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Created a "clarified rules" journal. I'll start adding a link in every information box below the stock photos. So if people are a little unsure about the rules when they (hopefully) read them, they could just check here.

I could also go back and add stuff if there are frequently asked questions if I should find any that people tend to ask a lot, or that needs to be clarified.

Might take a while to go back and edit all information boxes below the stock photos. But it will happen, with time:P



- Credit me. 


This means that you should somewhere make sure to write where you got the photo from.

Correct way to credit: www. colourize-stock.deviantart. com

Ways to credit that's not correct: deviantart. com, colourize-stockda, deviantart. com ect.


If you use my stock here on DA it's free to credits anywhere. In the information below the photo or on the photo – doesn't matter.


If you use my stock on another site, the credits should be on the picture itself, or just next to it. Not on some other page or no credits at all.


If you have created some piece of traditional art by painting, drawing etc, you of course don't need to ad credits on the painting/drawing itself.


For sim/rpg sites, credits should always be on the picture itself.



    -          Report the use by sending me a link to your picture.

How do I send a link? It's rather easy really. You just copy the url to the picture you want to link to and paste it in a comment or a note. The website will turn it into a link automatically.

You could also make a thumb in a comment if you want to. It works as well.

There's also the "mentioning" function. This will automatically alert me that you've used the stock and I'll be able to see the picture, so if you do this you won't need to send a link.




- Repost the original photo on any site. It must be either digitally altered or used as reference first, but not reposted in its original form. Do NOT just add a piece of text, add a texture etc. Be creative!


Ths means that you can not just edit the photo minimally and post it somewhere, or just post it as it is. It is also not ok to just crop the photo, add a layer or two, add a little text or make other minimal changes. My intention when I started uploading stock photos was to provide the sim/rpg players with stuff for free to use in their layouts and manipulations so I wouldn't have to have m other photos stolen all the time, as well as to support hobby artists – both digital and traditional ones. I strongly support creativity. I however have no intention to provide all rpg/sim players with ready-to-use photos that they can take and upload. They are free to use… as long as you are a bit creative with it.

 the Examples of what I do not allow:




Blendings: Very simple blends (basically pasting together 2 photos) is not allowed.


This means that I do not allowed to make simple blends of my stock. Examples of what I do not allow:




    -          Redistribute. Do not make precuts, premades or in any way share this photo as a stock photo.


You may not upload my stock on other websites and share as stock yourself. You may of course not upload them here on Deviantart and share as stock either.

I do not allow precuts or precuts either. Simple as that.


Lineart: I do allow lineart. I do however require that if you let others use them for free, they need to credit me as well. I want this done since I in the past have recieved notes where people have claimed that someone has traces a photo of mine and not credited e, while it in fact was a lineart created by someone else. In some cases some people have also claimed not to have used my photo as reference but rather "found it as a lineart somewhere from someone who didn't want to be credited". So to make it easier: If the users credit me as well it's fine to share your lineart.

Also, if used as lineart: They must still not be used on Howrse as coats/furrs on Black Pearl.




    -          Claim as your own photo. 


Very simple: If you didn't take the photo, you should not take credit for it.




SIM/RPG Sites: 

- You don't have to ask me - you may use the photos there as long as you follow the terms of use stated above.

I allow my stock to be used on every sim and rpg site out there, as long as you follow the rules. There is no need to ask me if you can use it on a specific rpg or sim site.


    -          Credits ON the picture when used on sim/rpg sites.


When you use my stock on a sim/rpg site, credits should be on the picture itself.



    -          I do not allow my photos to be used as coats on Howrse.


Nope, I don't. Not under any circumstances.

The rule was set in December 2010. The coats submitted before that are allowed to stay in the Black Pearl system. But since December 2010, no new coats must be submitted.




- Deviantart prints are fine, but for other types of commercial use please contact me before you use it.

I always allow Deviantart prints.


When I first started uploading stock, I never intended them to be allowed for commercial stuff at all. I have a small photography buissiness, so to sell photos to people, breeders, magazines, companies and whatnot on one end, and share free photos to people and companies on another feels a bit odd.

Since a lot of peopel make small comissions for very little money today, I usually allow them to use the stock for free. But when people wanted to use them for more major products and purposes and actual companies started to use them I had to set some sort of limit.

So today, I require people to actually ask me BEFORE they use my stock for commercial use. I set a limit at $150. If you will make less than this from the product made with my stock, you may use it for free. If you make more than this, I require a small fee. The fee isn't larger than what most stock websites require for their photos intended for commercial use. It's not a large amount since most people that use my stock don't have large companies, but it's no longer for free.

I understand that a lot of people are not able to afford buying a stock photo for their product. Perhaps they don't earn a lot of money, of perhaps they don't have a real company or a very successful one… But hey, I struggle to make a bit of money as well, being a student with no real income to speak of yet;) So while some may think that it sucks to have to pay for a photo, I may think that it sucks to give away stuff for free that others may use and make a lot of money from.


