. -There may be stuff I have no listed that I can't think of at the moment so if you happen to win and something comes up that I don't feel comfortable drawing, I have every right to say no. But that's about it and if you have any questions, feel free to let me know and have fun and thank you so much again everyone!,
Ken-chan94 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2023  Professional Traditional Artist
commission are open contact me 

Webcomic part 2  by Ken-chan94   Webcomic part 1 (watercolor)  by Ken-chan94  
wowzories Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2023  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey guys, I sent a note but I've heard DA Notes can be a bit of a finnicky messaging system. So I figured I'd also leave a comment here!  I think I did a goof and accidentally submitted my pages to the covers folder, since they're hanging out in there instead of the Mixed Content!  Would it be possible to get NP 002 and NP 003 nudged over to the Mixed Content folder?  Thanks, and sorry about the mix up.  I'll try to be a lot more careful with where my submissions go in the future!
(1 Reply)
Estellars Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Got a question! Would it be any problem for me to submit this page into Mixed Content since there are plans to have both anthro and feral characters basically? Or should I submit it into animal comics for now?

Power of The Ancients - Page 1 by Estellars
(2 Replies)
CreepyMakara Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello ! Im new in this group !
Im CreepyMakara/ XmakaraArt ! Im a french artist who digital and traditional art ! (I use Medibang !)

I made a lot of comics ! Here in English on deviantart, and the French version on Webtoon ! But it's hard to be seen by others ...

Here the link if you want ! And I join the group !…
BwBSMTHY Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2022  Professional Digital Artist
Spidergwen sparks by BoobSmithy3D  
SuihidoandSushi Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2022   Digital Artist
Hey, uhhh... I think I might've made a mistake in hindsight ; w ;
Basically I made an April Fools day joke and submitted it here to further sell the illusion that it was for real but now I just realized that by also submitting the real page it might come across as a duplicate submission. Just giving a heads up in case it looks a bit weird. Sorry :'(
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