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Mature content
The Loss :iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 0 50
An Old Mare's Poem
In certain times, there lives in us
A sense of purpose, a longing
For our lots to be improved by
Things outside of mortal control
Perhaps, then, this is why the day
Is brighter now than it has been
In many years; not since the time
When all Equestria was new
And our Princess, for all her might
Had not yet got a handle on
The power, her birthright, that she
Did wield over the blazing sun
The light, the light, oh how the light
Did scar the ever-watching eyes
Of creatures far too primitive
To have evolved a means to blink
They would not make it to the brink
Of greatness, no, a different fate
Awaited every creature on
The small, palm-shaded spit of land
Far from the Princess' magic shores
Wherein her people gathered, stared
At things long thought forgotten by
The ones who had passed on before;
A method of curtailing war
That called to Earth a faithful sun
Some said it was the breaking of
An ancient, deadly covenant
Held with the ancient, eldritch things
Whose names, of course, had long bee
:iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 0 13
Haikus and Horrible Puns
Ms. Twilight Sparkle
Pegasus adventurer?
Seems rather odd
But then, this we know:
She's a fan of Daring Do,
Not a little brave,
And a live wire.
At least, whenever we can
Get her out of doors.
Perhaps she travels
Over leagues of mountains high
Braving killing snow.
Mints are her domain,
After all, that's what her mark
Says that she will do.
However, this mare
Has a different view of things.
No fatalist she:
Longing to explore,
To see the many empires
And mighty cities
Of Equestria.
So she now doth eastward go
Beyond the ranges.
Ponies are rare here;
Some think them almost a myth.
Or for little girls.
Past the snow-capped peaks
Lie great plains and copses, home
To the Bear tribes.
Brhun, they named this place,
Nomads all, they still unite
Under the Great Khan.
Seeking safe passage
Into the next polity
Flies our heroine.
There is war these days
'Tween the ancient Bearish ways
And newer customs
Of city-dwellers.
These bears are marsupial;
Holy war began.
A word bandied about
:iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 1 5
Ye Darke Prince
The prince will come to kill the sun
And take what is his own
And with it claim Equestria
And with it claim our home
The forest of the elder dark
Will serve a fitting tomb
And ravens of an earth priestess
Shalt watch her in the gloom
A shining broken-hearted star
Shall visit her and mourn
And seven years of weeping guilt
Are silenced every dawn
And clad in oaken barding-wear
Entwined with shoots of green
A saffron pony sits with her
And listens to her keen
Beside the maiden warrior
Stands one mare from on high
And should her goddess will it so
She gladly then will die
And in the humble hamlet where
The three have lived and grown
Another three of heroes live
Unheralded, unknown
Her gaze is full of wonder and
Her blood is running free
But for her daughters there always
Are two paths yet to see
And one who knows the stories told
By those who are thought wise
Are hiding all the secrets of
A race's slow demise
The final part is bloodiest
An ancient lord of war
Who now has run from darkness
:iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 0 19
Out Of My Mind (COMMISSION) by colourcodedchaos
Mature content
Out Of My Mind (COMMISSION) :iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 1 103
She. The all-pervading she. The clocks can't tick without her willing it so nor the seas move nor the clouds ascend nor this world linger evermore in sunlit salitter. How I ache for her. How can I live.
How can she die.
Storms lap at the edges of my mind laughing at the barricades and defences gliding over them black swans all oh how it hurts my darlings my darlings how it hurts. Fear's fire and strife lifting weights beyond the sacred sepulchre of this so good too good world this earth this Eden this love. Take the blade and feel the sting revel revel in the dying of the light all hell broken loose in a wine-dark monster. The pitch black goddess of the autophobes.
Many words for what I am so many words they scare me they really do unlikely as it might seem the vicious rumours each more evil than the last every bite and storied sting bringing red hurt and black thoughts shot through with azure heat. Everypony knows I'm not like that I'm not so base but what if that's my destiny. We pic
:iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 0 46
Universally Challenged
"Merton College, Sparkle!"
"The Battle of Lepanto."
"And at the gong, UMIST have 120 points but going to the final are Merton College, Oxford with 195!" Applause rang out across the studio as Twilight Sparkle, currently studying Classics and last-minute addition to the University Challenge team, beamed like a lighthouse. "Well, well done to you, Merton. You just seem unstoppable! Full credit to UMIST, though, deserving semifinalists and worthy opponents. Join us next week for the grant final, but it's goodbye from UMIST."
