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Brave New World Ch.6: Big day out
Juliette’s eyes fluttered open early in the morning. Her eyes played tricks on her as she stared up at a colorful blue blur—said blur being the floral themed fan she spent the night staring at before falling asleep. She turned to her left and peered at the the alarm clock placed on top of the nightstand. It was a quarter past six in the morning.
I got some sleep? Incredible! The girl shifted her attention to her cellphone. A blue light blinked every few seconds signaling an unread notification. Mom messaged me!
Juliette sat up in bed and grabbed her phone. With daylight barely coming out, the bright screen made her squint for a moment until her eyes got used to the light. Sure enough, she received her awaited message from her mother. However, there was a problem. The message arrived fifteen minutes ago. The phone’s lock screen darkened—threatening to go black in the next few seconds. Juliette swiped her finger in an upwards motion across the screen
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2019 ID by ComanderSprings 2019 ID :iconcomandersprings:ComanderSprings 2 0 Goretober Day 1 - Cut by ComanderSprings
Mature content
Goretober Day 1 - Cut :iconcomandersprings:ComanderSprings 2 2
Meltan by ComanderSprings Meltan :iconcomandersprings:ComanderSprings 19 2
Brave New World Ch.5 (Part 2): An invitation
The two girls returned to the living room. Juliette sat down on one of the loveseats as Luana turned on the TV, sitting right by her side. Anu had followed them both inside the house and lied close to his owner’s feet. The preview for today’s episode of Toddlers and Ribbons was starting; it opened with a little girl getting frustrated over her Furfrou refusing to get his hair trimmed to resemble the girl’s dress. ”Will Katrina and her Furfrou get over this setback?” the show’s narrator asked the audience in a rather melodramatic tone.
“Tell me Juliette,” Luana spoke, “I’m curious. Did you ever challenge a Gym Leader when you lived in Kalos?”
“No, I never did. I’ve never been interested in that, honestly.”
“Really? I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t interested in collecting badges! Even people I’ve spoken to on the islands want to try it someday!” Luana exclaimed with h
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Brave New World Ch.5: An invitation
I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Juliette told herself with a faint smile as she walked out of the school’s building into the crowded campus. Cheerful chatter from lingering groups of students in the courtyard drowned out any other possible sounds Juliette could possibly pick up. She couldn’t fathom why any student would stick around after the final bell rang, much less on a Friday. However, that wasn’t the only thing that went beyond her comprehension.
Her first week as a student in Alola went smoothly as far as social interactions were concerned, mostly because she still had no trouble with anyone. Kiawe and Luana’s presence in class made things easier for Juliette, considering she was familiar with them already. Despite the small familiarity, she was still iffy to the idea of approaching them by herself. She had much more trouble talking to the rest of her classmates and would only do so if they addressed to her first. At least it
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Brave New World Ch.4: Baptized by fire
Time never went by so slowly inside of a moving car. At least not for Juliette. She was now on her way to her new school, Akala Trainer Academy. The situation reminded her of a time when she went zip-lining during a school trip and the instructor pushed her because she didn’t dare to jump herself. Even though this time Juliette’s life wasn’t in danger, it was just as scary to her. Besides, the sudden change from a rural setting to a reasonably big city was a shock to her. She only hoped that the new school was nothing like the one in Anistar City.
“Julie, is your schedule at hand?” her father asked without taking his eyes off of the road.
“Yes Dad, but I haven’t look at it yet. I will when I get there.”
Édith— who was there as well to give her granddaughter some support— shook her head and looked at Juliette. “Are you saying you aren’t excited to know about the subjects you will be taking?”
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That's a lot of green by ComanderSprings That's a lot of green :iconcomandersprings:ComanderSprings 18 11 Away by ComanderSprings Away :iconcomandersprings:ComanderSprings 21 2 Ulva's Ref + WIP bio in description by ComanderSprings Ulva's Ref + WIP bio in description :iconcomandersprings:ComanderSprings 9 17
Brave New World Ch.3: To live the present
”Ah, freedom. No one really appreciates it until they lose it.”
Juliette was spending her second Sunday in Alola locked in her room. All she wanted to do was be alone; left in a never ending loop of negative thoughts. ”What if they say this or that? What if they do x or y to me?” That is just a small sample of the destructive hypothesis in her mind. Her first day of school in Alola was all she could think about. Even her mother, who’s normally too busy with her job, noticed Juliette’s taciturn attitude before leaving for the Pokémon Center.
