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How-to: Digimon's Tai Goggles

I'm doing a Digimon cosplay group with Bad Wolf Productions, and I'm cosplaying Tai. My problem was I could NOT find a pair of goggles that looked anything like his to save my life. One guy made them as commissions, but they were way too much money.

So I decided I had to make my own, and share a how-to. These are a PROP, and in no way are functional goggles.

Pictures of the costume to come!
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My cosplay ^ Your tutorial really helped me! Though i couldnt find white waterbottles, i found two hard plastic coffee mugs and had my dad cut an inch off the top. I gurilla glued the elastic to the rim of the cups and it suprisingly worked! Lol!
superpower-pnut's avatar
I'd wager some plastic primer spray would work
Naruhinafan00's avatar
how big around are the bottles you used?
Colt-kun's avatar
2.5-3 inches across. Dunno about around. (I may have literally held them to my head to see if they were the right size...)
Naruhinafan00's avatar
One more question. What size elastic? 1in, 3/4in etc.
Colt-kun's avatar
it's up to you, really. I used one inch wide, but it might look better to you if it was smaller.
Naruhinafan00's avatar
One more question. What size elastic. 1in, 3/4, etc.?
KyleWhisper4's avatar
Hmm since I didnt have a hot glue gun, I had to go make due with super glue, which works just as fine :-)
KyleWhisper4's avatar
Thanks I didnt make Tais, cause Im going as Takato instead
SethKirklandJones's avatar
this is great im thinking about cosplaying ticci tobyand this is what i need
mgg-thunder's avatar
Pardon my french but you sir are a fucking genius
dragonballgotim101's avatar
Great tutorial,  used this as a base for making takato's goggles
Paganfox's avatar
This was an awesome find one of my besties is cosplay as Tai. I was just looking for goggles and this was an awesome find! Thank you for making this!
senordunut's avatar
Awesome! I'm so makeing them.
Hea-and-Skailer's avatar
Sweet, just what I needed! Thanks! 8D
Marsipilami's avatar
Thanks a lot! I didin't know that this would be so easy to do XDD
Toxicated-kisame52's avatar
Ahahahahaha Jeez this is amazing
like seriously it feels like a big f*ck you to all those expensive ass cosplay ones XDD

Totally making if not for the cosplaying, then for the amazing simplicity of it all xDD

thanks a bundle for the shareee~
Conflicted-X's avatar
Goodness, I'll have to try this out. Thank you!
SCTE3's avatar
Would like having. :P

Just need blue elastic for perfect imitation. XD
Colt-kun's avatar
the elastic holding the goggles is black, the headband is blue. They're separate parts, as seen in season 2 when he gives them to Daisuke.
SCTE3's avatar
Aw I see then. Would still buy a commission pair if selling. :D
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