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Starting tomorrow, I'll be gone attending family events. I'm not sure when I'll be active again, probably next week when I have  my short Thanksgiving Break. See you then!
Psychic: *reads my mind*
Inside my Brain:

Psychic: What the fuck?
So my area's safe.....I can't say the same for the rest of CA ^^;
Hi again! Alright so it's FIRE SEASON and there are several fires around my area. We might be evacuated later idk I'm being updated every second so idk right now. I'm always on my guard at this time so I don't know what's going on.
Just to cheer myself up I made this

BONUS Looksee

Paranormal Activity


All the slashers in one car:

The Nun



Poltergeist (Carol ANNE? GET IT?....I'll leave)

American Werewolf in London:



Jeepers Creepers

Christmas Horror Story
Hello friends
I'm still emotionally recovering from what happened at Borderline. Some people I knew were involved. I now know that a very close friend is recovering in the hospital, and two students from my college died. I might take some time off here to get a hold of myself

Besides that, I'll be posting old photos from an aquarium I visited two weeks ago. I'll be really busy this week with homework so I'm just going to be posting previous places I've been. 

ALSO a week from now, I'll have Friday-Monday off. I'll probably have some time to post art around then. The week AFTER THAT I'll have Thursday-Monday off. (Or maybe just Thursday-Sunday idk I've been too busy to look)

And that's pretty much it. Thank you for reading!
I come bearing bad news
Last night a bar got shot up two cities away from mine. It came from my second hometown actually.
I'm pretty sure people from my college died in it but they haven't revealed the names yet. This is fucking insane. It shouldn't have to be like this. I'm even afraid to go to class because of what happened. What the fuck. I shouldn't HAVE to fear the place where I plan my future. I shouldn't HAVE to wake up to my parents explaining what happened two cities away.

Sometimes I just fucking hate people.
Phoenix: Not today Satan!
*few days later*
Pheonix: Yeah ok I guess today Satan
They made an Undertale 2???


I'm so confused
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Like....the most accurate thing
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Sooooo I have this thing in my Intro to Writing class called "Write Something Awesome." It's basically where we write different starters for stories/poems/etc. I already have 9 stories and was wondering if you guys would be interested if I posted some here?? They're mostly horror/science fiction.

I just need votes below in the comments below.

Also, to US followers, don't forget to send in your ballots before November 6th! Hop to it!
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Dude they're badasses

:iconbrideofhorror: The last maze they mention is totally your style
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Before I begin, I don't mean to insult/offend anyone who lives in Mexico or South America. You do you, hun.
This shit was so surreal that I feel like it didn't even happen in one day. Also, I'm covering up my hometown for privacy reasons.
Alright to start things off, I went to San Diego and my hometown, [REDACTED], California for vacation. It's a wonderful place, you guys should check it out. ANYWAY, I was crammed in the passenger seat with my mom, brother and his boyfriend. We're driving along the highway trying to find the next exit when I see a sign saying "LAST USA EXIT 700 MILES."

I think to myself 'Nothing to worry about! We'll see more signs and know when to exit.' Oh hun. Skip to 30 minutes later we pass another exit that says "Last USA exit." 

There was a sudden silence. And then. Loud yelling and screaming. Oh yes. We missed the. Last. USA. Exit. And now we were headed RIGHT for the Mexico. WE WERE IN MEXICO WITH NO PASSPORTS. So not only am I stuck in a cramped car with everyone screaming, I was in MEXICO in a cramped car with everyone screaming while I was having an anxiety attack. I literally thought we were going to be stuck in Mexico. So, now we're driving around sketchy Tijuana, Mexico with no IDEA where to go. After 15 minutes, we finally see a sign for the border and headed in that direction. The story doesn't end there, folks.

