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Mini Menu by ColourLab

One of my recent concept!!! A tiny table full of different courses!!!
The menu cart is written in greek, so I have to translate...
the mini menu consist of salty and sweet dishes!!!
We have croissants with ham and cheese and a mini salad, hamburger with fries and for the sweet-tooth crepes with chocolate and fresh strawberries, mini chocolates and marshmallows, ice cream in three different flavours and a cup of tea with butter cookies!
Each plate has approx. 35mm width and everything except from the cutlery and cup is made of polymer clay!!! It is great what you can do with this stuff and a lot of patience!!!!
All of them will be turned into necklaces or rings!!!
I really love them!!!!

If you want to see more of my work visit this link ->
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Hey ColourLab what did you make the tiny stuff out of???
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Oh... My... Gosh! This is so cute! And tiny!
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I want to de small!:heart:
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Ooooh so adorable... cute and appetizing....
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Did you use moulds to make the plates and food? this is great by the way !!<33x
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Thank you so much!!!
I only used moulds for the plates!!! :-)
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Cute and thanks (:
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soo gorgeous, and i love the heart plates!
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thank you....:-)...I love them too, I think they add a romantic flavour!!! :-)
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So awesome! If you don't mind me asking, how did you make the tea transparent? I've been trying and failing a lot..
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You can use either epoxy resin with coloring added. It's available in small quantities at Hobby Lobby, or you can buy it by the tub online.

Or you can use Liquid Sculpey (although liquid sculpy usually comes out looking more like sauce or jam or whathaveyou rather than pure liquid). It's also available at a few craft stores, or you can buy it online.

Hope it's helped. : )
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I live in a country that has no such things, could you tell me any good online stores for that resin?
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Sure! No problem. Here, you can buy it on Amazon:

Or you can buy it a bit cheaper here, at MisterArt:

If you want to buy Epoxy Resin, you usually buy it by the gallon (~2 Liters). You need to buy "Part A" and "Part B", then mix them together.

Here is a very nice website with lots of information about what they are, how to use them, etc... as well as a place to buy some epoxy resins:
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Wait,but that's just TLS xD I never knew it's called epoxy resin! I have TLS :D but what do you mix it with? Because after I mix it, it isn't transparent...
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Yes, I'd said before that (Translucent) Liquid Sculpy tends to have more of a saucey, thick appearance. But it's better than using, say, clay/glue. If you mix it with colors, and let it set, it has a consistency more akin to, say, jelly in a tart. This technique is good if you only want minimal clarity. But TLS is not the same as Resin.

If you want the clear, liquid-like consistency, you should use the Epoxy Resin (which is sold by the quart/gallon). It sets clear, but only if it's not exposed to UV rays (so keep it out of the sun while it sets). If you wanted to, you could also buy a few different dyes from the company to make it different colors. She probably used some kind of resin with dyes for the coffee.

Sorry! Hope this has helped to clear things up a bit. >w<
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what a YUMMY menu ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!
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Oh wow! Looks amazing!!
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So cute :iconbegplz: *steals*
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