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Published: June 17, 2015
© 2015 - 2020 Coltsteelstallion
Created with the inkpad app and procreate for iPad.
My little pony friendship is magic (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
Art by me.

Here's my comic for the latest episode: slice of life. Just watched it this evening (by the date I've uploaded this comic) and man, what a episode it was. I don't know about other fans because I've avoided DA and Twitter for possible spoilers and their opinions about the 100th eps but I personally thought it was brilliant. One of my personal favorite (if not the most favorite) eps of mlp. Where do I even begin...the creators literally made the from fannon to cannon. And it just worked (in my opinion).
I don't know where the secret agent Bon Bon came from though. Possibly a fanfic I've missed I guess.

About the comic.
I wanted have this one finished right after the 100th episode but because of work that changed into a 'no go'. I hope you enjoy anyway. It's also one of the reasons why I won't make a eps comic for next week.
My first time in 3 years I've made Octavia and berry punch. Berry punch is just there btw, just like vinyl scratch. It's just an excuse to draw them so don't mind them standing there :D

:iconcoltsteelstallion:<I can't believe mlp:fim has reached the 100th (and counting) episode. For some reason I just want point out that the creators of mlp:fim did an awesome job in creating this cartoon series.
And I'm thankful that I'm part of this incredible unexpected and huge fan group.
There were things I was happy about, and things I was unhappy about, but at the end of the day I'm still part of this fandom, and I still hope I can contribute comics to the fandom. 
Keep doing what you do creators, yawl awesome! 

Epic hoofbro for you guys!
Atomic Cock by PAULLONDEN:iconbrohoof2plz::iconbrohoof1plz:Atomic Cock by PAULLONDEN

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momo-malt-gernHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome work! Derpy looks so cute! :meow:
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R0adRuntHobbyist Artist
Could I make an animated version of the comic?
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R0adRuntHobbyist Artist
I got most of it done, but the problem is that Hasbro recently made a stronger copyright claim over any fan animations due to the upcoming mlp movie. I'm worried about the video being taken down if I post it.
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legoking44Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconderpyhoovesplz: I just don't know what went wrong!
KittyWolves123's avatar
KittyWolves123Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought it was Vinyl because the speech bubble was white! Lol! Good job!
DrWhoFan611's avatar
DrWhoFan611Hobbyist Writer
Dang it, Larson! Dang it, Derpy!
Didgereethebrony's avatar
DidgereethebronyHobbyist Digital Artist
Talk about misleading! Lol!
Wyldfyr453's avatar
Wyldfyr453Student Artisan Crafter
Awesome job!!!!
MLPegasis4898's avatar
MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha! Poor Tavi :lol: :lol: :lol:
ALFurrix's avatar
ALFurrixHobbyist Traditional Artist
Meanwhile at the bowling alley, The Doctor is bowling with Jeff.
urzapw2000's avatar
derpy done did it again!
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LaurentiusjeHobbyist Traditional Artist
signaturefox2013's avatar
Did anyone notice that Octavia's cutie mark switches flanks, or is this common
GlitteryPikajackXl's avatar
GlitteryPikajackXlHobbyist Digital Artist
Ponies have cutie marks on both sides of their flanks c:
signaturefox2013's avatar
Okay, Thank You For You're Explanation
GlitteryPikajackXl's avatar
GlitteryPikajackXlHobbyist Digital Artist
Np ^^
Lakword's avatar
LakwordHobbyist Digital Artist
XDDD Amazing work ^^ Love the face expresions
DemonicCarnival's avatar
DemonicCarnivalHobbyist Digital Artist
Why does Octavia's leg holding the bow have three knee's in the fourth pannel....?

Other than that, great comic! very funny. XD
JetPowerFIE's avatar
JetPowerFIEHobbyist General Artist
Cause she's bent out of shape. Hahaha :P
MeganekkoPlymouth241's avatar
MeganekkoPlymouth241Student Interface Designer
Octavia is one of those musicians with anger issues, huh? She could be the next Beethoven!
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