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warship Sail Test

This will be the last test post before I make the finished floor plan for this beastie so Please let me know if you spot any build issues, then next version of this will be the finalized plans for it. 
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any update on the gray sails? love the schematics btw, great job

I like your ship. May I use it in a build of mine?

just wanted to say theres a hole in ur ship, several

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Gonna build this in terraria! its a mighty vessel!

muito bom isso cara

senssacional :D

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Wow, these schematics look amazing! I like them so much that I will use them in my own game and build a ship!

(If I ever decide to post said project anywhere online, I'll put the link to this post in the description of course.)
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also i noted that there was a lot of areas were there was half slabs for the deck kinda floating above normal blocks, instead of being full blocks
(layer 5&8)

also where is layer 17? did you skip a number by accident?
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i have built this and it looks lovely, however here is a suggestion for this design

make the final plans and move the waterline up another layer other than prevision mistakes that were pointed out it looks great!

dimensions with mast: 95*23*64
dimensions without mast: 94*15*21
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will this one have a sail hanging down on the front?

i want to know, because there are spars for a front bowsprit sail

also i am working on a 3D model in inventor
I'm a bit curious on this design, I built one in the server I'm currently playing in (this is a godsend btw for someone who wants to have amazing ships but can't figure out how in the heck to build them) how deep in the water does the ship sit? I've currently got it where the water level is just right below the guns but it looks a bit odd, where does it sit in the water level?
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4 blocks below the lower gun deck is the waterline
Warship 1 by yellowm24   Warship 2 by yellowm24
 This is how it turned out! Thank you! Everyone on my server loves it and is amazed. I've sent several people the link to this template and they love your work, thank you again! 
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this is not the warship

this is the small frigate,   

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this is not the warship this is the small frigate

because this warship doesn't have the front sail on the bowsprit but it does have the jibs (triangle sails up front)
x.x Sorry! I didn't realize I was on the wrong page with this one!! That's what I get for posting on my phone... Thank you anyways ColtCoyote :P
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i am not colt coyote
No, I disagree! 
I know you aren't, I'm still thanking the artist for sharing his work with us. 
Any update on how to do the grey sails?
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not yet, My time is still very limited and i haven''t had a chance to get to it.
Could you maybe do a layer-by-layer blueprint of the dark-gray sails in front and back, please? It would be very helpful.
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don't know why but my sails failed, all masts seem to be correct and the very front triangle sails are to close.
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Here's one issue to start with: the quarterdeck. It is too short. If you lengthened it six blocks forward, then it would look a little more accurate. Secondly, I would space the guns by three blocks instead of two, taking out a few guns and leaving us with a more stable ship. Otherwise, you have a pretty nice start here
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I play a server with a movecraft ships plugin and I've been looking for some nice blueprints so I can be a proper shipwright. I've made some nice ships of my own, but those were always freeform, just building by what looked right. Having an established blueprint to go from I can really cut down the time it takes to make a new ship.

I hope you don't mind, but I've grabbed up all these ship blueprints so I can use them on the server. If anybody asks I'll be sure to point them to your DA page.
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