Sitting on her bed with a sketchbook placed in her lap, Juliette was occupied with drawing a building that was supposedly a school, only that a sign reading “Jail” stood on the roof. She was never too good at drawing buildings, but at that moment she couldn’t care less. Poppy laid next to her, taking a curious glance at her trainer’s work every now and then. She also tapp
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Brave New World Ch.2: Doom or destiny
The sound of the alarm going off woke up Juliette. The first rays of sun illuminated her brand new bedroom; the one where she had slept in for the past two days. In a matter of minutes, an orangish hue caused by the sunlight took over the room. It was just seven a.m., but the King Star was already out and prompting the people in town to wake up. That’s one of the many things that surprised Juliette and her family during their first two days in Alola; unlike in Anistar City, the inhabitants of Paniola Town woke up very, very early. The previous day  Mainard got startled by a man screaming outside early in the morning. It turned out he was just a farmer guiding a herd of Mareep.
With a quick movement, Juliette turned off the alarm and left her bed. As much as she loved being in bed, she had no trouble waking up so early. She was used to it after all. Going to school always required her to wake up around 7:30 a.m. At least in Kalos, because she still didn’t know how schoo
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My summary of art (2017) by ComanderSprings My summary of art (2017) :iconcomandersprings:ComanderSprings 2 4 Don't mess with me by ComanderSprings Don't mess with me :iconcomandersprings:ComanderSprings 10 2 You'll float too by ComanderSprings You'll float too :iconcomandersprings:ComanderSprings 20 18
Life's Treasures Ch.5: Kalos is eggcellent
The group’s first night in Kalos went as smooth as silk. Like Giles warned, they all ended feeling exhausted from the plane trip, so their first activity in Kalos was sleeping in their luxurious hotel rooms. Emily and Steven shared their bedroom while Giles slept in an individual one, not too far from theirs. It was important for them to rest well because their search for the mysterious Hoopa would begin the very next day. They wanted to waste no time.
As they planned, the next morning the trio left for Parfum Palace shortly after finishing their respective breakfasts. A very well dressed man standing next to the hotel’s entrance opened the door for them as he wished for them to have a nice day, demonstrating the politeness Kalosians are known for. ”I hope everybody else is like this.” Emily thought to herself as she and her two companions left the luxurious hotel behind.
“So, where are we going now?” Steven asked casually.
Giles cleared his t
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Inktober 1 - Poisonous by PogostixWithAnX Inktober 1 - Poisonous :iconpogostixwithanx:PogostixWithAnX 3 0 Dusty playing a yarn ball by BloodRavens1 Dusty playing a yarn ball :iconbloodravens1:BloodRavens1 20 2 Type Collab: Steel - Melmetal by Krisantyne Type Collab: Steel - Melmetal :iconkrisantyne:Krisantyne 47 7
               [I want to be remembered like you want to be forgotten.]
Your pupils remind me of ink splotches. The blacks melting into the golden brown. Pupils that could be perfectly round but aren’t. They are almost heart shaped.
               But then again;
               you’re not the one in love.
You told me once that the hardest thing in life is to walk away from what you love. But what if I told you it is easier when you say sorry first?
              Not that an apology will make everything right.
Empty dial tones and static keep the world a mystery to me. Your letters are always signed with the lyrics to your favourite song. I loved music because you did.
               I play that song on repeat;
               waiting to feel so
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Pokemon a Day- Alt Forms: 141-143 by hydroflorix Pokemon a Day- Alt Forms: 141-143 :iconhydroflorix:hydroflorix 21 0 Pokemon a Day- Alt Forms: 144-146 by hydroflorix Pokemon a Day- Alt Forms: 144-146 :iconhydroflorix:hydroflorix 24 0 Decidueye vs. UB-02 Beauty by treespeakart Decidueye vs. UB-02 Beauty :icontreespeakart:treespeakart 61 1 Naganadel by treespeakart Naganadel :icontreespeakart:treespeakart 77 3 Nut Noggin by treespeakart Nut Noggin :icontreespeakart:treespeakart 62 4 ultra necrozma by shininghaxorus ultra necrozma :iconshininghaxorus:shininghaxorus 4 0
Valentine's Day: Show Your Heart!
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Year of Tepig | CNY 2019 by charoncreates Year of Tepig | CNY 2019 :iconcharoncreates:charoncreates 72 3 Sun Bathing by JocelyneR Sun Bathing :iconjocelyner:JocelyneR 247 21 Pine Siskin in Spring by JocelyneR Pine Siskin in Spring :iconjocelyner:JocelyneR 173 22 Cold and Hungry by JocelyneR Cold and Hungry :iconjocelyner:JocelyneR 281 30 Tech n color Dream 56 by caddman Tech n color Dream 56 :iconcaddman:caddman 329 167



