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I just wanted to answer the questions since I'm bored af and actually have time to write journals/stories on here. ((Yay for finishing college homework early))

1. You must post ALL of the rules
2. Answer the 6 questions you've been asked, then make up 6 questions of your own for people to answer
3. You must tag 10 people
4. You can NOT say you don't do tags
5. No tag backs allowed

My answers:

1. What kind of Aesthetics do you like?

It ranges from dark witchy stuff/nature to pastel mood boards <3 Complete opposite of each other, I know, but it doesn't matter

2. Do you like plants?

Yes, mostly succulents. I have a few succulents around the house that I try to keep alive.

3. What is your favorite color?

Dark red or pastel purple ((Along with black to compliment it))

4. If you have a favorite OC, who would it be?  Can you tell me a bit about them?

Out of all my OCs, I think Rabies would have to be my favorite. I gave her character pastel, almost friendly colors and made her mute as well. My goal was to give her an off-putting demeanor to add a sort of uneasiness to whoever crosses her path.

5. Do you have a religion or are you an atheist?

I tend to hide my religion since it's sorta misunderstood; I'm a Satanist. I don't consider paganism and Wicca to be a religion since it's more of a craft. I guess I'd consider myself a Satanic/Eclectic witch.

6. If you had a star, would you keep it?

This is a really cute question. It's giving me Studio Ghibli vibes. I'm guessing you mean literal star/metaphysical or arcane.

I'd keep it but I'd probably store in some sort of glass container. I don't know what type of power it possesses so I might as well study it from a distance.

((Aaaaand I'm breaking the rules and discontinuing this because I want to work on other stories in my More to come!))
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Wuyiyi Featured By Owner Edited Feb 16, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I love your answers, tbh!
And you're a Satanist? That's nice. uwu
honestly, I don't care what religion, sexuality or race you are. As long as you're nice. I'm spiritual. I believe that god is real, and same with Jesus and Satan and monsters, ghost, ect. However, I don't believe in some of the rules of God from the bible.
cometgazer379 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2019  Student General Artist
Thank you for understanding! <3

And that's interesting tbh <3 So almost like a higher power? Nice ^_^ I'm totally accepting of religions and it's interesting to learn about what other people believe in. If it makes you happy, then everything's okay.
Wuyiyi Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
N.P. ^^
Me too, just be nice to others and I'll cool with you, ya know? My family history we're witches, but since my Mom was like "Nah let's start a better life" or something like that since back then was awful— So I'm pretty accepting to these things. Especially that I can feel different energies or something (it's hard to explain xjwbqjjNahwuvxswbk) but you get what I mean..?
cometgazer379 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2019  Student General Artist
Hun I definitely get what you mean.

I never really told anyone because I didn't think they'd take me seriously, but I have a feeling that I'm clairsentient. 
Wuyiyi Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
okay, cool.
Oh? How so? If people don't take you seriously then they can go fuck themselves if they're being an asshole about it.
cometgazer379 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2019  Student General Artist
It makes when I say it out loud, but I feel like I can feel certain energies/auras in a room or around a person. Whether it's good, bad, or neutral. In person, I feel like I'm more aware/affected by a person's emotions
Wuyiyi Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Same here. Almost all my family members have that, we could even see spirits every once in awhile. It's weird but yet it's a gift in some way. u u
cometgazer379 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2019  Student General Artist
The spirit thing doesn't happen to me that often (since I started cleansing my room with sage once a month) but I used to see shadowy figures passing by my door every now and then. They're either skinny and tall or short 
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