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I have a day off tomorrow. Would anyone care if I drew up, inked and colored some Krampus chibis? Almost like I did with the Disney villains?

In one meme

This is also a heads up that I'm creating lore for her character. I feel like this voice fits her a lot when she sings.
So um. Most of you know I struggle with epilepsy.
If not, now you know.
I had another epilepsy attack today ( Tonic-Clonic for those who were wondering) (Sidenote: My form of epilepsy has nothing to do with flashing lights) Anyway, during the attack, I fell on my right side and no one was home. When I regained half-consciousness, I found that my right arm (that I usually draw with) had lost all motor function. I literally started freaking out and crying because I thought I had a stroke instead of my usual epileptic attack. It wasn't until like 40 minutes or so later that it could correctly grip and lift objects.

I'm so glad that it started moving after a while. I guess it wasn't a stroke. It was just an epileptic attack that was more harsh than the other times.

((UPDATE: I called my neurologist, and I've been put on a higher dose of meds. Hopefully this harsh of an attack won't happen again. Still, read below because I still think it's important. ^_^ ))

So, here's what I wanted to ask:
Is there such thing about getting a epilepsy dog? I'll probably do research, but do they exist? OR if anything, would I be able to get an emotional/anxiety support dog for things like this? I'm only curious at the moment. It seems like a good idea since I really don't want to hurt myself if I decide to move out and the same thing happens. :shrug:
Anyone up for some Dino sketches?
Happy 4th
In Celebration of the 4th of July, do you guys want to see me post more monster art? Or at least more Jinn art?

I really feel like drawing more monster boyfriend art for some reason.
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1. What's your favorite color?

I'm still really into pastels, so anything pastel mixed with black is cool ^_^

2. Favorite animal?

Hyenas and Maned Wolves are pretty sweet.

3. Do you have any pets?

A tuxedo cat and a leopard gecko :heart:

4. Do you have a best friend?

It's more like a squad.

5. Are you depressed?

It comes and goes. It's gotten better since I'm out of high school so hey that's cool.

6. Do you have a favorite OC? If you do, tell us three things about them.

I think Slash has to be my favorite since she was my first. She's my only villain as well!
- Slash can change her face to make it seem more grotesque in the Dreamworld in order to frighten her victims. The more fear she can smell, the better.
- She's territorial. This means she's willing to take on any dog/animal/person bigger than her, which sometimes gets her into trouble in the real world. She's come back into the Dreamworld several times with tufts of fur missing/cuts on her body.
- During the day, she scours the neighborhood of Springwood, looking for prey and avoiding people. Or she waits until someone's stupid enough to try and break into 1428 for a little chase-out.

7. Do you enjoy drawing traditionally or digitally?

I started off as digital, but it looked messy. So, I stuck with traditional.

8. Do you like sports?


9. Zodiac sign?


10. What YouTubers do you like?
Marzia, TimTracker, Shane Dawson, Macdoesit, Dan & Phil, Brizzyvoices, Tessa Netting (There are a lot more I could list but I'm going to stop there)

(I really don't feel like tagging people. It's summer. Everyone's free.)



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*pokes head in* Oh hi!

Yeah I've been offline for the past couple of days. I've been bust with family things (Nothing bad, don't worry! All good things!) And since Independence Day is coming up, I've been helping to prepare for that. I might not post as much this week because of preparations. Who knows.

And yes, time to talk about the cosplay. I actually have TWO that I'm planning. One of them is a Disneybound that will be happening on the 11th and the other is the Slappy costume (That I'm not really sure when I'll be able to put that together)
Okay so, I have THIS dress: (Excuse the messy bathroom, I was in a rush to leave)
tumblr pb4ft7wiRy1rnt699o1 1280 by cometgazer379
It could work perfectly for a fem!Slappy cosplay because of the fake rose. I have the body paints for my face and my hair already the right color for the cosplay.

So, the Disneybound. If you don't know what a Disneybound is, it's basically dressing similar stylish way to a character's costume for Disneyland (Since you'll get kicked out of the park for wearing an actual costume) It's just a fun thing fans like to do. For example: (not my picture)
Cruella-Festival-Fashion by cometgazer379
If one wanted to Disneybound as Cruella, they'd pick something similar to this. It's subtle and quite fashionable.

Anyways, that's just an example I wanted to provide. Back on the point. Who am I Disneybounding as?
I chose to Disneybound as Dr. Facilier from Princess and the Frog, so those photos should probably be up on the 12th or 13th.
Forewarning: People can believe whatever they want :heart: This is just my belief, lovelies~ Let's get on with the journal, shall we?

Okay so: Don't ask me how to Lucid Dream because I have no idea how it happened. There are millions of videos online explaining how. 

Lucid Dreaming is basically where you're able to control your own dreams. You can control what you say, do, and what you want to dream about.

It's much different from Astral Projecting (INSIDIOUS IS NOT A GOOD EXAMPLE OKAY?) where you're able to leave your own sleeping body and do other things.

It just happened to me a few days ago and has just happened 3 days in a row. I only remember one night, so I might as well tell what I can remember. This dream felt like it lasted for a whole day, and I actually thought I was going to be stuck inside of it. What I'm about to tell you is all true.