It was a NIGHTMARE waiting in that line of cars. There were tons of sketchy looking people walking down the rows of cars along with non-trustworthy vendors that would literally surround your car with merch. Listen, I know they're trying to make a living just selling products, but I was freaking the fuck out because we went the wrong way. We didn't have any drugs on us or anything, but I was still having a panic attack for no reason. I was literally praying to some horned god that everything would be fine. As I'm trying not to make eye contact with anyone, I see the cops run past with the police dog on some scent, only increasing my unneeded anxiety. 

After 1 HOUR of eating in a huge-ass line of cars, we end up showing the border patrol lady our license/ID's and words literally come spilling out of my mom's mouth. She's literally just yammering about how we didn't mean to cross the border and we didn't see the last exit/meant to go to [REDACTED] in California instead. God, we were all a mess.

And the lady running the little booth gave us a look like we were all so stupid, oh my god.

Of course, we made it out of our hour trip to Mexico and headed towards our ACTUAL destination [REDACTED]. It was nerve-racking at the time, but now it's completely laughable. My older sister lost her shit laughing when we told her what happened.

"But Fiona, how did you end up in missing the exit in the first place?" You might ask. WELL FRIENDS, my mom's GPS froze midway, and none of us noticed.

Well, what do you guys think of this wild-ass adventure?
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.....Hi. Alright! I just wanted say that I'll be offline Friday-Sunday. It's road trip time, bitches.
I'll be heading to my hometown San Diego, then back up to Downtown LA on Sunday. I won't have my computer with me and I doubt there's going to be a good wifi signal. I'll take pictures if I can. It's just nice to unplug once in a while and not worry about anything.

I'll be back Monday depending on my classes.

I might have time later tonight to answer questions, who knows?

Thank you for reading!
Look at these chinchillas barking. JUST CLICK IT
Hey! I suggest reading Part 3 of Whitefangthecaptain0 's crossover before reading this chapter. It'll make more sense once you do. It's here if you haven't do so. A POTC/Pagan Christmas Crossover

While you're at it, please go check out BrideOfHorror 's spinoff as well! She's an amazing artist/writer!  .::Pages of The Night::. (Chapter 1)Chapter 1 ~ Worse than Wind
Third POV:
In the dead of a cold,windy night out in the snow-covered forests of the tundra, a lone,shadowy figure made their way slowly through knee-high frost. Reaching to pull themselves deeper into their patched,trench coat, the small,pale humanoid began to feel most of their meek frame starting to numb against the icy winds. But even so, they could sense the familiar presence of the workshop just a little ways more. She sucked in a deep breath of the freezing air, burning her lungs a bit, and clutched her oil lamp ever so tightly as she trudged through the blanket of deep white. The small woman had her canine-like ears pinned to her deep reddish,blonde hair until she had the sudden urge, a feeling from deep within her gut, to stop and listen. Something wasn't right. She perked her chocolate,tan husky ears up, they soon started to have a mind of their own as she heard what she dreaded..........a deep,haunting howl echo through the trees........

Both artists really deserve the attention!


Where we left off:

Jinn: I promise everything will be fine. Get some rest.

Me: *weakly* You better be telling the truth. :yawn: 

Jinn: *laughs*

*It takes barely a minute before we're both passed out from the day's events*


*It was around 8 AM when I actually awoke. I found myself curled up facing Jinn's chest. Then I noticed his long arms protectively wrapped around me. He must've done that in sleep. Jinn's eyes cracked open and he peered down at my face.*

Jinn: Well, good morning.~

Me: Morning~

Jinn: Feeling better than yesterday? *runs a claw up and down my back*

Me: *nods sleepily* Thank you for eh- staying with me, by the way.

Jinn: Y-

*Suddenly, a clash of metal hitting metal breaks us out of our daze*

Jinn: What was that?

*A rush of footsteps can be heard from the hall*

Me: *grabs him by the arm* Come on!

