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"Missing something?" An imposing, baritone voice asks from directly behind the mysterious green tourist.

"Dammit..." He mutters to himself before turning and seeing a 6 and a half foot tall stallion standing before him, holding, of all things, his map. "Uh.....yeah....I am." Rather surprisingly, the tall man simply hands him the map. The shorter stallion takes the map and looks it over, just to be sure it hadn't been screwed with. Thankfully it wasn't.

"Greenhauer mining gulch, huh?" The stranger asks. "Uh....yeah."


"....Who's asking?" the 'tourist' replies.

"Mako, that's who." He says, his flat expression turned slightly friendlier when he extended a hand and smiled a bit. Sensing this presumed local guy wasn't dangerous, and he even gave him his name, the green one decides to return the respectful gesture.

"Well, if you must know, Rev Limiter, who is me, is heading to that gulch to meet with an old buddy of his. Says he found something quite special just sitting there in the red island sand, waiting for someone to bring it back to life." he says. "And given that I've brought stuff like it back from the crusher many times in the past, he thought I was the one to call." he explains. 

"Only problem being, I have no clue how to get there, nor do I intend on traveling through this dense-ass forest island at night." Rev says. Mako chuckled. 

"Wise decision. 'specially during this time of the year. Damn 'coons and bears are out in swarms these days.....Tell you what, you need a place to stay?" mako asks. 

This caught rev by surprise, even after the surprisingly friendly introduction. "Well.....yeah, I suppose, but all the inns are booked...Guess I shoulda checked when tourist season happened around here."

"Well, my boat's back at port. Nothing glamorous, just a couple cots and a basic stove, but it's better than sleeping on a termite-filled park bench." He says. "Won't argue there." Rev picks up his small bag. "Alright, onward-forward." he says.

After a short walk, they reach mako's old fishing vessel. "She ain't pretty, but she's served me well for a long time." he says.

"Hey, old vehicles tend to be the dependable ones....well, if they haven't been sitting in a barn, underneath hay-bales and serving as a home for wayward spiders since the 1970's." he chuckles as they come aboard. 

"So, uh, care to divulge any info on what it is your friend has found?" Mako asks as he turns on the old butane cooker.

"Uh.....sure. The story goes that, after Greenhauer excavation got out of the Capricorn Reef area, lots of stuff owned by the Head Honchos' got left behind. No ones really gone in there, since nobody really thinks theres anything valuable in that wasteland, there's all kinds of old cars and trucks from decades past just sitting there. Almost like a giant accidental salvage yard." Rev explains.

"Damn." Mako says. "I don't know much about land vehicles, but that sounds quite amazing."

"Indeed. Now, obviously I can't save every single one. Some of them will be way too far gone to even bother, and I don't know anyone with a big enough boat to haul it all back to the mainland. But, I'm willing to dig around and see if there's anything I really want, or anything that's just worth saving. Sure, I could just go out and buy a new car or truck for whatever purpose I want but, that's too easy, and not as fun" he says.

Mako nods. "Well, I actually dig up and restore stuff on the ocean floor for a living so, I get the sentiment of revitalizing something old." he explains. "I mean, if that old stuff could talk, could you imagine the stories it could tell? That's what I like about it, personally."

"Dude, I get that as well. I mean, every old rig out there, at some point, started at a dealership..." For the next couple hours, they just sat and discussed why they did what they did, how or why they were on Capricorn reef, and so on. 

Having established they both know quite alot about stuff that's old, mechanical and made out of grey-iron during the early 20th century, Mako invites Rev to check out the heart of his fishing boat, and opens up the big fiberglass engine cover. Seeing the big, green, diesel-guzzling monster lodged inside the hull, rev let out a low whistle

"V12 Detroit Diesel Twin-Turbo, eh? Bitchin'."

"Yeah, 92-N series. 1,104 cubic inches of screamin' 2-stroke smoke." Mako chuckles. "It's been pretty solid, but I think it's been rebuilt once before. It's got one of the, uh, old nickel stamps on it with some serial number engraved into it, and it's got newer holset compressor housings on it. The originals cracked clean through, so I nabbed some off a Cummins V-903 from a beached tugboat. From there, it's got an old Casello Heavy-Duty V-Drive with 4-Propellers on it." Rev nods and takes in all the info mako has on the old vessel.

"So, this thing'll book it pretty good then, huh?" Rev asks. Mako chuckles. "Alledgedly I had it up to about 45 miles an hour." he says. "Hey, for a boat this big, and for being on the water that's pretty good."

Next thing they know, it was almost midnight. Rev was determined to get an early start tomorrow and, having brokered a bit of a deal with mako to boated over to where he needed, they both turned in for the night.


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