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(Besides the other Jonathan Young video I shared)
It'll go something like this
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Anyone wanna see DemonWitch fluff

Maybe a "Draw Your OTP" challenge involving this image?
B0cf494f7559b2e714f0388248ee7c15 by cometgazer379
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Well it's been a while since I've been online. Sadly, I'm enduring art block because of school. I've been really busy XP

Anyway, I thought I'd post about my weird, realistic lucid dreams again! As you saw from the title, this is going to be about IT (no pun intended. I'm probably going to draw this when I have a break)

So it started out with me walking through the hallways of the Neibolt House in pitch darkness. All I had to guide me was a dime, flickering flashlight. I kept seeing shadows here and there, and monsters that were featured in the new IT movie. This included the Flute Lady mostly. They didn't do anything, they just sorta stared at me, their eyes following my body's every move. I eventually grew tired of wandering the same halls and stupidly called out. "Alright, quit playing! Where are you?"
If I could slap my dream self, I would. I have no clue why I spoke out loud -_-
After foolishly calling out to Pennywise, I fucking hear him right next to my ear laugh, "My dear sewer rat."

I woke up before anything else happened

It might not seem creepy to you guys, but give me a minute. I sometimes joke about looking like a sewer rat when my hair's greasy AF. It's an inside joke for my family. It's just weird to hear Pennywise's voice saying it right next to my face. 

What do you guys think?
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  • Watching: Hocus Pocus
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*cold wind blows*
Me: Yeeeee
Literally everyone who watches me on deviantart: Oh no
*Halloween stores start opening*
Me: eeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEE
Everyone: Not again
*The pumpkin spice latte returns*
Me: *starts humming and violently vibrating*
Everyone: Brace yourselves!
*HHN releases their mazes*
Everyone: NO! BAD FI-
Me: *already broke down the wall using pumpkins, sketchbook filled with GAOBAM/Time Burton drawings* BOYS AND GIRLS OF EVERY AGE. *smashes glass* WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE SOMETHING STRANGE?
Everyone: ...Too late
It's September
HALLOWEEN IS COMING Flying Bat F2U Black cat pixel 
Halloween Pumpkin Halloween Pumpkin Halloween Pumpkin Halloween Pumpkin Halloween Pumpkin 
Halloween Ghost Spooky Halloween Ghost 
Halloween Pumpkin Halloween Pumpkin Halloween Pumpkin Halloween Pumpkin Halloween Pumpkin 
Dancing Pumkin head 4 Dancing Pumkin head 2 Dancing Pumkin head 3 Dancing Pumkin head 5 
Okay this journal entry is going to be a bit wild.
It's only the second week of college, yet I had to email my professors that I wouldn't be coming in. I feel terrible for missing a day -_- This is also just a message that I won't be online for a while because:
1. In the last 24 hours, I've had two seizures.
2. I have to start an English assignment involving something along the lines of creating my own story/universe.

P.S, would anyone be interested if I posted part of my story a little later? It has zombies in it!~
Tagged by :iconbrideofhorror:

1. You have to post ALL the rules.
2. Answer 12 questions you have been asked and then create 12 questions for people you tagged.
3. Choose 12 people.
4. Actually tag these people.
5. Tag backs are allowed
6. Can't say you don't do tags.

Her questions:

1. Ok, are you on the light side or the dark side? >:3

A bit of grey actually. (in between)

2.What's one of the scariest experiences you or someone you know have ever had?
(Ex; weird people,the supernatural,strange creatures,etc.)

Hmm. Lemme think about that

3.Favorite animal,plant,and symbol?

The Maned Wolf, any type of succulent, and the trinity moon symbol

4.What's your Zodiac sign? o3o (for those of you who don't know what it is:… )


5.Favorite color?

Crimson Red or Pastel Purple

6.What's your opinion/thoughts on me/my oddball personality?


7.What's some of your favorite hobbies?

Drawing, practicing SFX/bodypainting, collecting horror funko figures

8.What's some of your favorite things to do on Halloween? Anything interesting?

Bingewatch horror movies, carve pumpkins, *cough*Perform aritualtosummonSam*cough* what?

9.Do you have any pets? If so, what kinds?

I have one tux kitty named Jasper, and a leopard gecko named Randall

10.Eh, this one will be a freebie so feel free to put what ever ya want ;w;

Watch this video if you're having a bad day.

My questions:

1. *holds up voice changer* What's your favorite scary movie?
2. Favorite slasher?
3. Favorite band? (If more than one, you're allowed to put a couple)
4. Decided what you want to be when you grow up yet?
5. Best season?
6. Best holiday?
7. Best puppo?
8. Favorite Batman character?
10. Favorite marvel character?
11. If you could date any fictional character, who would it be? (literally anyone, my dude)
12. And finally what- ACK *disappears mysteriously*

tagging (I'm not tagging 12, don't kill me) : :iconbadgerhood12: :icond00mshr00m: :iconhallowsjojo2000: :iconfritz-again:
Girl @ college: Why didn't you join our choir?!

