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Kamen Rider Build Mark

Kamen Rider Build! So the push for next year's rider begins.
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Can I borrow this for my fandaptation of Kamen Rider Build? I made some changes to it to make it a bit more unique.
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I'm sorry, I forgot to ask you if I could use this as my profile picture! If you would like me to change it, I will.
Kamen Rider Build is kinda like W, But his design looks cooler than W. And He also can change into W form.
Kinda cool. But Im curious about the ex aid form looks like.
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kamen rider build 2017/2018 80th
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After seeing the scans for Build, I honestly love the suits for him, Close (the secondary rider's name apparently), and Night Rogue (Batman :D (Big Grin) )
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I'm very curious about this Rider. The silhouette of his suit makes him look kinda like Double. We'll probably see a full reveal next month.
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Minecraft Rider?
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Build? :o (Eek) fella thinking ( Reactions ) huh, wonder what's he like.
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I'm wondering if the rider suit will be something akin to W? The mark almost seems like it's two halves of a gear fitting together.
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the most important thing for Neo-Heisei Kamen Rider: what is the gimmick?
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I'd say it would be a hybrid of Sports and Construction... the name and whatever the gear thing is implies construction or industry, but the collectibles resembles sports bottles (sports do "build" your body and there is "body building"). We've seen hybrid themes before (Fruit and Ninjas, Ghosts and History, and Doctors and Gaming) and I don't see a reason why this would be an exception.
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From the looks of it, the gimmick appears to be bottle-shaped. Though, many fans are expecting something like W or Gundam Build Fighters.

Still waiting for the toy catalogue so we can get an official confirmation. Personally, I'm okay with the device being bottle-only or plamo figures you put in a bottle, more leaning towards the former.
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I wonder what the themeing will be of for Build.
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from the looks of things I'm going to guess something related to construction for the rider theme, but mixed in with something unexpected for the people that works with the theme like it did for ex-aid.
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that or inventing/creating stuff like gagets since the logo looks a bit like a gear now that I look at it.
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kinda exited what it will be about ^^   Ex-aid is still awsome..after the low storie of ghost..can´t wait for it^^
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construction, blocks, or sports/body building themed rider!?!?!?!
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More like Steampunk Flash mark lol
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