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Jace and Clary

“You can close your eyes and think of England, if you like.” (City of Ashes)

Jace & Clary © The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

p.s. the marks were SO FUN to draw.
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Frozenyogurt1871's avatar
coolest interpretation i've seen of runes!! love it!!
DivergentGames14's avatar
This is a very interesting way to picture these too :) I like it :D
Stardust141's avatar
It's beautiful but jace looks old
Nikey161's avatar
hehe i laughed at that part...England... haha those are some sick runes. Some classmates and if doing a whole progect on the City of Bones and she are drawing runes on our arms :3
DeanieBean's avatar
DEM RUNES. :B Loving the textures on both of their shirts, and the subtle freckles on Clarys arms. Not a lot of people seem to add her freckles.
lds-artist's avatar
I love the water dripping effect on clary's shirt. Also the colors and theme are great :-) Wonderful piece!
aradia430's avatar
oooh this is cool! when is that quote? what part of the book?
ayameanime's avatar
At the Seelie Court when Jace has to kiss Clary. :D
0Ellie0's avatar
I love the way you drew the marks! Like gears? Very interesting :)
kara102102's avatar
awwww this is awesome! :meow: and so dramatic! :D
RaShelli's avatar
They came out great! I like that they're cool, but not too "pretty" :) The runes came out awesome too!
KopperTop's avatar
Yes! Awesome! Final some Mortal Instruments fanart! Whoo!
comfortablylaura's avatar
yay! haha it'll never match up to :iconburdge-bug: but sure it's an attempt! :D
nadiezcha14's avatar
I love this books! It's great your making fanart since this series truly needs more fans.
comfortablylaura's avatar
aw thank you! any other scenes you'd like to see? x
nadiezcha14's avatar
Jace and Clary after Clary brings him back to life! Or their first kiss! Is your name Laura btw? (Im creepy, I know)
comfortablylaura's avatar
oohh that's a good one! I might do that next :D
yes it is haha. why?
nadiezcha14's avatar
Yessh! Cause my name is also Laura.
nadiezcha14's avatar
haha yeep. It's amazing.
saelim's avatar
Amazing! I love the textures, and the colors, and I adore Clary's hair. Great piece!
comfortablylaura's avatar
aw thanks! I thought I was a bit lazy with clary's hair but I'm glad you like it :D
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