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Women of Marvel in Color

By ComfortLove
Hazah! Finally finished! This bit o' art fun was inspired by my husband :iconadamwithers: Women of DC piece [link] . Mostly this was made to be the sister work to his and hopefully it does the original justice.

It was a bit of some work making the Phoenix force not the main focal point, but it seems to have worked out. Thank goodness. Also, I worked really hard in the drawing to give each one of these guys their own look, and I hope that carried over in the color.

If anyone will be at the Wizard Chicago convention this year, it'll be a print to purchase at our table.

So enjoy the cascades of strong women and…well...their boobies... :)

L-R (flyers)
Phoenix, Firestar, Rogue, Ms. Marvel, Photon, Storm, Guardian, Spiderwoman

L-R (Standing)
Invisible Woman, She-Hulk, Wasp, White Queen, Medusa, Shadow Cat, Elektra, Black Widow, Tigra, Scarlet Witch, Black Cat

Copyright: Marvel Comics
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kaaslave's avatar
I think I just saw heaven. :D
AvengerQueen's avatar
Loving Black Widow!!!!
ComfortLove's avatar
zmorphcom's avatar
This is beautiful! :D 
zmorphcom's avatar
My pleasure, keep up the amazing work! :D
ChunLiPhat's avatar
Where's Shanna The She-Devil?
ComfortLove's avatar
Yeah, couldn't fit everyone - super sad :(
ArtbroJohn's avatar
Very nice work!
ComfortLove's avatar
oldmanwinters's avatar
Nice!  The layout reminds me of the opening sequence to the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 arcade game.
ComfortLove's avatar
I can see that ;D
Victor2K's avatar
All them are nice
ComfortLove's avatar
badrang22's avatar
black cat is my favourite woman out of all these in every way
ComfortLove's avatar
...and my favorite to draw!
AeroHybrid's avatar
All Amazing :D Though If you had enough room, you could've added Psylocke, Polaris, X-23, Jubilee, Domino, Squirrel Girl, Crystal from Inhumans, Sif, Valkyrie, Blink and Gamora on there.
ComfortLove's avatar
Yeah, all super tough to fit sadly :(
AeroHybrid's avatar
Still you did a hell of a great job there :D
ComfortLove's avatar
Why thank you kind sir :bow:
AeroHybrid's avatar
You're welcome :iconhappyfellaavatar:
SV-Writer's avatar
you know that white queen is Emma frost right?
ComfortLove's avatar
Oh yeah. I just go back and forth on what I like to call her ;)
moviegadget's avatar
Wow this is great I prefer the woman of Marvel then I do DC. Are there more females in Marvel then DC I don't know about comics well?
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