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made in Sweet Apple Acres.

Created with the inkpad app and procreate for iPad.
My little pony friendship is magic (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
Art by me.

It's just not working anymore.

Actually just watched the episode (made in manehatten). A couple minutes before I've submitted this. Poor applejack, she has no idea what to do in Manehatten.

Was pretty excited to make coco Paumel (or whatever it's spelled). I'd never drew her before so this episode was a pretty excuse to do just that XD

Rarity sure did got here screen time after the season break. 3 rarity episodes in a row. You can say: "that's a rarity" XD
i went with her ponytail look from last weeks episode. I thank it looks cuts on her :)
Gotta say that for this episode (made in Manehatten) I kinda had some different expectations actually. Don't get me wrong on this because I love applejack and she is my favorite pony  (for if you haven't noticed yet) but she still was completely useless this episode. She only was there to do some labor and to...simplify things? I don't really know why she to come along. But that's just me rambling about about some minors again, don't pay attention to that. 
I did like the little reference to the next episode, Sisterhooves social ;) 
(about the next episode, I'm not sure if I make an comic of that one too. I do have a busy week ahead)

The overall episode was decent. As soon the eps actually ended (don't know if that makes sense to ya). Still, I love this duo and I really like to see more of Rarity and Applejack together. Maybe if I watch it a second time the episode goes from decent, to good. 

Gotta love the end credits music.
(Also from 'Rarity investigates' the end credit song was good).

:iconcoltsteelstallion:<see y'all later!
Epic hoof bro!!!
Atomic Cock by PAULLONDEN:iconbrohoof2plz::iconbrohoof1plz:Atomic Cock by PAULLONDEN

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Rarity! So heartless!
Th3M4nW1thN0N4m3's avatar
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To be fair she probably wouldn't do it anyway
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Let's Eat...... I see what you did there 2 by TheNeoStrike  
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Only Rarity COULD fix Goku's gi ;)
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Really? Everyone notices Chica´s apron, but noone wonders why Rarity has the helmet of the Dragonborn in her shop?
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I think AJ is in need of some industrial strength aloe for that burn!
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Hi! I did a dub of this comic if you are interested in checking it out. ;)
Coltsteelstallion's avatar
I honestly never laugh about my own stupid jokes, but hearing it from you made me chuckle XD
thank you for making this ^_^
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I'm glad you liked it! Thank YOU for making the comic!
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Am I the only one who See's chicas apron?
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Nah i've seen it too
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is that Chica's apron in the background?
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Ahh it's not working
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Applejack (Thinking) Plz   i do know someone pretty let me go get her

Rarity (SO FABULOUS) Plz  Thanks Applejack

Applejack (Cute smile 2) Plz .......

Rarity (Cute facial expression)  Applejack? why are you still here i thought you are going to find someone pretty ....

Rarity (Shocker) Plz  ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
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Brohoof broohoof
and lolClapping Pony Icon - Lovestruck EqG Pinkie Pie Poker Face LOL 
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Yus! Thank you for making me laugh with this one. Just like that comic of yours 1.5 years ago that first made me realize I was a brony. Yeeha!
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A belated welcome to the herd!
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Why, thank you! Brohoof. /)
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