"Goodbye," chorused the team.
"It's goodbye from Merton College, Oxford."
"Goodbye," Twilight Sparkle said, her Equestrian accent cutting through the other team members.
"And it's goodbye from me. Goodbye!"
The theme music started up and Rarity switched off the television. She'd seen what she wanted to see tonight. Sighing softly, she went back to work on her latest commission; it helped her stop thinking about her. Dawn came before she'd finished
:iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 2 20
"Right then... Christmas with the Ponds out of the way, loved the turkey, and the pud! Gotta have the pud, too, so human, isn't it, making something lovely and setting fire to it, there's a complex in that somewhere, alcohol did that, rather a lot of alcohol actually,ooh, and there's something else, something very strange... maybe that's why bits of my face seem to have gone numb, and why am I holding this kipper? Does the TARDIS need a kipper? Ah, I remember, it's to hit the talking cake with. Silly old Doctor. Have at thee!"
The Doctor flailed at his TARDIS' central console with a hammer for some considerable time, after which he held a long conversation with his left knee and sat by a window making faces. After that, he glued several large sheets of paper to the console covered in pictures of the Forest of Cheem drawn in dribble and had a sleep.
"What do you MEAN you don't know what it is? You poured it on the flippin' pudding!"
Rory cringed in front of his wif
:iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 0 53
Mature content
The Leader :iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 0 37
Mature content
The Lapse :iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 0 116
Mature content
The Liar :iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 0 76
Mature content
The Layabout :iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 0 17
A Stranger Comes To Town
There's only one plot to any story, at least any story with a hero in it.
Most everypony thinks I'm dumb, but I'm really not. My mind just never, ever stops working, so I don't notice things that are necessary for other ponies to like me, like conversational cues or eating. My daughter and I are both intelligent, though my little one's a genius. Heh. "Everypony should believe that somepony else's God is great in the same way they believe that their wife is beautiful and their children smart." Mane Ken. You should read his column anthologies. I do, even when it gets hard.
So this new mare's come to town - Camp Bell's Monomyth in action, everypony - and I've heard tell of her before, at least... sort of. I know her parents' reputation... and their work. Experimental sorcery's a pretty small field, and somepony like me isn't really supposed to be able to follow the ins and outs of Strange Charm's applications of the Pervasive Quantum Chromodynamic Soup, but I do. I love to learn, but I ha
:iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 0 26
Tetris Pony Songfic
One summer's day in old Stalliongrad
Lived a colt called Alexey Ponitnov.
He had long since obtained his cutie mark
Of a square cut into oddly shaped blocks
With the invention of runic computers
An epiphany hit the young one.
He had given his life to just one thing;
Watching everypony have lots of fun.
Quite soon
He had
A game
To be played!
Here was a game based on tetrominos
That he'd played with with his old grandfather
All the pieces fitted together slowly
And one false move was deadly as lava
Princess Celestia heard of this game
And dragged Luna off of her abacus
"Sister," said she, "go out in the fresh air
And stop being an emo sourpuss."
The Prin-
Took it
Straight to bed!
Later that evening, a dragon called Spike
Belched a runic computer from thin air
Sunlight's mistress had sent it to her ward
With a copy of Tetris installed there
As Spike lay desperately trying to breathe
Twilight Sparkle obsessed with her new toy
She realised
:iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 0 29
Maternal Disappointment Haiku
Twilight Sparkle
Girl, you may study
Under the Princess, but you
Still disappoint us.
Rainbow Dash
I thought we told you
Not to have silly dreams and
Marry a doctor.
Filly, grow a spine.
People hate you back at home;
Call you "Earth pony."
Tacky and cluttered
Your designs do not appeal
Just sit and look nice.
Ah heard as ya went
To a fancy ball las' year.
Screw that up as well?
Pinkie Pie
Why couldn't you just
Toe the line, conform, be what
We told you to be?
Mrs. Sparkle
Hey, when was the last
Time you and Dad co-authored
A paper of note?
Mrs. Dash
Look, I cannot help
Having dreams and loving all
The marefriends I've had.
Mrs. Fluttershy
Why did you come here?
Was it just to hurt me, 'cause
If so, um, that's... nice.
Mrs. Rarity
Mother, darling, please.
Not everypony's content
With brainless beauty.
Mrs. Apple
Y'all shouldn't be here.
Ah stopped listening the day
When Ah buried yer
:iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 2 53
Mature content
The Little Grasping Creatures :iconcolourcodedchaos:colourcodedchaos 0 24


