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This bitch got a ticket to Disney.

If anyone needs me, I'll be sneaking around storm troopers and smuggling stuff onto a "Millennium Falcon."
Y'all I didn't expect the app Tik Tok to be infected by so many children.

You're like 9 years old go play some damn Minecraft or something
And decided to make this using Tik Tok


Since I'll be offline for a lil bit
Have this
Orientation's been rescheduled to Thursday, and I'm going out with friends tomorrow. On Friday I'll be helping my sister with her baby.

The next chapter of The Blackest Heart will be posted during the weekend!

why is this something the lady oc squad would do
Nearly Witches by cometgazer379
I have huge news!
I applied for two different jobs. One big, one small.
The other is for Kohls.

I just wanted to post this in case I get the part. I'll be VERY busy and probably won't have time to post.

I also return to college mid-August.

So I'll have class, my job at Kohls, and my job at Fright Fest as a scare-actor during the weekend. Extremely busy, yes?
Sooo I've seen a lot of people posting about this but I'm clueless.

What is artfight?
This guy who sounds EXACTLY like Sebastian Michaelis narrates cat videos. Please just watch it
So have a cat explosion

Happy Early 4th of July have this
I might be offline for a lil bit.

My family goes all out for 4th of July so I have to help prep. That, and I'm also organizing stuff for an incoming Disney trip. There's just a lot going on and I don't really have the inspiration for drawing atm.
I'll be offline for the rest of the night because of heartburn and chest pains. I'll probably be busy tomorrow as well
But feel free to leave questions for my OCs right here:  I'm bored ((ASKS ARE OPEN))Go crazy
Dare or Ask my OCs shit


*sigh* AND DJ

Like I said, go crazy
 I'll answer them in a few days or so!
Oh yes, there will be fanart involving this song
Go crazy
Dare or Ask my OCs shit
Redraw: Disneyfied Slash by cometgazer379Petals and Horns by cometgazer379Space Naps by cometgazer379Dance Again by cometgazer379

Vaccines by cometgazer379 Nearly Witches by cometgazer379Ask Rabies by cometgazer379

*sigh* AND DJ
Baldi's Basics: Dee Jay by cometgazer379

Like I said, go crazy

Tagged by :iconimaginary-toon1:

1. Are you a digital artist, traditional artist, or a little bit of both?

2. What is your favorite genre (books/movies/TV shows)?
Horror (pretty obvious lmao)
Same goes for movies and TV shows

3. What annoys you the most?
People with an out of control ego.

4. Who is your favorite character from Five Nights at Freddy's (if you have played the game)?
I'm not really a fan anymore. When I was a fan, my favorite was the OG Foxy.

5. Name your favorite musical(s).
Wicked, Phantom of the Opera (Tbh, this is what sparked my interest in Musicals) , Sweeney Todd, Hamilton, Heathers (even though the movie's better hahaaaaa)

6. What is one movie or TV show that makes you cringe whenever you think about it?
Creep and The Perfection...Two horror movies I will never watch again.

7. When wanting to get things done, do you use checklists?
Nope. I probably should buuuut I don't lmao

8. What is your favorite smell?
Sage and Lavender. Just witchy stuff

9. What is one snack that you enjoy but others may find unusual?
I really can't think of anything.

My questions for you:
1. Favorite dog breed?

2. Have you heard of Billie Eilish?

3. Favorite scary movie?

4. Star Wars or Star Trek?

5. Biggest pet peeve

6. Video games or movies?

7. Religious?

8. Tarot cards or tea readings?

9. Disney or Tim Burton?


I'm too tired to tag people, so anyone can have a go at this.
Go crazy
I'm currently cat-sitting my brother's cat.
And let's just say this is a pretty temperamental cat.
She ate my succulent

So I might be a little slow at posting art because she's still 10 months old...and has trust issues

Just thought I'd update you guys!