My dude, if I tried to sing any high notes it would literally be
I'm going as Madeyewlook's Freddy VS Jason monster mash 
Slasher Masher by cometgazer379

Okay anyway: 
Since I've been really busy this entire week and I'll be working on homework tomorrow, I thought I'd take the time to tell a quick story. Halloween Horror Nights will be here before I know it. As I thought about the mazes and festivities, I was reminded of an encounter that I had last year.
As I was walking to the tram, carrying a small thing to dippin' dots, a fucking scare actor (who almost looked like Art the Clown) came out of nowhere behind me, and honked a horn. I almost had a heart attack (figuratively) and now that I think about it, the whole situation literally played out like this.
Your next class starts at 4:00, and it's only 2:41....

Guess I'm stuck at college for the next 2 hours.
I have a lot going on tomorrow, so I'll be offline. Idk what I'm doing Sunday

Geez, I only have two days of summer left...
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High School is weird. Here's just a FEW things that happened during my senior year:

-To start off, a senior and his mates made a fake office note for a bully. Stay with me on this: The teacher believed the note, sent the kid outside, and the fucking senior and his mates JUMPED out of the bushes surrounding the classroom and immediately pummeled the kid (while someone filmed the ENTIRE thing in the corner of the quad). The senior was put in prison while the bully suffered trauma and PTSD. It was fucking insane.

-Ridiculous spirit days & then LOSING every game

-Our school’s speaker system was put on-hold by the company that provided them.

- Our Alg. II teacher was giving a lecture on our lesson when some girl asked “What race is a llama?” …Stay in school, kids.

-One year kids took rice cakes in an Algebra class, crumbled them up, and SNORTED THEM.

-The seagulls/giant crows could fucking kill you if you had food on you.

-Tardy sweeps of death. Basically the purge but everyone who doesn’t make it to class gets dragged to the office of shame.

-“How old is William Shakespeare? Is he still alive?” “No.” “I thought he was based off that Taylor Swift song.” For the love of-

-Did anyone else experience “Every 15 minutes” or was it just my school?

-A kid tried to order pizza during block schedule.

-THE SAME DAMN KID left rotten banana peels all over my Algebra II class throughout the year. No one seemed to notice except my friend group?? (and the janitor pfff)

-During spirit week a giant painted banner of Jared Leto’s Joker's FACE was hung in the quad. It wasn’t even senior prank day. I don’t even-

-Oh btw our senior prank was Meme day. Everyone came dressed as different memes including a person that painted their face like Pepe the Frog. Another one that I remember was a person dressed as the lady from the "I AIN'T GET NO SLEEP COZ OF YALL" meme.

-We caught our Amer. Gov teacher streaming fortnite during class.

-Oh yeah the Plain White T’s performed at our school one time. It was almost like a free mini Warped Tour for one day at my school....just take out the mosh pits.

- An actual conversation in my friend group during lunch: “Can fish drown?” “Technically, on land, yeah.” “So does that mean they un-drown?” “I’m gonna undrown you one day.”

- One of my friends did drag queen Aja’s famous Death Drop while graduating on stage and I still love them for that. 

- Another one of my friend’s senior quotes was “After all these years, I thought I’d have something poetic to say. Now, I just want to scream.” And I applaud her for actually getting away with having that quote in the yearbook. Clap 

- Bonus: On Earth Day during my junior year, my American History teacher dressed as Recyclops from The Office...Yeahhh I know.

Weird shit happens in public school, alright?

If you had something ridiculous happen at your school, add it below. I'd love to hear about it. XD 
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Prepare for a shitstorm, or you can just skip over this journal. That's fine, too:

Before I begin, let's get one thing straight. 
I. Don't. Draw. Fetish. Art
That moment when someone new follows you and you think to yourself: OH JOY A NEW FOLLOWER WITH THE SAME INTEREST
But no
You take one look at their page and it's literally just fetish/porn art. Some of it's not even art, it's just photoshopped images taken from someone else's profile/photoshopped screenshots. Things like this make me want to leave Deviantart because of its reputation -_- Don't bother tracking the person down, I've already blocked them. I don't want to open up another can of worms.

I just...fucking
Big Fool Emoji-29 (I'm done) [V4] 
I don't understand some of you guys. My NOPE face 

I'm HONESTLY GLAD that class starts in a few days. I need a break... Spongebob Nope Icon 
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Since it's the 25th anniversary (geez, that long ago?) of The Nightmare Before Christmas this year, who wants to see some body/face paints inspired by the movie?

I have a full week until college starts up, so I want to do as many as possible!
I've sinned my way back into the ghost fandom 
tumblr pa8tddFYP11xunjfdo1 500 by cometgazer379
Anyone else with me?
Ok so my older brother reccomend it to me aaand...
Should I start watching Steven Universe?
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I'm back from hanging with my siblings! I'll post drawings tomorrow since it's late AF here
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I just realized college starts in 14 days...

Now to decide whether I should overwork and spam my account with drawings OR just chill out for the rest of the summer...
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Psychic: *reads my mind*

my mind: *plays this video* (headphone warning)

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