I know Valentine's Day is already done but feel free to ask me something about my OC x Canon pairings. I'm bored
For today's #ShowYourHeart prompt (showing your favorite deviation from yourself), I want to show one of my favorite deviations
~Only 18 days more~ by ComanderSprings
I can no longer say it's my best drawing to date since I made better ones since then, but it's still one of my favorites. I worked on it for a long time but it wasn't a tedious process, it was exciting. Sure, I felt anxious at times because I wanted the drawing to be as good as possible and I wanted to finish it before Sun and Moon came out, but thanks to my friends' help, I ended up pretty satisfied with how the piece came out
Not only Ash stole Lillie's role as Nebby's guardian, he also got a Poipole for no reason whatsoever. Looks like the scriptwriters aren't satisfied yet, so now they go and give him a Meltan by the face, or at last that's what the anipoke fandom believes

OCs are accused of being Mary Sues/Gary Stus for much less, so why is it okay for Ash to do that? I propose us Pokémon OC creators stop seeing have our characters befriend/interact with legendaries or mythicals as a taboo. Canon is establishing how it's okay for an average Joe to do it, it should be okay for our characters too!
After seeing what happens in the last chapter of the Sun and Moon manga, I can finally rest assured that Juliette is not a Mary Sue from having Zygarde 10% in her team (I think I just dropped a spoiler but oh well)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I got the idea of making this journal from :iconweirda-s-m-art: she made a journal answering some questions from a Tumblr post regarding original characters and I found it interesting. Let’s face it, I barely talk about mine and I thought this would be a good chance to loosen up because even after all this time...I’m still afraid of being told my characters are stupid/boring/cliché (it already happened once and I almost quit writing and drawing about them).

You can find my friend’s journal here

Which OC is your oldest, creation wise?
That would be Emily, definitely!

[New bio] Emily Davies Ref by ComanderSprings

She was was the first ever serious OC I made on this site. Like I said countless times before, she was inspired by my playthrough of Alpha Sapphire. I originally created her as a way to express my views on the events of said game but she became something bigger and I ended up spawning ideas for different arcs as time went by. I got to write a few chapters of the Kalos arc of the story before it was put in an undefined hiatus. However, I might have some new plans for her. I still need to think it through before making them public.

Which OC is your newest?
Another Pokémon OC (pretty much all of my OCs are from Pokémon, heh), Ulva

Ulva's Ref + WIP bio in description by ComanderSprings

Ulva is a member of the Ultra Recon Squad and she is set to appear in Brave New World in the near-ish future. I started working on her concept the day after the trailer revealing the Ultra Recon Squad came out. I just found that group of people so fascinating that I wanted to create a new character that was involved with them :D

A couple of fun facts about her: originally Ulva had a big hatred towards Necrozma because she viewed him as a tyrant, given that it stole the light from their world. But after playing through Ultra Sun and seeing how he only did that because the people from Ultra Megalopolis injured him badly first, I changed it to where she only wants it to calm down and return the light to their world. She has been friends with Dulse since childhood but upon growing up, Ulva developed feelings towards him that are unknown to her. I headcanon that people from Ultra Megalopolis doesn’t understand the concept of romantic love so, she will have a tough time learning about it :icondignitylaughplz:

