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I know it from experience by ColossalStinker I know it from experience by ColossalStinker
Why I think so:

:bulletblue: When people put heterosexual characters into same-sex pairings, (almost) nobody cares, I've never stumbled upon a comment saying it's heterophobic or anything... But put a homosexual character into a hetero pairing, and everyone thinks you hate LGBTIQ! I highly doubt that everyone will consider a warrior fish and a scientist reptile a good couple, but homophobia isn't the only reason for this, some people may not like the development of their relationship or think their personalities are unfitting! It's idiotic to assume a person is homophobic just because they don't like a few fictional same-sex pairings. Disliking certain hetero pairings doesn't make anyone a heterophobe, so how is this any different? Not to mention homosexuality is still considered abnormal in many countries, and if you seriously want to fight homophobia, how about you actually do something instead of complaining that a random stranger on the Internet doesn't like an established fictional same-sex couple?

:bulletblue: When someone posts pornographic/fetish art of "Undertale" characters, there's a VERY high chance they'll receive moronic hate comments, even if they do use Mature tag. Something like "no", "cancer", "cringe", "DO NOT SEXUALIZE THE *insert brief characterization of the character here*", they may get a death-threat as well. Stop being so overprotective over characters who don't even belong to you, especially in such rude and childish way! Don't like, don't comment! Don't abuse freedom of speech! Rule 34 artists have feelings too!
EDIT: I forgot to mention. Before you upload something adult, you should check this out: According to this, erect penises for example shouldn't be visible, but there's plenty of uncensored skeleton porn here. I'm worried about whoever posts it. They better censor their pictures or take them down before something bad happens to them.

:bulletblue: People forcing their gender and sexuality headcanons down other people's throats, often claiming them to be canon without definite proofs and being highly aggressive. Part of them are SJWs. I won't even talk about it.

EDIT :bulletblue: How could I forget about shipping wars?

These are the main reasons. They apply to some other big fandoms as well, but I don't care much about them because I'm not a part of them.

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May 13, 2016
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