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This character meme was made by :iconmasterofdice:
I just felt like filling out a meme on my day off so here you go.
Sidenote: Don't take any of these situations seriously. It's an AU that's all in good fun.
Other sidenote: SPOILERS AHEAD

Choose 10 characters:
1) Darth Vader/Anakin

2) Asohka Tano

3) Obi Wan Kenobi (2nd or 3rd prequel)

4) Darth Maul

5) Savage Oppress

6) Luke Skywalker (young)

7) Kylo Ren

8) Princess/General Leia

9) General Hux

10) Han Solo


1) 6 Enters your bedroom at night, saying (s)he had a nightmare. What do you do?

Okay fine. *pulls out a sleeping bag*

2) You're hosting a party with 3, 9, and 7. What's going on? 

A party with Hux, Kylo, and Kenobi. That's a sight to behold. Laughing my ass off! 

Everything was going fine...until someone decided to pull out Cards Against Humanity.

Kylo and Hux end up bickering about whose card is the better option while Obi Wan's trying to break it up (while avoiding being sliced in half). It's hopeless. As Kylo and Hux argue, we decide to move the crowd of Star Wars characters into another room.

3) 1 says 9 stole his/her last (favorite food/drink). Reactions?

Vader...coming to me for support. Weird.
Are we going to have to have an open investigation? Most likely yes. To save my own neck from being force choked, I just agree and go to interrogate Hux before the house is in shambles.

4) 4 and 9 are picking on 3. Why? What do you do?

Maul is self-explanatory for picking on Kenobi, I mean come on. Hux probably tried to escape one of Kylo's tantrums and rant into Kenobi in the process. This isn't going to be an easy fight to break up.

I'd probably end up dragging Maul away with as much force as I could: "No, bad. Not tonight. What did we talk about?" "I don't remember talking about anything specific." "Oh."

As for Hux, I'd probably just tell him to piss off or something. "I am a GENERAL! You cannot address me like that!" "In this house YOU AIN'T."

5) 7 is spreading rumors about 2 and 10. What is it about?

Of course Kylo's spreading rumors...
It's most likely something ridiculous and crude, yet no one believes him.

6) 8 and 3 ask a favor of you. What for? Your reaction?

I could make it a big deal, but I'll keep it casual/humorous : Leia asks me to have Kylo turn down the screamo music at night. You can't even hear yourself think. It's a simple task, yet it takes longer than expected. I don't mention to Kylo that Leia told me to ask. He probably wouldn't listen after knowing that.

Now the Obi Wan situation: I have a hunch that it would have something to do with Darth Maul and trusting him. Knowing his past with the Zabrak, he wouldn't want anyone getting hurt/dying. Despite his favor, I'd try to reason with him and to not worry about me.

7) 3 and 4 have a big secret. You and 5 happen to stumble upon it. What is it?

I...honestly don't know what they'd be hiding that Savage and I both found out. Any ideas?

8) 2 says that 1, 7, 8 are fighting over you. (S)he suggests 7. Who do you pick?

Okay...This is really weird.

Considering Leia's married, and she's the daughter of Darth Vader, they're out of the question. Then there's Kylo, who's both the son of Leia and the grandson of Vader...

I don't think I'd choose any of these options tbh.

9) 5's birthday is today, but (s)he is all alone. What do you do?

Oh my god, that's so sad!! Of course I'll be there for Savage!

10) 6 Wants to kiss you. What do you say?

Luke, hun. You're going against the Jedi Code. This is not the relationship you're looking for.

11) 3 is obsessed with 10. How does 4 deal with his/her jealousy?

These ships are just getting weirder and weirder. (HAH. SHIPS. Puns...I'll leave) That's all I have to say.

12) 1 is becoming really irritating. Why? Reaction?

Dad jokes...just- Dad jokes.
It's funny the first time, then it just gets old.

13) You host a slumber party, inviting 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 over and you're being forced to pair up with someone to sleep with from losing a bet. Why? Who do you end up with?

