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Suave For SBsettings

UPDATE: September 1, 2012

Remade every row image and frames.
Replaced preview. Sorry for the ugly preview, I don't have my 3rd gen iTouch anymore.

Toggles Added so far

• 3G
• AdBlock
• AutoCorrect
• AutoLock
• Bluetooth
• Brightness
• Browser Changer
• Close App
• Calculator
• Fast Notes
• FireWall IP
• G00gle
• iPod
• Location
• Phone
• Processes
• Push Mail
• QuickShottr
• Rotation
• Scrobble
• UAFaker
• Volume
• Wi-Fi


There's the .PSD file in the package so you can create your own toggle icons.

Feedback is highly appreciated.
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Looks sweet! Cheers :-)
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Is this available through Cydia? :)
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Sorry for the late reply..
Anyways its only available via download here ;))
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Thankyou :) I figured out how to SSH it :)
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I always in love with suave and I love this so much. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you and awesome work.
thanks good work
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@Comande, loving this theme! Was using Shwank to match my Suave for a good while; just tried this and will definitely keep for a while! The only icons I'm missing are Airplane and Vibrate - any chance you'd like to update the pack to include these? Believe quite a few people use these two so should be a welcome addition.
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That's good to know but... I dont make these things anymore... unfortunately, I don't have much time to spare for my hobbies, because of school and all.. :D

Anyways, you could make your own toggle icons... since i've included there the .PSD for making new toggles...
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Fair enough, I can understand the school argument and appreciate you taking it seriously. I went ahead and created what I think is a nice airplane and rotation toggle, but can't quite come up with a nice vibration one - not good enough with Photoshop paths and imagination! Anyway, if you'd like to have the other two added to your pack will be more than glad to share them for the benefit of all.
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=O really nice job
this isn't really a bug but the fast notes shouldn't have an off icon right? otherwise, this is awesome! thank you so much!!
vibrate icon plzzz!!!!
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Some of the buttons within the zip are perfect for the EyeCandies from my project of new tileset for Gruntz game. I hope you don't mind using them that way?

Great work, anyway. Definitely professional. :)
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I cant believe some people are still willing to use this, hahaha...
Anyways, feeel free to use them but make sure you'll send me a link of your work, ah :D
will you make the HD version?
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Awwwss, sorry but I have no plans to update this work :(
Really nice theme, would definitely appreciate it if you could do a higher res version for the iPhone 4 ..
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