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Vapour Trail's Cutiemark

By Comeha
Closest I could manage, given the perspective on the only full shot.


Updated with resampled colours and accurate curves. It's important that I have this one right, since I use these for all my other vectors. :T
Now using the MLPVC colours. (I'd still rather trust my own sampling)
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I'd suggest using the colors avaiable here:…
Also, this image has been requested here, so if you plan on fixing the color issue you could possibly post this as the finished version of that request, and potentially have it added to the color guide.
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Eh, I suppose your colours are... okay.
Just a tiny bit more saturated.

Colours have been changed.

Edit: Do I wait for it to be approved before I mark the request as complete?
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Feel free to mark it now, and once the image is in the group it'll get a check mark in the bottom left.
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Okay. I'll try.