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1. Nightmare Asylum
Phantom of the NightKiss By a SuccubusParanoid (instrumental)Silver Water MadWalking DiseasePuppetIn The DarkAggressive BusIllusionRotten TreeThe Ungrateful DeadBlood On Your HandsNightmare Asylum
2. Hell's Paradise
Silent ManAfraid To LaughWendigo MountainPeace to PiecesFrom Sun and Thunder51LeechesHellstormMad WorldFinal DestinationThe End
3. Metal Heaven
Metal EraFour Horsemen (Thrash Heroes)AnacondaThe Metal KingBorn From the FireThe GuardianCall the Heavy Metal BeastLegends Never DieTyrant of the TaintedThe Brutal Hero
4. Unknown
The Butcher3 Point SeaNever Return VisitorLockdown VanishThe Kid That May or May Not DieHome Sweet CurseOminous ThroneSacred GoldDeadman's RansomZodiac
5. Mind of Darkness
Room 666Level 13Only Bad LuckChaosMind of DarknessDeath's HarvestNightmare MazeThe MirrorI Am the Curse
6. The Human Zoo
The KeeperThe Human ZooX-LawClose SuicideChimeraJuggernautTrickUnleash the IncubusThe Pseudo MessengerSurvivors From Hell All Animals
7. War
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I’m doing a Q&A when I reach 1000 Watchers. It’s optional. Ask away!!
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No requests for drawings. I'm not good at it.
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My Right Hand from 2000 to 2018 by ColtonthePhantom My Right Hand from 2000 to 2018 :iconcoltonthephantom:ColtonthePhantom 3 2 In the Fields by ColtonthePhantom In the Fields :iconcoltonthephantom:ColtonthePhantom 5 0 Today is Friday but Not That Friday by ColtonthePhantom Today is Friday but Not That Friday :iconcoltonthephantom:ColtonthePhantom 7 0 Nier Automata All 26 Endings by ColtonthePhantom Nier Automata All 26 Endings :iconcoltonthephantom:ColtonthePhantom 2 0 Where is Jack Nier Automata Endings by ColtonthePhantom Where is Jack Nier Automata Endings :iconcoltonthephantom:ColtonthePhantom 1 0 Funko Pop Georgie Denbrough from IT by ColtonthePhantom Funko Pop Georgie Denbrough from IT :iconcoltonthephantom:ColtonthePhantom 9 35 Funko Pop Jason Voorhees by ColtonthePhantom Funko Pop Jason Voorhees :iconcoltonthephantom:ColtonthePhantom 5 0 Made-Up Album (Description) by ColtonthePhantom Made-Up Album (Description) :iconcoltonthephantom:ColtonthePhantom 3 2 Someone Must Have Been Drunk by ColtonthePhantom Someone Must Have Been Drunk :iconcoltonthephantom:ColtonthePhantom 4 30 Patient Squirrel by ColtonthePhantom Patient Squirrel :iconcoltonthephantom:ColtonthePhantom 3 0 If I Was by ColtonthePhantom If I Was :iconcoltonthephantom:ColtonthePhantom 3 4 Deadpool Invades Movie Covers by ColtonthePhantom Deadpool Invades Movie Covers :iconcoltonthephantom:ColtonthePhantom 8 22


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Colton Wilbur-Brown
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello and welcome to my DeviantArt account. I'm a beginner writer and wants to improve in anyway I can. Also that is my actual face on the profile picture and don't steal my characters.

I don't want talk about politics nor religion. Not the USA's politics or any other countries' politics. I don't care what your believes are I just don't care.

Personal topic I have Asperger Syndrome and A.D.D., but I don't want you to feel sorry for me. All I want you to help me improve my writing.

I also have guess star in my friends' LP channel on Youtube called the Console Heroes. Only appear Darksiders 2 and Shantae and the Pirate's Curse.

Also, feel free to talk me through notes and I will try reply back. Also I won't talk too any one who is being a smart ass.

I hate homophobes. I'm straight, but if you're a homophobe then leave my profile. I also don't accept trolling.

Facebook for my watchers…


With the passing of Stan Lee. He has made cameos in non-Marvel movies. One being in the Princess Diary 2. I learn that from the Nostalgia Crictic, before Change Channel happen. The second was his only cameo with Marvel’s rival DC comic in Teen Titans Go: To the Movies. No joke he was in it. Saw it on YouTube, never saw the movie.
Beat Call of Cthuhlu the video game and I enjoy it. The game has 4 Endings and I'm going to wait a bit before playing it again
I been enjoying Call of Cthuhlu the video game. I had some issues mostly the 5th and 6th chapters, but I'm enjoying it.
So film critics’ reviews are slowly dying. After negative reviews on Venom and Bohemian Rhapsody, movie goers doesn’t seem to care on the critic’s review on the films.
With the next entry of Super Smash Bros series on its way. It got me thinking on the 5 mystery dlc fighters. I wanted to make a forum about, but I know person will say Rayman. I know cause this user mention him in the two forums I did on Smash. But I also have a feeling people will say Goku, Master Chef, etc.

Goku from Dragonball, Z and Super will not happen due to the fact he debut as manga then anime. If he debut as a game first then it would be different, but on my stance on Goku is a hard NO!!

As for Master Chef is Microsoft IP and I doubt it will happen due to Bungie never release a game on a Nintendo console as of yet. Microsoft said that Nintendo could possibly used Steve from Minecraft and/or Banjo & Kazooie. I just don’t see Master Chef making it in.

I know its a long ways away before getting info on the 1st DLC Fighter.

If you want to share your idea on which character/s could make it in Ultimate as dlc. Go ahead, but keep this in mind if any character you wanted aren’t chosen as DLC character. Then take it with a grain of salt.

Thank you for reading,
-Colton the Phantom


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drivernjax Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Thanks for adding "Panthera Family Portrait" to your collection.  I'm glad to know that you like the artist that much.  (Ashkey is the artist of "Foxy Amanda Fuchs", too.)
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drivernjax Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Thanks for adding "Foxy Amanda Fuchs" to your collection.  I'm glad to know you like it that much.
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Thx for the watch!
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I don't mean to be a dick but your tagline seems off? 

Beginner writer instead of writer beginner?
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Thanks for the llama 😏
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