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Pear Butter - We're Moving Away!?

By Comeha


Vectored From My Little Pony FiM Season 7 Episode 14: The Perfect Pear
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Awwww, poor Buttercup! *Hugs her tight* <3
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uncontrollable sobbing.  ~<3
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Noooe, don't cry!

Actually, yes. Let's all cry. [uncontrollable sobbing intensifies]
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there's so many reasons this is the new saddest episode of MLP, even sadder than Tanks for the Memories.  ~<3
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Yeah. In Tanks, it was sugarcoated that they said he was just be sleeping. But here they really didn't hold back on this one. ;-;
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yeah, but then when you realize Rainbow goes through the five stages of grief in the episode it makes a lot of sense, when Pear Butter started singing it was the hardest thing in the show to watch knowing what I know about the Apple parents.  MLP has done a really good job of doing these things without saying it outright.  ~<3
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I absolutely agree. Thanks!
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The heartbreak is REAL
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So much heartbreak aaaah! ;-; This episode was heart wrenching.
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