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Katniss Everdean, Hovercraft Slayer



“…she did not expect it to work, or live to see the outcome; but her lack of faith was challenged. Minutes ago, a Capitol Hovercraft had found her and friends in a restricted area. The machine was both well armed and strong in defence. Fuelled by the outrageous firestorming of her District, she braved and engaged the machine, firing one explosive tipped arrow – right into its intake.

The machine went down, crashed into the earth with brutal body crunching force and incinerating explosive effect. The troops and the pilots were charcoaled corpses. She stood above the flaming carcass and examined her handywork; she should be upset of the taking of life, but she was not; instead she had a slight inner feeling of delight at bringing down one of those murderous machines and lessening the troop numbers of President Snow…”


This is Katniss Everdean getting her own back at a Capitol Hovercraft.

However this is just an idea mind, nothing more; but I was inspired by the Hunger Games; I saw both films with a great friend and loved them.

They were originally made in the light of Twilight due to the heroine and her "love triangle"; however, thankfully The Hunger Games have evolved into a more mature and relevant story about rebellion, defiance, honour, respect, the have and have nots, and courage.

Katniss Everdean is a great character made better by the belting performance of Jennifer Lawrence. She is a human being with human failings – she is not a superbeing, a cyborg, or a genetic thing; she is limited but this does not limit her, she is fallible, she is compassionate but strong. All the other actors/characters in the films are too brilliant and it makes one love and loathe when needed.

This is a tribute to them films and I hope the final instalment (done in two parts WTF?) will stay the course and not turn into a joke.

I also hope that the new year will a better one than 2013.

Love to hear your thoughts.

Enjoy :)
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Now this I would love to see in any movie; it's reminiscent of A New Hope, that pivotal moment where Anakin lands the shot in the perfect place and brings down a great power. Of course, that small victory was not the end
of the larger enemy, but it felt good all the same. That's what I see here! I've never watched any of the Hunger Games movies (wait, the last one is in two parts?!) or read any of the books, but I can learn a lot of it from it
in your description.

One thing I really like about this image is the chaos going on. Great hunks of shrapnel and ship parts crumbling to pieces; burning flecks of debris tumbling from the sky; an impossible enemy taken down in one blow. And then,
right in front of it all, the viewer sees a victorious Katniss overlooking it all. Her front is illuminated in the blaze, something of a nod to her rebellion, while her back is in darkness... could it be that she has another side which
will emerge at some point further in her story? Just a little something I thought really clever :D

You got your lights and darks down pat here, too! The way the fire and flecks stand out against the shadows really ignites a feeling of tremendous gain and puts the whole thing into perspective... ie, that's a huge ship she's
looking at! You can feel the passion here!

Fantastic work as always, sir :)