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Created with the inkpad app for iPad.
mlp:fim (c) Lauren and Hasbro,
art by me.

Actually got the idea from this  [link] it's not exactly like it but the idea is kinda the same.

So, after a few applejack/rainbow dash comics I finally made a applejack/rarity comic (my favorite pairing), and fillies too, so that means double the cuteness double the excitement (just kidding). 

I personally loved to make little Macintosh. I know I made him before but I think this one is the best so far. 

It actually made me wonder if big Macintosh and shining armor have the same age, according to the show, shining armor must be older then big Mac, however as adults they do seem like they have the same age though.
It doesn't really matter

P.s please don't mind the: way the go. I geuss my spelling just failed again

:iconcoltsteelstallion:<enjoy a your day!!!

Hoofbro (/)


Epic brohoof!!!


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raritys love fave is suuuu cute