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On my profile, in the top right, there's a donation pool. I want to spend the entire year raising up enough points to buy 50 Vertical Zip hoodies to donate to the nearest homeless shelter at the end of the year next year. I've never had a hard time with money, in fact, you could say I was pretty spoiled. I never let it get to me, I've always been helpful, but I've never been able to actually help with donations or charities, especially during Christmas time. I've always done what I could, give loose change when buying something at the Dollar Store, I've always very happily dropped in what little money I had for the Salvation Army buckets outside Wal*Marts. But I've never been able to do anything big that I could actually see make a difference in somebody's Life, and I want to do that. After I get my settlement and move back to Savannah, I plan on giving everything extra that I have. But for right now, I want to be able to use deviantART, my current one and only resource to reach out and communicate with people and help them or ask them to help me help others who need it more, to do what I can for people who need it.

I know there are people who say that the homeless need to just get their asses off the street and get a job. My father is one of those people, and always have been. But there are children left alone all the time; People who have been kicked out; Those who have lost their jobs and, in this economy, take q longer time to find another. It's not exactly easy to get a job if you have nowhere to live, no way to bathe, and no form of being contacted. At the very least, we can try to make it a little easier. Both jobs I ever had so far were because someone helped me get them; I've always had someone, or something, and that's what we all take for granted. - that if we didn't have our parents housing us, or our employers keeping us, or our friends helping us, we would all be hungry and cold and lonely, too. We all have to help each other, we can't just let other suffers because they can't do something on their own. So please, this upcoming year, if you can and want to, help me make sure I can keep 50 people warm next winter.


If you choose to, then just go to my profile, and click Donate. Thank you so much, and for some, God Bless You, for others, Karma will respect you, and others still, no matter what you're still a good person. No matter what, we all need to help each other. :heart:
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Rules & Common Questions

Thank you for everyone who is a member, and or affilated with Colourless Photos. :gallery:

This is a group for anyone who is passionate and loves Black & White Photography. Its not strict with experience, but we expect passion, and photos.

We also have Literature. We honor words and poetry to please submit what you have :peace:

You will find many of the rules, regulations, down below.

S u b m i s s i o n s

:bulletred: Submission Limits :bulletred:

Featured Folder: :peace: ONE per day/ Per Member.

**Monthly Folders: :gallery: ONE submission monthly.

Contest Folders: :heart: ONE sub per contest.

Other Folders: :star: TWO per member/per day.

( These can be spilt as well. Ex; One in nature, another in Digital)

** Monthly Folders: There must be a date indicating and that matches with the folder. Ex; March 18,2009 in March Folder. If not, it will be AUTOMATICALLY declined.

WHEN IT WAS ACTUALLY TAKEN, not the DA submission date.

Anything Over WILL be declined. :police:

:star: Main Rules & Stuff :star:

:bulletpink:Colour :bulletblue: COLOUR is NOT acceptable. The Photo its self must be taken in a B&W format. The only acceptable ones are, SEPIA, MONOCHROME.

Ex; A colour photo of a black & white piano is NOT acceptable.

Regardless of the cirumstances for your photo, it will be declined if any trace of colour is shown. This group is called Colourless-Photos for a reason.

Zero Tolerance: Depiction of ABUSE, PORN, RUDE LANAGUAGE, IGNORANCE, etc are not tolerated in any way!

Towards members, in photos etc.

YOU WILL BE REMOVED, no questions asked.

C o n t e s t s :peace: :heart:

We usually have a contest, about once a month. The duration and theme will always be different. We will let you know about our contests and the theme.

Select a group and narrow it down to a top ten.

Winners will be announced through Blogs in the group, my own, with their winning picture & various photos as well.

If you are willing to make the stakes higher, or contributing to some true prizes. ( A monthly subscription, etc) Feel free to make this MUCH more competitive. ;)

If you have a suggestion, let us know. :)

P o e t r y :peace:

You love words? Feel that deviant doesn't really love and respect poetry? Please place any poetry or writing you have you feel is your best work.

One submission per day!

B l o g s

Roxy & Co. will update blogs based on information vital to the group. Newly added rules, changes, colourful thoughts. This will also give any member to comment directly their thoughts as well! Some Blogs will also give you insight, tips for photography, newly discovered books. Many topics to choose from.

Every Wed- 'Lets Digest!'

:bulletpink: For those who love reading and can get lost in a book this is for you!

Staff & Members can share a topic on what books/authors are awesome, a must read, or truly

what just REALLY sucks. I'm a book nerd, and I'm hoping to see many of you get involved

with an old fashioned book.

Every Sun- Music & Musicians

:bulletyellow: Music lover? Think Kurt Cobain got killed by Courtney Love? Think your taste and knowledge of music is awesome? It could be a newly discovered musician, deceased, dicussion of your favourite genre of music, what concerts you've just went to. etc. This is where staff & Members can speak their mind from every avenue of this.

Other Discussions: If you got some you think the group would love. Apply ;)

If you are a Contributer or Co- Founder. Or Really wanna to write about this topic daily.

Please let Roxy & Co Know :)

- C o m m o n Q u e s t i o n s

:bulletblue: Why wasn't my deviation accepted? :bulletblue:

:star: Many deviations are sent to us. We can try our best to give you an explaination or right away, if that's the case just to write to Colourless Co.

If its denied its usually ONE of the following: :police:

- Does NOT meet our standards.

- Isn't placed in the RIGHT folder.

- Offensive in Nature.

- Over the limit for Daily Submissions.

- There is Colour is your photo.

:bulletpink: Sepia is accepted? :bulletpink:

SEPIA is acceptable in this group. Colours in general will have your photo AUTOMATICALLY declined no matter the circumstances. Sepia, B&W, Monochrome are the only ones acceptable.

If you are unsure please let us know. :)

:bulletgreen: What can go into Featured Section? :bulletgreen:

The Featured section is mostly for photos that DO NOT fit any of the folders listed. Its up to the member to decide where they wish for their photo to go.

New folders will be created so keep an eye out. :peace:

:star:How Can I become A Contributer or Co Founder? :star:

- Contributers play a vital role within the group. They should be fairly active. Have a vast array of photos, and also to help Co-founders & members. It can be enforcing the rules, managing contests etc.

- Co Founders should be very involved along side Founder, and Contributers. They help with blogs, contest ideas, enforcing rules, and have more access and trust within this group.

Anyone who wishes to do this, please notify Roxy directly. Let me know what your strengths are, what you can bring to this group. We will decide if you are promising and truly on board.

Just message Roxy and let her know what you are capable of!

If you abuse or alter rules without consent of Roxy or Co, you will get a warning, AND/OR will be removed.


That goes for ANYONE!

Any questions or comments let us know. :)

** Rules & Regs updated Daily ***










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