Have you ever scrapped one of your ocs and used their backstory / interests / etc. for a newer one?
This is a strange one for me since I never talked about it in public but yes, I did scrap some minor concepts for characters (but who doesn’t?). Although there’s a notorious one and that would be… *drumroll* Emily and Steven’s daughter. Shortly after Gladion and the Aether Foundation were revealed, the possibility of having the Alola arc of Emily’s story happen quite a few years into the future was really tempting...and pairing her daughter with Gladion was an even bigger temptation. I’m so, SO glad I got rid of her because everytime I think about her my blood boils. Her whole character was reduced to drooling (not literally, of course :lmao: ) over Gladion and trying to change him with the excuse of “wanting to see him happy”. As you know, I have a different OC who is paired with Gladion and I’m much happier with her because there’s more to her character than being paired off with a canon character and her relationship with Gladion is much healthier than the one this OC would have had.

Which OC is your favorite? Unexpected favorite?
I don’t really have an unexpected favorite but when it comes to my favorite character, that would be Juliette

[Ref] Juliette Ronson (WIP bio in description) by ComanderSprings

I don’t know why, it’s probably just because of how hard I worked on her character and her story. It’s probably also because of the always helpful input I got from my friends, especially Weirda and :icontacticianxenia: They help me a lot to polish her and her story :)

Do you have a process when it comes to making OCs? Can you make one out of thin air or do you take months to build them?
To create a new OC I need to have a really solid concept for them and know how/where I’m going to use them. Creating characters used to be easier for me but now I need to think about them thoroughly; their appearance, their personality, their relationships with other characters… It’s very important for me to know that they do have a reason to exist. So yeah, I could say that coming up for a new character is a rare occurrence for me, although sometimes I’m jealous of those people who come up with a new OC every week.

Is there a OC you have that just doesn’t click with you yet?
I think that would be Giles Fournier from Life’s Treasures. I’m not saying I don’t like him or anything, I do! It’s just that I never got too attached to him in the first place. But maybe the fact that I barely wrote about Giles has something to do with it :roll:

Do you fandom OCs or purely original ones? If original, do you have any plans for them in terms of producing a short film, book?
Here I only post about my Pokémon OCs but yes, I do have original ones too! They all come from my The Sims 3 era and in fact, a few weeks ago I started collecting notes for a book centered on them :D

Do you ship any of your OCs together? Or do you ship them with friend’s?
No ^^; All of my OCs are either shipped with canon characters or not paired at all. However, I’d like to mention how my character Juliette is close friends with Xenia’s OC, Luana. Here you can see her reference sheet

Pokemon Sun OC: Luana Paoa by TacticianXenia

I’m really happy that Luana is such an important part of Brave New World, it wouldn’t be the same without her!

Historically, the internet has never been to kind to OCs. What’s one thing you wish people realized about OCs?
I wish they realized that behaving as if they had the rules to how an OC should be like doesn’t help anyone. Of course I hate Mary Sues, I find them annoying but come on, don’t pester people saying “This is a Sue trait! And this is too! Don’t do that or your character will be a Mary Sue!” It kills people’s creativity and their desire to share their stories. Also please, don’t be too hard on younger creators. Just because you have lots of experience making OCs it doesn’t mean they do too. Beginners don’t know as many things as more experienced artists do, so please don’t treat them like they are stupid. Don’t shun them for not doing everything correctly. Be there to help them learn and get better, not for making them want to stop uploading their works forever.
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Encarna Sánchez
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I'm a Spanish goof who spends most of her time watching videos, writing and drawing (more like trying to draw :'v) I love OCs, I support OC x Canon ships. Shirley Manson is my freaking heroine! :la: Next is my art status in case you are curious

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Here's a random question

How do you imagine any of the Recon Squad sounding?

For Dulse, I really love the idea of him sounding like Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat

Sadly, the dialogue in the vid doesn't really sound like anything Dulse would say
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