Let's keep this SFW
In this situation, 1 3 and 9 are out of the question lmao. I feel like I'd choose Kylo over Savage.

14) Refer to (13). While you guys prepare for bed, that person strips down to his underwear, saying it is his/her pajamas. What do you do?
You have no idea how hard I'm blushing right now.
*on phone* "That bet seemed rather one-sided *looks up* I swear the Force w-OK What are you doing?"
"These are my pajamas."
"You're kidding?"
"What else do you expect me to do?"
"Yeah you're using the day bed."

15) Same question except with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. What do you do?

I'm going to have to go with Maul. n̶o̶t̶ ̶i̶n̶t̶e̶n̶t̶i̶o̶n̶a̶l̶ ̶h̶a̶h̶a̶a̶a̶ 

16) Same thing, except (s)he's just flirting with you. What do you do?

I could usually tell when Maul was being serious and when he was trying to fake it. This time was different.
"Maul, are you drunk?"
"You sure?"
"I've just never seen this side to you before."
"Consider yourself lucky. Do you not like it?"
"No- I mean yes- No! It's rather sweet of you, actually." I'd probably smile in embarrassment. I'm basically a blushy mess when it comes to flirting.

17) 5 and 6 ask you to decide who is better looking. Who do you choose?

Sorry Luke, but I'd have to go with Savage.

18) 1 and 10?

I'd just laugh. I can't picture this happening Laughing I mean like...Anakin was pretty attractive, but there are other people who are attracted to Han so I really don't know what to say.

19) 2 and 7?
I'd choose Asohka aaaand then we'd have to run away from Kylo's mad rage.   Star Wars - Kylo Ren  Run Away Run Away 

20) You go to a party with 3. Where? Why?

Refer back to question 2 Lmao

21) 1 is dying. What do you do?

Ani are you okay. Are you okay ani. An- *force choked*

22) Out of 1, 2, 3, who is your Valentine's date?

I feel like I could pull off something really cute with Asohka. Casual but cute.

23) Same question except, 4, 5,6.

Seeing the previous asks, I'd go with Maul. I feel it like would play out differently, though.

24) Again, because this meme demands it! 7, 8, 9.

Kylo because he deserves love. He puts up with a lot of shit, so a nice night out it is.

25) 10 takes you to the theatre. What goes on?

I don't see him as a theatre person, but for this meme, it'll do.

"This is off for you...wait, are you planning on stealing shit?"
*narrows eyes* "Lies."

26) 3 and 6 stole something of yours? What was it? Reaction?

"I'll ask again: Why are you in the midst of stealing my phone?" I stand in the doorframe, arms crossed
*both point at each other*
"I don't care who did it."
"It was a dare!"
"Luke, I call bullshit."
"If you give us a chance to talk, you'll see that it was a big misunderstanding," Kenobi adds.

27) You enter your house, only to find out 1 moved in. What do you do?

It can't be too bad, right?
Right? You literally have the entire empire on your side.
*glances down at next question*
Oh... Nevermind

28) 4 and 7 moved in as well? Reaction?

And now there's 3 Siths- eh. Two Siths and one ex-Sith. I don't think I have enough rooms...

Kylo annoys his grandfather by following him around the house, constantly asking questions. In an attempt to escape, he flees to Mustafar (cue scene from Rogue One lmao) And now Maul and I are left to deal with Kylo. Now that Vader left, Kylo keeps to himself, unsure of what to think of Vader's absence.

29) 1 is feeling ill. Why? Do you help?

Can he actually become ill? After the prequels, Vader's basically half-cyborg.

30) 2 had a car accident. What do you do?

Oh hun. I'd help her out in any way I can.

31) 4,5,6 invite you on a road trip! Then the vehicle breaks down. What happens?

Well shit. Two people stay with the car while the other two search for the nearest food joint/gas station. Save the phone battery!

32) Needing help in classes. You have 4 and 8 tutor you. What happens?