Commission: Colourcodedchaos by DrCrafty Commission: Colourcodedchaos :icondrcrafty:DrCrafty 46 11 Commission - They toasts by Cid-Fox Commission - They toasts :iconcid-fox:Cid-Fox 44 39 commish - the mad daughter of a mad scientist by the-star-samurai commish - the mad daughter of a mad scientist :iconthe-star-samurai:the-star-samurai 3 2 Commission - Estellan, the star Warden Fakemon by Cid-Fox Commission - Estellan, the star Warden Fakemon :iconcid-fox:Cid-Fox 61 38 Commission: Colourcodedchaos by DrCrafty Commission: Colourcodedchaos :icondrcrafty:DrCrafty 277 43 Colourcodedchaos Commission by GEATHJERK Colourcodedchaos Commission :icongeathjerk:GEATHJERK 61 17 $4 Commish: colourcodedchaos by Midnitez-REMIX $4 Commish: colourcodedchaos :iconmidnitez-remix:Midnitez-REMIX 34 12 200 Point commission for Colour Coded Chaos by KittyBirdyCake 200 Point commission for Colour Coded Chaos :iconkittybirdycake:KittyBirdyCake 4 7 icon by LilacWalker icon :iconlilacwalker:LilacWalker 1 0


As ever, this is a perfect little comic - I can only give 4.5 for originality because, y'know, fanart is fanart - but there is one thin...




Cassandra Jane Truman
United Kingdom

I'm the git that rants about stuff on the Internet! Like Ben Croshaw, only less funny. Or Charlie Brooker, only less funny. Or Marcus Brigstocke, only... you can see where I'm going with this.

Favourite genre of music: Indie - proper indie, that is.
Favourite style of art: Cubism/Fauvism/Modernism
Operating System: A hospital gurney
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Egg?
Wallpaper of choice: Flock.
Skin of choice: Mine?
Favourite cartoon character: Light Yagami
Personal Quote: "Sometimes, you just have to say to the world, SOD RIGHT OFF!" - Somebody on the Internet.
Hi, everyone. I've a problem.

I've got a set of ideas for a wargame - to put it at its most basic, mecha combat set in an alternate 1933 where WWI hasn't ended yet - and its civs. The backstory's kinda funny, there's lots of huge cannons knocking around, it's pretty awesome to imagine.

However, imagine it is all I can do. I'm a talentless hack, as you're all well aware, so I can't draw the mechs myself and have them look like anything other than blobby messes. You guys can tell me who to talk to for commissions. You guys might even do one (I'll pay, of course). You guys can help me figure out the setting more and make it as awesome as it could be.

I need your help to make this dream come true.
  • Listening to: The Cult -- In The Clouds
  • Watching: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • Eating: Crisps
  • Drinking: Irn-Bru


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