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Mosquito problem.

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Published: June 18, 2013
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art by me.

Don't know why but this took me very long to make, and it's not even that different then my other comics.

So, there aren't many Mosquitos in my country (YET, or at least not where I live).
I hate Mosquitos, they are the trolls of Mother Nature. They have no meaning in life then to annoy people in their sleep, or making you scratch all the time.
They're so annoying, that I don't even know if its Mosquitos or mosquitoes (Internet said both was fine)

But that doesn't matter, just wack the sons of btches

That's it.

Please I had no idea how to make garlic and I think it looks more like a onion or a seashell XD.


:iconcoltsteelstallion:<enjoy your day!!!

:iconbrohoof2plz::iconbrohoof1plz: HOOFBRAH!!!

Epic brohoof!!!

:iconbrohoof1plz::iconnukeplz::iconbrohoof2plz: lekablaaaaaaaamnnn!!!

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FastFlame3549Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mosquitos are such annoying mofos...
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XenoTeeth3Hobbyist General Artist
Ah mosquitoes , the real vampires
goldorakx69's avatar
this is one think pinkie a do in out episode befor twilight become alicorn!
eta-gamma-14's avatar
Do they even HAVE vampires in Equestria?

And before you say anything, I know about the Flutterbat episode, but I'm talking real, true-blue bona fide vampires.
Pikafan2000's avatar
Pikafan2000Hobbyist General Artist
I actually had a talk similar to this with my mother at one point. Eventually it got to where I called mosquitoes hillbilly vampires.
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Superalex420Student Artist
The book's cover said "How to attract stallions in 10 steps"... :confusedjontron: 
pinkiepieschoolpony4's avatar
Aww poor Pinkie getting so worked up about mosquitos well they would be kind of annoying buzzing continues & silly girl you got the wrong thing for them garlic & a cross haha that was funny :D (Big Grin) bug spray will be more effective hehe gosh Ms Pie squee nice it was pretty cute & funny comic :) (Smile)
Philip-Boom's avatar
Philip-BoomStudent Artist
Anyone else bother to read the title of the book Twilight was reading? AND YOU'RE OVERREACTING, PINKIE!!!!
DevilFireafyFan's avatar
"How to attract stallions in 10 steps":wat: 
ninchef's avatar
I heard eating garlic does keep mosquitos away
Robotponytron's avatar
Pinkie mistook mosquitos with vampires
Didgereethebrony's avatar
DidgereethebronyHobbyist Digital Artist
Pinkie has the wildest imagination 
Udeadmonkey9's avatar
in panel 1 twilight has a book that says "How to atract stallions
                                                                  in 10 steps"
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cesmouseStudent Traditional Artist
Eating a lot of garlic actually does help to keep mosquitoes away; it makes your blood more distasteful. 
Miko-The-Fox's avatar
Miko-The-FoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
WHY THE HELL DID I DO THAT WHEN I WAS 5?! Cause. Cause cause.
Dragonlover553's avatar
Our definition of vampire is a lot looser than it was...
SCP173Sculpture's avatar
SCP173SculptureHobbyist General Artist
kitsune2008's avatar
Mosquitoes are blood sucking parasites Pinkie. You know... like lawyers.
Dragonlover553's avatar
Okay, first of all, a vampire is a bloodsucking parasite too, just sentient, souless, evil, and undead. Second, lawyers do not suck blood. They suck hopes and dreams. And money. And occasionally souls
ArtisticNinjaCat's avatar
ArtisticNinjaCatHobbyist General Artist
Lol I love Pinky Pie!
taekoos's avatar
taekoosHobbyist Digital Artist
Was Twilight reading a book called "Hot to attract Stallions"?!
ponylover777's avatar
ponylover777Hobbyist Digital Artist
pinkie dont want yellow fever. 
or malaria.

or other mosquito diseases...................
DatBookSketch's avatar
DatBookSketchHobbyist Digital Artist
You know.... for kids!!!
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