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Commissioned: The Lorentz

By Colourbrand
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This is one of the most complicated commissions - maybe the most intense I have ever done.

This is a fictitious ship, the Lorentz for a book called "Sombras en Titán" by José Antonio Suárez requested by :iconlongibando:

It took two months to do, and half way through, there was a request to re-design the ship.

So we went back to the drawing board to come up with this - it is as complicated as it looks.

The backdrop is not mine but a real picture, something the commissioner requested.

Despite the time, I think it came out rather well :D

Comments and feedback most welcome!

Any inquires about this ship, please visit :iconlongibando:

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And to think that this was all done in CS2...
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Yes...and gawd knows what one can do CS6!! :jawdrop:

Cheers for popping by :)
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Oh my gosh. :wow:
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Nicely done. Good air of functionality!
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Thank you sir - your statement is a rubber stamp on this :D :thumbsup:
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Very nice. Lovely hard sci fi ship
Colourbrand's avatar
Cheers my friend :)
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Looks good your roket!
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You're welcome!
incredible work!
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This doesn't even look like science fiction, this looks stunningly real. Like what I imagine parts of the ISS look like or other stuff that's orbiting our planet right now. When I first saw this I thought "wow, now even NASA is commissioning him to draw their space stuff, good for him" :-)

:thumbsup: A+ artwork, my friend
Colourbrand's avatar
:wow: if only but hey who knows :D!!!

What great words and a good grade!! :lol: thank you sweetie :hug:
fletcherc's avatar
Yes, who knows? One day they'll come at you saying "Sir, we saw your art on DA, would you like to design our new Mars rover?"

You're welcome! :glomp:
Colourbrand's avatar
If only but thank you my sweet friend :D

:hug: you are a rock to me :D
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Earth's surface looks amazing! The whole thing looks like a photograph. 

Great work!

Also some hard sci-fi pic once in a while is always cool. :)
Colourbrand's avatar
Well the backdrop IS a photo sir - the rest is me - but thanks for the compliment :D

Take care :D
S7alker117's avatar
The ship does not seem out of place, so that must be worth something. :)

Cheers! :)
Stargazzer811's avatar
This is the most intense you've ever done? I applaud you then good sir, for your stunning mastery at matching the real to the fake.Clap :D (Big Grin) w00t! 
Colourbrand's avatar
Cheers - but it was a bugger to do!!! Thanks for the great words sir :)
Stargazzer811's avatar

P.S. My newest project is coming out next week, and I plan on doing something small for Christmas as well. Keep an eye out;) (Wink) 
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