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Hello and Welcome to Comic Art Inc

We are a group that is dedicated to comic art in the hope to promote artist's like myself and others into being known around deviant art. All artists are welcome.

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well ive seen lots of people complain for and against this spiderwoman variant by Milo Manara just wondered what you guys think?…

i like the pose personally to me i can imagine her spying ready to attack the enemy on the roof but thats my take on it

i also found this video about it on the debate…

leave your comments on what you think

thanks everyone

phil aka darkartist
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Guess, I 'll share my art work here instead , my submit had been expired alot of time.

Wonder Woman 1984 (Merry Christmas) by Huy137 Black Widom - Captain Marvel commission by Huy137
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Hello Everyone! I am just joined 
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So, if you're stuck at home like us and want a new opportunity, if you're interested in comics or, you want to do something new with your amazing art talents, hit us up at ( and we'll talk you through what we're looking for. 

Thanks. 😊😊😊

Oh.....I forgot something......

Welcome To A Whole New Universe! 

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Hi, I'm Professional Comic Flatter been flatting for 7 ears.
If you need someone to flats , I'm always available.
Email me at
My rate is 7$-10$ per page i can do 4-6 pages a day.
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