Okay so, it started with me applying for a job as a teacher, not that interesting so I'll skip over that. As the dream progressed, my boss began to hassle me about unnecessary shit. Let me just cut in and add that I felt like I was floating the entire time, which was how I knew I was lucid dreaming. I usually have a strange floating sensation (maybe that's just me idk) Anyway, as my boss was telling me "You're going to lose your job," I simply stated, 

"None of this is real." And everything froze.

 It was as if a Youtube video started buffering. Time just FROZE. My boss glitched again, which makes me glad irl glitches don't exist. There was whooshing noise, and suddenly I was teleported back to my living room in front of my mother. I guess that's where I felt safe the most. I was confused, though. Why hadn't I woken up?

I remember my mother saying to me, "How did the interview go?" I couldn't actually see her face. I'm pretty sure it was some sort of facade that my mind created. She refused to look at me, too. I was done playing around with these Lucid Dreams. I wanted out. Once again, I said:

"You're not real."

She finally glanced up at me...and something horrible happened. Her skin was melting as if made of wax. (Now you see why I don't draw Little Nightmares art anymore) Her jaw stretched, hideous and waxy, and then I finally woke myself up.


Jesus Christ.


Not all Lucid Dreaming is like this. Some of it can be quite beautiful. I was just unfortunate enough to be in a depressed mindset that night.

So, please god, word to the wise, if you ever plan to Lucid Dream, make sure you're in a positive mindset. If you're not, plan it some other time.

I should be asleep but I just
Before I begin, I just want to say that everyone's allowed to believe in whatever they want. I'm not forcing anyone to believe in anything ^_^ This particular journal talks about the supernatural. If you're not a fan of such things, I suggest going to something else ^^;

Soooo something happened last night. I almost forgot to post about this:

I'm telling the truth when I say this.

Since my dog passed away last December, lots of creepy shit has been happening. I've been shrugging off a lot of it. (Most of it has been bouts of sleep paralysis) Something happened last night that I can't really explain, though.

Around 1 AM, I was typing up the "Storytime" journal entry when I heard 3 faint knocks on my door. I knew it wasn't my parents since they had already gone to sleep...and trust me I was not getting up to check either. I would've heard my parents door open or my door would've opened if they wanted to check on me.

You see, back when my dog was alive, she would faintly hit the door with her tail whenever she was happy, or running by. It's been practically 7 months, and I knew this wasn't my dog.

At first I thought it was my cat wanting to come inside, but he was passed out on my bed.

I still can't explain what was behind the door in the hall yesterday night.
*A few weeks ago at my brother's boyfriend's (Let's call him J ) party, he invited a few friends and we all had a few laughs while playing cards against humanity. That's not the point of the story but there was one particular person that stood out. J invited a rather young, attractive looking individual that I really couldn't get my eyes off of.*

*So yanno the party's still going on, fine and dandy, I'm being a LIL flirty with this person and he's not really catching on to it. It's whatever to me.*

*By the end of the night, everyone leaves and it's just me, J, and my brother. J goes to do something and I go to talk to my brother.*

Me: So um...What's (Let's call the dude that I found attractive Z) Z like?
Brother: Oh! J's known him for a really long time! He's a (insert snazzy career).
Me: Oh really? They were eh- *lowers voice* kinda cute.
Brother: *awkwardly* I don't know how to tell you this...Did you know they were gay?
Me: Big Fool Emoji-03 (Creep Stare) [V2]  I didn't know that.
Brother: Well goodnight! *He goes off to fall asleep in his room while I'm off to fend for the couch*
outside: dead inside 
I'm back from my small little vacation. It might take me a little bit to start replying and posting, but I'm back home.

Expect some more sketches soon!
Yeah I'm Overwatch trash now. Yay!

But my only way to access the game is through my brother's xbox one at his place....which sucks.

Also, Junkrat is my main. :bademoticon: 
Edit: While I was going through my, I found this. A little time capsule from 2015 that was never posted! I thought I'd go back to a vent journal I never posted and answer some questions from curious/edgy teen me. Maybe have a little experiment and see what happens? Just a warning: The first entry is a little cringey. 2015 was a dark time for me, alright? I have my shit figured out now, though.

Zoom back to 2015

A lot of people think that I'm happy. I laugh. I smile. I joke.

But I feel like I'm lying to myself. 

I just want to be happy again. I want to feel again. Am I just a human shell? I want to feel with someone. Someone that actually gets it. I'll wait as long as I can. I don't give a shit. I won't even change.

Am I Ace? Aro? Whatever the hell you call it.

I'm just so different that everyone's uncomfortable around me. I simply can't go up to someone and yell "Hey who's your favorite serial killer?" Who does that? I guess I do.

Who can I even trust anymore?

Push forward to 2018:

Hello, me from the past. 

I have some good news for you.

Well, first of all It's 2018 and you've graduated from high school. How awesome is that?

It turns out you're bisexual as well, dear. We've got that all figured out now.

Oh and also, please don't change for anyone. You don't need anyone's "approval" to be who you want to be. Find yourself. Take time in doing that however you want. Enjoy what YOU like.

Honestly? Who cares if you make certain people uncomfortable. If you make them uncomfortable, you're probably not hanging out with the right people anyway. LEAVE THEM, HUN. Please don't go up to someone random stranger and ask them that question. Just...don't.
If I ever made a video about my epilepsy during the summer, would anyone be interested in checking it out?