Some people have come to me with a finished picture and asked if they may use it commercially. When I've told them that for the purpose they wish to use it, there's a fee required to be paid, they've said no. So please, if you intend to use it commercially and don't want to pay a small fee – do as the rules say and contact me before you use the stock!


If you have any questions - feel free to ask! Not sure what might be missing, or if there needs to be any more clarifications - so ask ahead!:)


© 2013 - 2021 Colourize-Stock
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caribuziak's avatar

Hello! Great photos! I sent you a Note, requesting info on a commercial use - a self-published book cover. It would use the standing stones photo as a background image, with alterations to the image (sky and moon and some other stuff). I have a sample I can show you... just don't want to post it publically here. ;-) Shoot me a reply when you have a moment!

Trollberserker's avatar
Is it okay to use your photos as drawing references for commissions? Nothing higher than $20.
Colourize-Stock's avatar
o0-WarriorMaiden-0o's avatar
Jut want to clarify... Am I allowed to use your stock for free linearts? Credit and link back to picture used would be in the description. :)
FreeSpirit29's avatar
Are you on facebook?
Dustyiscool1's avatar
Thanks for the rules. I'm going to try to make free linearts and i'll make sure that people credit you.
Your photos are awesome.
Koekeldoedeltje's avatar
Hello! love your stock! I'd like to use your stock as a reference for commissions, at the moment I sell them for $2 :') is it allright that I use them? And do I have to ask it for every picture I use? 

Thank you
casinuba's avatar
Hello! Your stocks are awesome, I love the variety of poses. I wanted to know if it would be okay to use your stocks as pose references (I sketch tradionally) for YHH sales on dA. Of course I give credit in the description of both the finished and unfinished YHH. The most I would probably sell a YHH for is $15.
Phelice's avatar
Hi! I would really appriciate if you answer. Is it possible to use an edited (new background, painet mane and so on) photo of yours at a site like www.minstall.no? (The english version is called www.mydreamstable.com). Of course, with your site credited on the picture.
You can also sell the picture inside the site, for fake money, but that's only if you also think that's okay. Ugh, hope you understand.
Colourize-Stock's avatar
It is fine to use my photos for that type of use, yes:)
Fliickaa's avatar
Am I allowed to sell drawings based on your stocks used as reference on other sites for fake currency used on that site? The fake currency/point system can't in any way be converted into real money and has no other value. If I am allowed to sell drawings, is it okay if the credit is in the description that follows with the drawing or does it have to be on the drawing itself?
ShadowWings-Forever's avatar
A quick question!

So, there's an online sim horse game called Horse Eden Eventing (HEE). On the site you can buy the ingame money with real, actual money, I think it's something like $9.99+ for... Something like 100,000 ingame money. However, you don't have to buy it with real money to get that kind of money, it's just an option.
So would I be able to do commission like work for the members of HEE? I'm getting paid the ingame money, which I can't remake into actual dollars, but it does have a monetary value of sorts...?
Yeah, it's kinda confusing, that's why I asked XD
Thanks, btw, your stock is beautiful!
ShadowWings-Forever's avatar
Hey, just, bumping? I'm still wondering.
Sateenkaari-Ranch's avatar
I have a little question:
If I use your stock picture as a reference for a digital drawing, am I allowed to make a Speedpaint video for youTube? (I would credit you in the description with link to your account and to the picture and at the end of the video).
Colourize-Stock's avatar
Sateenkaari-Ranch's avatar
TheElvenJedi's avatar
So using your stock as pose reference for point comms is okay? :) My comm fees are very small, my most "expensive" commission, if you would call it that, sells for 150 :points: which is roughly $1.50 I think? Unless the conversion rate's gone up since then... c:
Colourize-Stock's avatar
For such small amounts of money, it's ok to use them for free;)
filthycur's avatar
Hello! I've been commissioned to do a drawing of someone's horse for 30:points: and i'd like to know if I can use this picture as a POSE reference, since it was the best pose for her theme wanted? :) colourize-stock.deviantart.com…
Nameda's avatar
hy hun still would like to know your rules about prints on pages like redbubble, artflakes etc :)
Colourize-Stock's avatar

I'm not entierly sure about how redbubble ect works, I'm I'm quite honest:P But I assume that you could buy prints of pictures in a similar way to what you can on Deviantart?
Basically, I am fine with "minor" commercial use. That includes what most regular people do with my photos, but generally don't include what companies do. 

But if you could please explan a little about redbubble or artflakes, it would be easier for me to say something about it:)
Nameda's avatar
redbubble, artflakes and other pages like that, are print on demand pages like dA. Only difference you only have one image for preview and print :(
I prefer to upload a small preview picture that is not really good for printing, but alas not possible there.
I havent sold here nor there more than a few small (tiny) prints but, I think people should have the option other commercial usage is something entirely different I do understand that
you could add a sentence to your rules that print on demand pages are ok for artists not though for companies
www.artflakes.com/en/  & www.redbubble.com
Nameda's avatar
hy there :)
would like to ask what about prints on pages like redbubble etc :) thanks
Poisons-Kiss's avatar
I have a quick-ish question for you.
Do you allow your stock to be used in tutorials? You would be given credit, as always. ^_^
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