Knowing Maul, it'd probably be a physical class like self defense/some form of physical education....Or Psychology. Idk why but I picture him knowing a bit of info on Psych.

I feel like Leia would be really helpful with history/economics. That's for sure.

33) A tornado wiped out 10's home. Do you help?

Uh yeah. That sucks, dude.

34) 7 to help him/her make dinner using nothing but marshmallows. Participate?

Kylo what are you doing.
Kylo pls no.
Oh fuck it let's do this.

35) Something's going on in 1's bedroom, you hear 1 and 9 in there. Do you go in?

I enter only to find Hux and Vader complaining about Kylo. Hux is drinking tea.
Nothing new.

36) You and 2 are stuck in an elevator. What happens?

Me: "Have I ever told you I have a fear of elevators?"
"Then why did we take it in the first place?"
"My ex was taking the escalator."
"...Oh my god."

37) Refer to (36) 3 happens to appear in the stuck elevator. Now what?

Obi Wan: *falls through the roof tile* Hello there.
Asohka: *delighted* Master Kenobi!
Me: ...I'm getting a huge vibe of deja vu.

38) 5 demands you are to be his wife/husband. What do you do?

I mean I'm not gonna say no. Imagine the cuddles

39) You are asked to watch over 2,4, and 6 for the day. What happens?

Oh this will be fun. Two Jedis against a vengeful Zabrak...What could possibly go wrong?

40) Refer to (39) 4 becomes a real pain. Reaction?

Yh6SDF5 by cometgazer379
Maul                             Me                                       Luke and Kenobi

41) 3,5,10 are drunk. What do you do?

This could go two ways. Everyone is the giggly drunk (I picture Obi Wan being that way with increased sass) OR a fight would start.
Either way, no one can stand up straight and I'm not getting in the way of this- SAVAGE YOUR HUGS ARE CRUSHING ME PLEASE STOP.

42) On Facebook, 8 and 9 are spamming you with love notes. What do you do?

I'm guessing Leia was hacked and Kylo's just getting the hang of romance.
Kylo you're being really sweet but please tone it down just a lil bit.

43) 2 and 1 are playing pirate. Do you join?

Changing this to Anakin for a sec:
That's kinda adorable but I feel like they'd both have to be drunk to pull off something like that.

44) You find out 4 is a terrorist. Join him/her or other option?

Well that explains the siege of Mandalore.
I don't want to sound like one of those fans but: In all honesty, I pity Maul. He wasn't always like that.

Yo fuck Sidious, my dude.

I'd join Maul.

45) 2, 3, and 5 flood your house with cats. Your reaction? 

Ok the image that's filling my head is so fucking cute rn. Savage and cats.
Fucking adorable.
Keep the loth-kitties, at least a manageable amount.

46) In the dark, you, 3, 5, and 9 are locked in a room. What happens?

I'm just going to go with either: 
a. We were captured by someone 
b. This is an escape room that I forced these people to do.

Let's just go with B since it seems more likely lmao. Alright. It would take a while for us to actually work together, but it happens eventually. Obi Wan and I are looking for intricate details/clues that could help us escape. Hux is looking on his own. Savage gets sick of looking and ends up breaking a wall down. Whatever works my dude.

I end up having to pay for the expenses and damage...

47) You enter your bathroom, only to find 10 using your shower. What do you do?

Walk out like I didn't see anything. No thanks.

48) While jogging with 1, you twisted your ankle. Does 1 help?

We're just going to use Anakin for this question since it makes a little more sense: So yeah he probably would.

49) 9 lost a bet against you. Why? What is the outcome?

I bet that I can arm-wrestle Hux after three rounds. He gets cocky and accepts the match. The loser has to steal Kylo's mask and hide it someplace where he can't find it. This will be interesting.

50) Everyone planned a surprise party for you. What happens?

This is literally the purest thing I have ever read. There are so many outcomes to this question that I really don't know what to choose!

Anyway, this fave character meme was extremely fun and I encourage you guys to try it out for yourselves!
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