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Ok so this journal is going to be a little different. Something scary just happened with my phone. Nothing paranormal or anything. This has to do with the dark web. I'm rambling so let's get to the point.

After receiving a call from various unknown numbers, I decided to finally search up my most recent one and see where it came from. ((Obviously I don't answer them since they're unknown)) My search led me to a news report from a trustworthy website. It turns out that a lot of people were getting similar calls. It turns out the business number had been hijacked by a group from the dark web that desired soc. security/personal info from anyone that was gullible enough to answer. I'm not putting the phone number here for obvious reasons.

It's a simple PSA: Don't answer unknown numbers and stay away from the dark web. It may sound cool but believe me when I say it: STAY AWAY from the dark web at all costs. It doesn't matter if you're computer is on incognito mode; you're opening a can of worms. Stay the hell away from that side and avoid strange phone numbers.

Stay safe, my dudes.

An update: The number called me again twice after I posted this. I still didn't pick it up
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