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Warnings: There's slight smut in this story. If that's not your type of thing, I'd suggest clicking off of this story.

This is about two years after Jinn and Phoenix were kicked out.

"Come join me! It's really not that bad!" Phoenix called to Jinn, who was lounging on his back in the moss.

The two had come across a secret hot spring in the middle of the woods. Phoenix couldn't help but go further to investigate.

Massive blue and lavender willow trees protected the pool from anyone else's view. The trees' leaves seemed to glow with a strange bioluminescence, giving the pool a crystal blue glitter. Everything seemed unearthly; even the flowers bloomed an odd light.

"Nah, I'm good." He turned on his stomach and mindlessly tore out some grass with his claws.

"What? Scared to get your fur wet?"

The demon snorted. "Am not."

Phoenix waded towards him where she could stand. The water came up to the middle of her waist. She had been glad she brought her two piece that night. The witch rested her arms on the moss covered rock. "Love, what's got your horns in a twist tonight?" She asked as she traced the front curves along one of Jinn's horns. "You can tell me."

He shuddered and held her hand that was previously touching his horn. "Nothing. I just don't feel like getting wet. It takes forever to dry."

Phoenix knew this was a lie, but she also knew not to push him further. All she could was wait for him to make up his mind. She pushed back against the pool's rocky walls and floated on her back. "If you say so."

He let out a huff and turned onto his back again.


About ten minutes later, Jinn found himself conflicted on the situation. He wanted to spend time with Phoenix, yet something was holding him back.

A week before this, the demon had snooped through a spell book that Phoenix had lying around. While flipping through the pages, he discovered an incantation that could turn a creature human for a while...Well, almost human. It was too difficult for Phoenix to recite, but it seemed fairly easy for someone like him. It might just work. He'd never know until he tried.

'Make up your mind, Jinn,' the demon thought to himself.

"Alright fine, fine. I'll join you. But you have to turn your back to me."

A puzzled look fell across Phoenix's face. "Turn my back?" She tilted her head to the side, her soaked hair falling with it.

Jinn simply nodded his head with his arms crossed. "You cannot turn around until I say so."

"O...kay?" The witch did as he said.

She could hear him mutter something unrecognizable under his breath, then the sound of joints popping. He let out a painful hiss as the loud popping continued. Every fiber inside her told Phoenix to turn around for the sake of her lover, but she refused.

Then came silence. Even the crickets had stopped chirping. "Jinn?" Everything came to a halt. "Ji-" Phoenix turned around to find no one in front of her. Her eyes scanned the hideaway, searching through the long strands of the Weeping Willows.

'He totally ditched me. What the fuck?'

A yowl rang out from above and suddenly a wave of water rushed over the witch's head, soaking her head to stomach.

"You dick!" She laughed and pushed the drenched hair away from her eyes. She was ready to tackle Jinn in return for what he had done. Yet when she turned to face him, a different person greeted her.

Standing in front of her was a man in his 20's with pale grey skin. Not counting the curling horns on his head, he looked to be around 6"2'. Jet black hair that had once been tied back now soaked his back and hung in in strings between his eyes. Yellow eyes with black slits locked onto hers.

"Jinn..." Phoenix approached him cautiously. She hoped that the steam rising from the pool was the only element making her face flush. "Is it really you?" Her voice was barely above a whisper. Phoenix reached up to cup his cheek.

He gently took her other hand and entwined his fingers with hers. "I'm still the ass you met back at that crappy workshop. So, yes."

She laughed softly. "You look"


"I was going to say handsome."

He smirked, flashing his sharp teeth. "That works, too."

In that moment, time seemed to stop. They stood there, admiring each other's bodies shining from the crystal pool. The water around them felt like silk to the touch and more steam seemed to rise with every given moment.

Jinn's eyes radiated with a new, scorching energy. It was like looking into a fiery abyss; there was no way to escape his gaze. He had no idea how much time had passed until Phoenix had wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Jinn tilted her chin up, their chests nearly touching. 

Phoenix's lips crashed into his, making him let out a gasp of surprise. The whimper turned into a passionate purr against her lips. Jinn's fangs grazed her lower lip as they pulled away for air.

Jinn dove back once enough air was received, tasting the blood on her lip in the process. Phoenix had her hands entangled in his hair, only increasing his desire for more. Jinn's long tail curled around her thigh, lifting it and sliding her closer to him.

Their warm bodies melted into each other, her sleek chest curving into his muscled chest.

The demon's hand traveled down her frame, stopping to rest on her hip. His claws fiddled with her bathing suit's strap when Phoenix stopped him.

"Not here," she whispered. The witch's eyes flickered over to a thicket that had willows covering the sky. Her gaze shifted back to Jinn, and they both shared the same lustful expression.

Let's just say that the hot spring wasn't the only thing that became heated that night...

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