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keep calm and sleep.

Created with the inkpad app 
and procreate app for iPad.
My little pony friendship is magic (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
Art by me.

Hope you like.
Please Favorite, comment, share etc

Got the idea from a family guy joke ;
Not exactly the same but you get the idea.

I originally planned this comic for Halloween/nightmare nights, that's why I went for a spooky vibe this time. I've been slacking way too much lately so I had to delay it till now. You can always go for a Halloween theme, right? Even in January.

Back to continue on my multi parter comic next. Don't know when it gets done.

:iconcoltsteelstallion::iconsaysplz:have a nice day.

Epic hoofbro!!!

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"..You're very precious to me, Twilight.."

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That end panel is fucking amazing.

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Hey spike, can I sleep with you?

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Guys take cover evel starlight is back!

wilnet1tractor's avatar
Did they watch a Nightmare in Equestria? Did Freddy Cougar take revenge? XD
gordonphilbin's avatar
Saw Scribbler Productions YouTube dub. 
FederationBolt's avatar
XD Twilight in the Third Panel looks so human like... XD with the Bunch up shoulders, and just how it looks
Darkvader2016's avatar
Starlight: Plan worked Rainbow.

Rainbow Dash: Nice work Star.
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Something I would do just to screw with people.
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So in one of the timelines Starlight Commited Ponicide?
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evil evil girl. 
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Starlight is kinda like me in this comic

I watch som sht (shit as in "shit my pants scarry" not the other kinda shit) with my friends at movie night, and than when we are having a discussion about the movie, say what we would have done different, I usually scare the piss out of them

next morning, I wake up to see all of my friends haven't slept a moment

when I ask them why, I get one of the posible versions of the answer: "I didn't felt like it" which usually translates to: "I was worried you would ____ me in my sleap"

last month for example we were watching jigsaw (can't recal which one). that was an eventfull morning
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I'd kill them and then leave their dismembered remains where their friends can find them. I'd set them up in a creepy, yet artistic, way (such as crucifixion). There's no better torture then making someone torture themselves after all. They would know the true meaning of fear. MLP:Evil fluttershy  
yoshiegg64's avatar
I like the subtle detail of giving Starlight her old hairstyle in the last panel.
ZanarNaryon's avatar
IF I were looking to conquer the world, I'd obviously focus on infiltration. I'd try to get into the inner circles of someone with authority, like a princess, and then make my move while they were asleep. Maybe stab them. Or better yet, drain their power. Well, good night, princess
HectorBoloMK33FTW's avatar
Nice job with the change in her hairstyle when she switches between psycho and normal.
condescendence's avatar
Twilight will suffer her own worst nightmare under Starlight...
Cobrawolf86's avatar
This should get a YouTube Video!
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