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Commissioned: The G.D.F .

I have so missed doing this...... I am so glad to be back... albeit still getting there...

This is a commission for the legendary :iconshoguneagle:, who wants a depiction of the core of his Spirals of Tomorrow story, the Galactic Defense Fleet.

This small branch of it, is undergoing fleet exercises to keep itself sharp and ready; after all, the universe is vast and who knows what lies out there :)

For details please see below and visit :iconshoguneagle:'s page.


First Galactic Defense Fleet: At the very end of the trailing edge of the Carina-Sagittarius Arm, adjacent to the Milky Way Transgalactic Entrance, lies the Federation’s First Galactic Defense Fleet.

Hundreds of millions of warships are gathered in a 1.2 light year sphere of relatively open space, among them the colossal Gliesen superdreadnaughts, powerful Vilini battleships, versatile Terran supercarriers and warp attack ships, stalwart Jylkyn cruisers and frigates, and even the nimble Mercurian scout ships and pinnaces.

The sheer combined firepower of the fleet, if brought to bear, can reduce the worlds of dozens of star systems to molten slag, if not vaporize them outright with the use of antimatter missiles, or consume them with subdimensional warheads.

But as it stands, the First Galactic is far more effective as extragalactic deterrence.

The last engagement that the fleet ever served in took place during the Imperial Andromedan-Federal Milky Way War, commonly known in the Local Group as the Great Extragalactic War, as it was the very first, and last, of its kind.

A conflict so costly, and so destructive, that no galactic power ever repeated it, as the balance of peace between the three main galaxies has lasted some ten thousand years.

Hundreds of species serve in the First Galactic, often the more aggressive and/or defensive in nature, proudly.

And while the fleet hasn’t fought in ages, it continues to conduct major exercises, peacekeeping operations, and reviews to maintain its edge.


This pic took over two years to do, prime reason is that I had an idea how to do it but no direction to go; I wanted the ships to look like something from the 1970's pictures, which he, I and many sci-fi fans adore but at the same time, nothing stupid and very practical.

Problem is, coming up with designs that match that desire and request is very hard; in those days, there was a lot of naivety about spaceships and designs, resulting in some very outlandish ideas, vessels and concepts.

Of course, all that ends with the arrival of Star Wars and Star Trek, with technical following ships.

It was a task but as in all things, a fluke came to pass and the result is the picture being done at last. It was a mission but I am very proud how it came out.

Comments and feedback most welcome :)

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I always enjoy looking at fleets!
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Well one tries :) Cheers kiddo :)
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Oooo this is cool, always interesting to see a fleet in motion!

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Thank you sir - one tries :)
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Nice work - I love the creative use of a predominate color other than black/blue in a space scene.

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Well, one tries to make it interesting :)

Thank you sir :)
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Dope fleet image man, love seeing ships like this all together
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Thank you sir - one tries :)
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Damn, that’s quite the fleet. Love how the sunlight plays on their hulls.
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Thank you sir - glad you notice that wee detail :)
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It’s all about them little details!
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Very, very true :)
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Thank you very much :)
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Glad to see your back, at least momentarily. :)

Great Job as always Thumbs Up

Note: your missing a ':' at the first mention of Shoguneagle
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Thanks for the head's up :)

And thanks for the great words :)

One tries :D
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Dhe enemy
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And thensome!! :D

Cheers matey :)
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Those are great designs! Yes, it's very easy to accept them as mighty war wagons. Clap You've captured that 1970s look very well. I can well imagine this as a cover of those books I love. :) (Smile) 
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