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imposible crusade.

Created with the inkpad app and procreate for iPad.
My little pony friendship is magic (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
Art by me.
Diamond tiara as like Luna in Luna eclipsed, right? I mean, she have to learn to be nice too ya know XD

My comic of the episode Crusaders of the lost mark' Mann I've absolutely no idea what that name refers to. Some kinda movie or something...😒
Like I said in the my latest journal, I like this episode. Read for more Crusaders of the lost mark...
Saw the episode and just had to make a journal about it. Now, as many of my watchers know I'm that guy who still sticks to the earlier 2 seasons (still my favorite seasons). That's gotta mean I'm against the CMC having cutie marks, right?, quite the opposite, I'm glad they finally managed to get whet they were trying to achieve 4/5 seasons ago. And in my opinion they're special talent being 'to find others special talent' actually makes kinda sense.
So the storyline and the build up, there's gotta be something wrong with, not at all. I actually loved the storyline and again it made sense. It didn't feel forced, something I was afraid was going to happen (I already knew the CMC was going to get they're cutie mark).
For me, lots of things were explained a bit. Such as DT's behavior. I mean what else can you expect from a mother who's called Spoiled rich. Filthy and Spoiled rich, Diamond Tiara got lucky with her name :D
Seeing DT ge

Gotta admit, the CMC getting their cutiemarks was no surprise to. Mostly when I'm reading the synopsis and I have to have of a comic, I usually figure out what happens. Plus, I've seen a poster with the CMC and their now marks way before the episode aired. 
Talking about predictions (I'm not gonna spoil anything) I think there's another big surprise in next eps as well. Hope I'm right with that, we'll see ;)

As you may see, this comic was kinda rushed. Did some sneaky shortcuts here and there. This comic took me way to long  then I intended to be. That's way the delay. 
That also means 'no Easter eggs' this time.
Did some minor details on my original idea to made more fitting. Luckily my original idea was pretty universal I case it didn't hold up to the actual episode. 

Just one thing. 
This episode came awfully close to a comic I've made (almost) a year ago. Glad that Silver Spoon (and diamond Tiara) is good now. Di was a surprise but Silvie always was the good pony to me.

:iconcoltsteelstallion:<see y'all later!
Epic hoof bro!!!
Atomic Cock by PAULLONDEN:iconbrohoof1plz::iconbrohoof2plz:Atomic Cock by PAULLONDEN

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She didn't even get THIS much in the show and that's fucking pathetic. Reformed Diamond Tiara is such a wasted opportunity.

great comic!
King-of-Madness1's avatar
Okay. It's a decent start.
StarlightFeather's avatar
Wonder if she also pronounces 'sharing' as 'shaw-ring'.
XxSnow-FlakexX's avatar
Just take that taco already, Pacifi- I mean, Diamond Tiara.
coonk9's avatar
hey she's trying, cut the filly some slack. It wasn't easy for Princess Luna either.
CedarWoods's avatar
I'm sure it won't happen exactly this way, but I hope to see something like this in season 6.
brony3099's avatar
What about silverspoon?
SPB2015's avatar
That's a good question actually. She has no idea the Crusaders helped Diamond Tiara turn over a new leaf, or were responsible for Diamond Tiara realizing her mistake. Heck, Silver Spoon apparently had no idea Diamond Tiara had mommy issues.
GJTProductions's avatar
Silver Spoon was probably just following Diamond Tiara's lead, so when Diamond Tiara flipped Silver Spoon would've followed shortly after.
brony3099's avatar
Fair point great profile pic btw.
alexwarlorn's avatar
'I was just following orders.' Wish they'd shown how just following someone else's lead isn't an excuse. 
Laurentiusje's avatar
ergens moet je beginnen
alexwarlorn's avatar
Step 1, realize you have a problem. 
GJTProductions's avatar
:icontwilightsparkleplz: "It's getting to Step 1 that's the hardest part. Just ask Luna, or Discord..."

Rainbow Dash: um twilight, discord is the hardest part, not princess luna.

alexwarlorn's avatar
Diamond's gotten to step 1 at least. 
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Pfft! Haha! I love this... :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
kacript's avatar
Well, her hearts in the right place, but she clearly has alot to learn about making friends.
GJTProductions's avatar
:iconprincesslunaplz: "Need to make her a high priority for dream visitations..."
Penguinator24's avatar
It's a start. Gotta start somewhere.
RXDiaz7's avatar
I just read Applebloom's "Seriously?" Line hearing the clip where Applebloom says that.
RXDiaz7's avatar
Last time the CMC , DT, and SS were in an episode was "The Mane Attraction"
CynFinnegan's avatar
She'll get the hang of it.
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