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"A performance?" Lucy asked as Niveus ran into the house while wearing a shimmering gold liquid eye liner. He looked like he had rushed home while in the middle of getting dressed for a costume party. And basically, that's what he did exactly. The Poochyena had opened his eyes wide, realizing that he had failed to notify Lucy of his intentions to impress the ambassador from Iapon with a graceful show.

The Ninetales sighed loudly, a sigh that required her white furred shoulders to move all the way up before drooping back down into a sluggish posture. She expressed a tired gaze and her blood red eyes stared barely within the direction of her partner. "This is nothing but an interruption to my research. And your lack of preparation astounds me." She turned back to a small wooden box, that up until now had been serving as Lucy's portable office table. She had a collections of bottles, vials and other assorted objects strewn across it with no particular order.

It always surprised the fox how organized she could be at work, and yet how utterly much of a slob she was at home. Niveus didn't seem to care, and had mimicked her even by throwing his own things is way and that.

"Please Lucy?" She tried her best to ignore him. Even turning her body completely around and puffing up her long tails to block her view entirely of the smaller creature.

Niveus would not tolerate this, and jumped onto the table in an effort to distract her from continuing whatever project she was working on now. Probably something to do with perfumes, the very colorful smelling Pooch decided. She had been experimenting on him all week after all.

"Pleeease?" She turned away again, cocking her head in the opposite direction with a moan of annoyance.


"Come on Luc, I'll... Uh, clean up the lab for you~" He tried to make the quick offer appealing. Lucy sighed again, a breath of exhaustion in her voice.

"I'm very tired from working all day Niveus- and what would we even be preforming?! I have no doubt you don't know."

"Phss." Niveus waved a paw in the air while lying on top of Lucy's research. She muttered something Niveus could only assume was an insult under her breath. "Lookahere" He held up a flyer in Lucy's face. "All we got's to do is preform some markal arts thing."

"You mean "Martial"?"  Lucy corrected him.

"Yeah, yeah, that!" He gazed at Lucy with promising eyes. Promising, makeup covered eyes. His face was even painted a shade of irritating white. And ugh, he needed to bathe-

"Very well." She shoved Niveus away with one of her paws. He revolted her sometimes and she just couldn't handle it. "I shall preform fireworks then." She began for the door, forgetting or perhaps not caring enough to take her lab coat with her.

Niveus looked confused, "What, you're not bring them firepower cakes?"

"They aren't firepower cakes, they are 'fireworks', and no, I will be able to create them without the shells." She seemed confident in this and walked with pride in her wake.

--- Around an hour later ---

Niveus bumbled around happily, showcasing the outfit that Lucy had deemed "appropriate" for him. His attire consisted of a leafy cloak, hat and wooden sword. He looked the sight of a childhood hero and the Poochyena took very much pride in this.

"Lucy!" He called out, searching for the ninetales. She had seemingly disappeared before their performance was scheduled to begin and now Niveus walked around in circles madly. He was as cheerful as could be! But at the same time worried, if they waited too long he'd have to wander out by himself and... Do something. He wasn't sure what he was going to do, since Lucy had sent the script he made up in flames with one fiery breath of disappointment in his efforts.

"Luc~y!" He called again. This time an Empoleon answered him.

"The Ninetales your looking for right?" He clutched a clipboard with what Niveus presumed was all the folks contributing to this performance.

"Y- yeah!" He approached the stranger sharply. "Why? Have you seen her?!"

"Out there." He pointed a wing to where Lucy was hiding. Niveus didn't even thank him before he bolted to go and see her. All the while he yelled "Luuuccyyy~" down his path.

From out front of the curtain Lucy was fascinated. "Interesting, so that's what the reaction is..." She was bent down, nose to the dirt and watching intently as a leafy mixture of different spices burned violently at her flames. Her paw emanated fire and as she dared to touch the plant it cringles further into a blacken shrivelled mess. "Incredibly fascinating. Where do these products come from?" She looked up to stare at the Sceptile in curiosity. Little to say she had slight to no clue that she was talking with the very Ambassador that Niveus had convinced her to impress.

"Lucy~!" He called from on stage. Before she knew what was happening a light shone brightly in Lucy's eyes, causing her to flinch and raise a paw in reaction.

"Niveus!" She cried, walking a few graceful paces in front of her. "What is the meaning of this?"

"It's showtime, Luc!" He replied in a distressed voice. This somehow managed to earn laughter from the audience.

Lucy sighed and placed a paw on her forehead, with a slightly clueless look that earned more laughs. "Terribly sorry, I forgot." She didn't know why everyone found it so amusing, this was just how she was naturally.

But the laughs, snorts and chuckles did not cease. They seemed to increase if anything, with the performance drawing on.

"Niveus, hand me those vials please." He looked around madly, lost and confused. Ugh... "They, they're right behind you!" Lucy yelled in frustration. Niveus was being increasingly aggravating, and stupidity was being laughed at by everyone in the room. Even the Ambassador held a mild smirk on his features that caused Lucy to feel embarrassed of this failure. When Niveus still failed to find the potions she marched over in her lavaished dress angrily, forgetting entirely that she had placed three firework packets on the floor.

Boom! Smoke swirled around her and when it cleared Lucy was revealed to be staring blankly at nothing. W... What just happened?

A roar of laughter nearly made her turn and snap at them, but she felt the tickle of fur -that very much was not hers- brush against her flesh. "Niveus, what're you doing?!" She hissed.

"Brushing you off, scientists can't look like flaming shrimp." The, however unintentional joke, got snickers and sneers coming from all corners of the building. My gosh, what were they doing.

"Stop it!" Lucy gruffly pulled Niveus off of her, failing to realize as her cheeks turned red that her paws glowing orange with the spark of her inner fire threatening to break loose. The Poochyena by contrast looked silly and joyfully at her with not a care for the making fun he was getting. Insane fool. "Niveus, look at yourself would you?"

"What- why?" He spun around in circles to chase his tail. This made Lucy clench her teeth to avoid digging her claws into his back. Stupid, stupid dog.

Suddenly, Niveus lit up. A fire that stretched along every aspect of his clothing roared as he continued to madly spin. The source? Lucy looked down in horror to notice it was her who caused it. Having stepped on a stray branch that connected to rest of his ridiculous costume, Niveus now had flames emanating on his back!

But did he notice, nooooo. "What's wrong?" The gray furred fool asked. His makeup was beginning to drip as he turned to face the onlookers who gawked at him and his pure idiocy.

"Your on fire." Lucy's lip quivered in her shock.

"Thank you." Niveus bowed, more laughs. Did nobody in this house understand the term "serious situation"?

"Enough." She snarled and she leapt on top of the smaller wolf while trying to put the fire out. As she managed to do so, Niveus slipped away leaving Lucy to tumble down onto the stage. She had landed very ungracefully on her face.

And then, she couldn't stand it. The embarrassing laughs and screams from the crowed. Her voice was lost as her mouth formed a fire unlike anything Niveus had witnessed- and she intended to burn all these folks alive? Gah! He ran as Lucy let out the tip of the fire, feeling his skin burn hot as he latched a firm and restless grip onto her neck fur. She gasped and swallowed her own breath, with Niveus tugging her under the curtain backstage. All the while, with piles of laughs trailing them...

--After the show--

They both blinked.

"Are you being serious?" Lucy asked, stunned.

"Yeess?" The Empoleon looked confused.

"This must be a joke, our performance was-"

"You mean they really liked it?!" Niveus ran up, half his body singed black and the tip of his ears folded ever so slightly because of it.

"Yes, and we're rewarding you this star coin for your efforts." He handed the trinket to Lucy, who in turn tossed it behind her while Niveus jumped playfully in the air to snatch it in his jaws.

"I honestly don't understand what the purpose of this experiment was, but never mind that, we bid you goodnight." She turned tails high and began to march home. The outside night air was soothing and relieved her of the pain in knowing she'd have to face her colleagues tomorrow who no doubt witnessed the whole ordeal.

"Luc?" Niveus ran up next to her. He held the star piece in his mouth and didn't care as slobber seemed to begin it's way of drenching it. Disgusting creature.

"What is it now, I'm in a terrible mood thanks to you." She made an effort to speed up faster than Niveus. Oooh, she wanted to spin and set his tail aflame! Though if she did he probably wouldn't notice that either!

"Sorry." He looked shamefully away. Lucy was surprised that he felt ashamed of his actions. Niveus never felt ashamed of... Well, anything!

Silence passed and as the two neared the street their little building rested on the Ninetales spoke out, "no need to apologize." She waited until Niveus looked back at her before continuing. "We got money out of, I can understand why you wanted to go through with it."

Ah, well that was because Niveus actually had no idea that they would be-

"And... It was sort of fun." She spun to face him with smoking forming in her mouth, "But certainly not all of it! Only the very beginning was fun!"

The Poochyena looked happy. "Hmm. Good, they liked your Firepower cakes too."

Lucy sighed. She knew it was going to take all night to explain the different between firecracker and firepower cake to her companion...

Client: Rowanhardt
Errand no: #4
Date Issued: 12th May 2014
Date Due: 16th May 2014…
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