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Niveus whined in pain as he curled onto the ground miserably. He was itchy. So, SO itchy! His eyes stung red and watered and his nose was drizzling a fine column of snot down upon the floor.

"Interesting." Lucy observed his behaviour to a thick purple gel of cream she had promptly rubbed all over the Poochyena's face. "Are you perhaps allergic to figgy berries Niveus?"

He tensed up briefly in an attempt to hold in a building sneeze, it only made the situation worse as fire bubbled in his stomach. Having been half houndoom he inherited his fathers use of a power commonly referred to as "fire fang." In order to access it his stomach had to churn with a growl and produce a flammable gas that Niveus could temporarily cover his mouth in as he chomped down on prey. The gas would then singe off whatever fur his meal contained and he, being immune to such fire power, could feast happily on his new food source. It was a power only useful for those wandering lost and alone in the fog. A simple hiccup and he temporarily had a new lantern to guide his way. But here, in the heart of the researchers lab, it would do little good.

He sneezed with his mouth shut for the sake of not having paper catch on fire; and Lucy cocked a head in his direction as a mass of smoke began to seep out from Niveus's jaw. "Don't have allergies." He said with a huge, disgusting sniffle. Lucy was unfazed by his gross face and simply nodded as she applied a sticker onto the gel's container. They had been approached recently to assist with the nasty task of reorganizing medicines and potions lying around Chelle's lab. The Reuniclus had lead a willing team Flicker down the corridors that branched out of the researchers build and eventually swirled into the path of her lab. When they entered she explained the task in detail: one of them were to be the test subject. Have lotions, potions and spells of all sorts tried against them to see it's effect. The other member was to relabelled the jar it came from. Some sort of packaging situation lead to the wrong labels being used on particular jars. Now, not only researches but explorers and hunters were flooding in and out of the hazing building in attempt to correct the situation.

The day was becoming hot swiftly though, and ice and air type mons had been asked to blow a gentle breeze in order to simmer down the repulsive heat wave. Niveus and Lucy had set up camp furthest away from these helpful folks as Lucy had insisted the effects of the potions might change based on the environment Niveus was in. The Poochyena rarely questioned his Ninetales companion when it came to scientific things and doodads. She knew what she was doing in his mind, and if she said they had to sit in the dreaded heat of a rush-filled day rather than in the path of a fan- so be it.

"So far we've tested a little over twenty concoctions. Are you sure none of them have had particularly devastating affects on you?" Lucy did not even bother to look up from a clipboard she was reading, a long list of spells and jars they still needed to go through before the day ended.

"How are you not hot?" Niveus asked, staring at the thick furred Lucy as she wore properly her lab coat. Neatly placed vials of quick-healing medicine and plant DNA were dangling off of her jacket's front pocket. A few more inventions were stuffed carelessly into the side pockets and one was budging, making it appear as if she had an extra lump of fur on her leg.

"That wasn't the question." Lucy raised one of her eyebrows at Niveus as he continued to judge her appearance and still struggle to understand her unfazed posture.

"You didn't answer mine."

"Niveus." Lucy spoke his name like a mother would speak to a child who did something evidently wrong. Heck, she would have crossed her arms if she could.

"Fine, fine. Nothing's wrong, see?" He opened his mouth wide for her to smell his wretched breath from devouring one to many stink potions in the morning. As if she was a doctor having to examine the back of his throat. To his disappointment, Lucy remained in her serious and unimpressed state. "What?"

"Are you certain nothing's the matter? We don't need to continue if that is the case."

Niveus was touched she seemed concerned about him, but shook his head violently. "No, no! This is your job Luc, I'll stick it out as long as I have to."

"Hm..." Lucy replied with a slight sing-song tone to it.

A monferno approached pushing a cart of jars and measuring cups that were filled to the brim with more awkwardly colored goo. There could have been more stacked upon it, but due to the lack of labels Lucy assumed these were what had yet to be marked, and were being shoved aside for later. "Can you take care of these for us? My partner's had a rough day, we're heading home right now."

"Certainly. No trouble." Lucy nodded to reassure him as the monkey ran off happily. She turned back to Niveus and let loose a rare moment of a giggle at his horrified face.

"J-Just how many more is that!?" He asked flustered at the volunteer work he had just signed up for.

"Oh, not nearly as many as we have left. Around twenty are on the cart while we still have... Hmm, fifty more jars to go through? That is an estimated guess."

"Fifty?!" Niveus yelped.

"Estimated to be fifty. Probably a little bit more from the surplus of time your spending just standing there." Lucy informed him as she looked back at the list and plucked a measurement cup will yellow colored film inside. She slid it over to Niveus while still maintaining her eyes on the chart of potions still needing to be evaluated. "Drink that one next."

The poochyena muffled something under his breathe with a glare towards Lucy before taking the jar in his paws and licking it clean, top to bottom. It oddly tasted good, like lemons.

"How do you feel?" Lucy asked.

Niveus licked his lips to get the last few bits of delicious juice onto his tongue. "Great, actually!"

"Hmm... That's good usually you say-" She paused as she looked up and stared at Niveus in shock.

"Oy! Something the matter Luc? Your looking at me funny."

"My word." She gawked at Niveus's appearance.

"What?" He watched as a few passerby stopped to also glance at Niveus.

"Your, you have-!" Lucy couldn't even finish. She simply stared at Niveus vacantly.

He turned around to stare at two, large grey feathered objects as they prominently shot up out of his very own back. "Gak!" Niveus attempted to reverse, only to have a handful of feathers block his view. "Wings?! You gave me wings Lucy?!!"

"Interesting." She commented and began scribbling on her sheet.

"It's not interesting, fix it already!!" But Niveus's whines were futile as Lucy prepped him to take yet another potion, he had after all, volunteered.

Client: Chelle
Errand no: #3
Date Issued: 3rd May 2014
Date Due: 7th May 2014…
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