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mysteries, that better stay unsolved.



Created with the inkpad app
and procreate app for iPad.
My little pony friendship is magic (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
Art by me.

Another one of these mane six fillies discovering where foals come from. Now only Pinkie Pie and Rarity left ;)

Planned to finish this one before Galacon, what obviously didn't work out since Galacom was last weekend. Had super much fun btw.

Have lots of ideas for the In between hiatus. I'll try to make all of them once the hiatus is over. Then I continue doing episode comics again (if I still feel like doing that by then). 
Hope you like this one. Put in a cheeky message what may be extremely obvious or not. 

For all the people who attend bronycon this weekend. Hope you have a great time and wish I could be there with ya. 
Say colt said hi XD 

:iconcoltsteelstallion::iconsaysplz:can someone explain me what the @&#% this coremember is supposed to mean, except for the fact the its price is twice the amount then the usual premium member?

Epic brohoof!!!
Atomic Cock by PAULLONDEN:iconbrohoof1plz::iconbrohoof2plz:Atomic Cock by PAULLONDEN

Epic hoofbro!!!
Atomic Cock by PAULLONDEN:iconbrohoof2plz::iconbrohoof1plz:Atomic Cock by PAULLONDEN

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Magic, they come out with magic.