*As we reach where the noise was coming from, Krampus had just broken down the door and was heading inside. Alari's yells could be heard from inside, along with an unknown voice. I managed to squeeze past the group to the front*

*There stood Alari and another wolf-eared person. She had bright red hair with gray streaks. The whites of her eyes were tinted yellow and her red irises bored into mine*

Teddy Klaue: I thought I smelled a rat.

Storm: What's this? Yer keeping a human here? Hahahahaha. No.  I'm surprised, Krampus. I thought ye would've let the clown feed her by now. *she laughs*

Krampus: I banished you once, and I can do it again. Get out of the workshop or you'll be the one getting eaten.

Storm: *scowls* Make me.

*Before he has time to grab her, she roughly grabs Alari by the arm and raises her sword to the blonde's throat*

Der Klown: Alari!

Storm: Not another step. *sneers* I'll do it, don't ye dare doubt me! 

Me: Leave her alone!

Jinn: Careful Pheonix!

Storm: Really now? Ye should listen to your pet goat back there.

*Jinn's tail twitched in annoyance*

Me: I said leave her alone! *my hand's start to shake uncontrollably*

Storm: Oh yeah. Yay. Good for you.  Oooh! I'm so scared! What are ye gonna do, landlubber? Lecture me to death?

Me: No, I'll...I'll *holds up shaking hands, which are now tingling* What in the-

*Storm raises a brow, loosening her grip on Alari*

Me: *turns my palms over* I don't know what's happening. *hands are slightly glowing a pale purple*

*Without warning, a streak of purple light fires off from my palms, almost striking Storm. She dives out of the way just in time, pushing Alari away from her. Perchta and Der Klown immediately drag Alari away from the intruder*

Alari: ...So you aren't human after all. Yer a witch.

Me: OMG I'm a what?

Jinn: I feel like I've heard this conversation from somewhere before.

Storm: Rage I'm not leaving. I just got- OW!!

*Der Klown's teeth clamped down on Storm's leg*

Storm: Get off! *starts kicking at the Jack-in-the-box*

*Krampus puts his claws to his teeth and whistles*

*A small stitched reindeer breaks through the wall*

Krampus: Not...through the wall. Scheiße. Every damn time *clears throat* 

*The little buck looks at him expectantly, its half-furred body wiggling with excitement like a Boxer Dog*

Krampus: Rolf! Tritt sie raus!

*Rolf stomps his hooves in understanding, and suddenly gallops toward Storm. He headbutts her out of the doorway*

Storm: Don't think that this is over!

*Before she can say another word, she's chased down the hallway by Rolf*

*Perchta turns to Alari, who's quite shaken up by the experience*

Perchta: *softly* Are you okay, dear?

Alari: Y-Yes. *sniffs* Where's Midnight?

Perchta: She isn't here?

Alari: I checked her room, b-but her bed was empty.

Teddy Klaue: Great. Now everyone's going missing.

Perchta: Hush. We'll find her.

Teddy Klaue: Yeah right. Also, are we not going to address th- wait a minute. Are you two holding hands?

Jinn: Wha- OH! Blush *quickly unravels fingers from mine*

Both in unison: :| (Blank Stare)  No!

Teddy Klaue: -_- *lights a cigar* As I was saying, are we not going to address how Storm arrived so quickly and fuckin' laser hands over here?!

Me: I honestly don't know where that came from. *still staring at hands* This doesn't make any sense.


Aaaand that's all I can write this chapter. Cameo by CinderHollow13 's character, Rolf the Reindeer.
Alari and Storm belong to Whitefangthecaptain0!
Jinn and Pheonix belong to me!
Krampus and the toys belong to Weta Workshop!

Thank you for reading! There's more coming in the future!

I'm watching this movie called Cucuy: The Boogeyman and the creature in this literally looks like Krampus' long lost brother lmao

The costume design is really cool tbh
I just thought for a moment

"Where are the demon elves in the story?"

And then another thought hit me
This seems like something they'd do while everyone else is freaking out in the story. Just in the kitchen/workshop like: