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Malakye Adrian Hedgehog  by ComettheLegend Malakye Adrian Hedgehog :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 28 2 Alexandra Heartstone the Hybrid by ComettheLegend Alexandra Heartstone the Hybrid :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 19 3 Jetstream Valkyrie  by ComettheLegend Jetstream Valkyrie :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 24 2 Marissa Emerald Echidna, Ari-Elle's mother  Queen by ComettheLegend Marissa Emerald Echidna, Ari-Elle's mother Queen :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 43 0 Nightmare vs Reality (3/3) by ComettheLegend Nightmare vs Reality (3/3) :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 19 2 The Wedding of her Golden Year (2/3) by ComettheLegend The Wedding of her Golden Year (2/3) :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 19 2 Crystal X Susan redraw (1/3) by ComettheLegend Crystal X Susan redraw (1/3) :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 21 1 Nebula the Hedgehog by ComettheLegend Nebula the Hedgehog :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 44 10 Marlais and Venus by ComettheLegend Marlais and Venus :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 17 1 Venus, Wind of Mobius by ComettheLegend Venus, Wind of Mobius :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 36 2 Redesigned Main Character by ComettheLegend Redesigned Main Character :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 40 6 Ari-Elle Commission by ComettheLegend Ari-Elle Commission :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 34 1 Two Sacred Lovers by ComettheLegend Two Sacred Lovers :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 27 1 The True Power of One Legend by ComettheLegend The True Power of One Legend :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 16 0 Obsidian the Hedgehog by ComettheLegend Obsidian the Hedgehog :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 13 0 Gerald the Echidna  by ComettheLegend Gerald the Echidna :iconcometthelegend:ComettheLegend 23 2



Malakye Adrian Hedgehog
Ended up with a new female again, this time being a fighter. Malakye the Hedgehog had a bad childhood, but that's a WIP. Artist was from a close bud (met him irl, artwork by
Alexandra Heartstone the Hybrid
Name: Alexandra Heartstone.

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Species: Hybrid (Lynx & Ocelot)

Personality: Quiet, can be kind, rarely positive, protector of nature (Wartime AU)

Bio: She was a kind girl with a normal childhood, until 12. Her family never expected The Great Mobian War II to happen after a Kingdom (Acorn) took matters personally. During the beginning, her parents were separated from her...her mother did come back years later. But her father...he died somewhere by murder.
When she learned of the news, she ended up having some hidden Emerald Energy (her green wrist rings) and caused havoc, eventually ending the war herself.

Likes: Nayzeth, Ashley, Ari-Elle (her best friend), Ebony (therapist & personal musician)

Dislikes: The Acorn Crown, war, some cyber stuff, though she does have a small crush on Nicole.

Specialty: Speed & hypersensitive hearing.

Powers and Skills: Very agile due to traits, born with speed as she is a feline hybrid (mother was a Lynx, father was an ocelot).

Alternative Forms: N/A

Appearance: Species: Lynx & Ocelot hybrid

Eye colour: Green

Hair/spine style front: 2 sharp front bangs

Hair/spine style back: Long straight hair

Fur colour[s]: Brown & tan, muzzle is tan

Fur markings/patterns: Spots of an Ocelot.

Clothing attire: Something of an assassin. Or apocalyptic

Shoes: Running type shoes would work.

Gloves: Geen wrist rings.

Extra's: She is an assassin & a lesbian fighter who is willing to protect the ones she loves the most. She has a long tail, but has tufts on the tip of her ears, like a lynx.

Weakness: Unknown currently

Affiliation: Neutral

Weapons and Tools: Wrist rings

Art by xmetalwitchx on Instagram as a late commission owo
Anyone have open cheap commissions that are under &8? Just curious
Jetstream Valkyrie
A fan character I traded with :iconharmonydescent:.

Name: Jannice "Jetstream" Valkyrie
Age: 23 (Cryosleep)/ 34 (Actual age)
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Female

Special Abilities: Quick reflexes, cybernetic arm which transforms into a buster cannon or sword, power suit that enhances her fight-or-flight abilities.

Attitude: Cold and thick skinned. After being betrayed delivering a bomb by plane to a nearby airport by her brother, and after realizing what she had gotten herself into, she jumped out the emergency hatch - causing an emergency landing - and the bomb detonated after it had reached a certain distance from takeoff. Thankfully, she threw the bomb away from her, but she was caught in the blast, incinerating most of her body and blowing her right arm completely off. She was then rescued hours into the night after she had landed in the ocean. A secret organization took over her rehabilitation and recover by moving her to a specialized hospital which gave her a new arm and a full body suit which would regain majority of her motor and nerves which were lost in the blast and damaged in the frigid ocean. Accepting her new life, she sought only one thing: Revenge.

Height: 3'6
Weight: 110 lbs (without cybernetic arm)/ 130 lbs (with cybernetic arm)

Coloring: White fur with black markings and purple hair
Eye Color: Yellow
Anyone have open cheap commissions that are under &8? Just curious


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Daquann Bryant
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Just a dude who's full of ideas and who wants to make friends.


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