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Tiny droplets of rain peppered the fertile ground with kisses. Storm clouds above the small town roared with life, striking the ground with lightning soon after. 

A storm was brewing

By 5 AM, the storm was violently screeching over the land. Heavy, black clouds kept the facade of night time in the early morning hours.


Heavy rain pelted the circular windows of the cottage. A pair of magic workers laid sprawled out on the loveseat a plaid couch, fast asleep. Phoenix rested against Jinn's grey chest as it gently rose and fell; the holiday demon's purrs keeping his lover in a state of deep sleep. Jinn had one arm draped around her while the other hung off the edge of the couch.

A stubby figure approached the doorway. Then came a very audible thump at the door.

Phoenix groaned, still half asleep. "Who could even be outside at this hour?"

"In the rain, too." Jinn started to get up, but was stopped by Pheonix. The sleepy witch pressed her face into the side of his chest.

"Hey, let me up." Jinn sighed.

Phoenix's grip only tightened. "Nooo. You're so fluffy and warm." 

The demon held back a snort of laughter. "It'll only be a second."

She still didn't budge. "I need my heater." Phoenix whined.

Jinn smirked and ran his claws through her dark brown locks of hair. "What will it take for you to let me up?"

"I get to finish the packet of peppermint mocha in the cupboard." She looked up at her demon lover, smiling victoriously.

"Deal," Jinn picked up the witch by the arms and rose from the couch. He planted a kiss on the top of her head before heading towards the shadowy doorway.

An envelope was pushed through the crack of the door, and the figure outside shrunk into the distance.

The demon picked up the wax-sealed envelope that was clearly drenched from the storm. The sender's address seemed familiar, yet he wasn't sure why he recognized it. He opened the letter, only to have his jaw drop.


After tearing up the note, he walked into the bedroom where Phoenix had relocated to. He crawled across the soft mattress and wrapped his arm around her waist.

The witch leaned into his chest, welcoming his warm embrace. There was a long silence, until Phoenix finally decided to break it. "Who was that?"

"No one. Just the newspaper."

'Wrong choice of words. Damnit,' he cursed his shaken mind. He fiddled with Pheonix's hand, trying to think of a better excuse

She let out a confused groan. "Newspaper?" She could feel the demon shivering against her, until he finally decided to sit up in bed. "Jinn? Are you alright?"

He gulped down what felt like a sea urchin tearing at his throat. If it weren't for the darkened room, Jinn would've looked as white as a sheet. "I received a letter was from my family. They want to have a reunion in a week."

"But shouldn't that be a good thing? Maybe we'll see Krampus there." She reached to hold his claw but he turned away.

"There's no 'we,' Phoenix. Krampus won't be there anyway." Jinn muttered.

"I can think of something! They'll be so happy w-"

"You're not going." he hissed. His words came out more harsh than he expected.

The witch stiffened at his tone. "Oh." She brought her legs to her chest and stared at the red sheets.

Jinn let out a defeated sigh. "Come here." His grey arms enveloped her pajama-clad figure. 

Her hand grabbed hold of the fur on his chest as if he'd disappear any second. "Why can't I go?" She uttered softly as he gazed into Jinn's eyes.

"My brothers aren't like me. If you tagged along, they would tear you to pieces without mercy. Think of when you first met me, but 20 times worse."

Phoenix could only stare as she listened.

"All they care about is dominance, hunting and who has a higher rank in fighting abilities."

"Krampus isn't like that, though."

Jinn kissed the top of Phoenix's head. "He has more human traits than my other siblings, meaning that he has some logic behind his way of thinking. Krampus could easily win a battle if challenged by another rank."

"Jinn, can I ask you something?"

"Go for it."

She hesitated, unsure of whether she should actually ask her lover or not. Then, she took a breath. "What rank are you?"

Jinn bit his lip. He didn't even notice that he was fidgeting with the strap of Phoenix's sleep top. "Let's just say I'm not the alpha of the tribe." The demon let out a yawn. "Any other questions?"

"No, not really."

"Well, then." With Phoenix still wrapped in his arms, he flopped back onto the fluffy pillow. "Can you promise me something?"

She nodded as she fixed her position to a more comfy one. Phoenix traced the muscle outline on Jinn's chest.

"Don't follow me when I head to the reunion. Please. I don't want to risk losing you."

Although she was worried for Jinn, Phoenix forced herself to agree to his promise. "I promise."


This time, she let out a yawn. "Yeah?"

"I love you."

"I love you, too."
Well damn, this took me about two weeks to type up.

Do you guys want a part 2??
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