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Crono Smashified

By colossalcake
You can watch the video of the creation process [here]

Our first Smashified since the release of Smash Bros. Ultimate. This is something we have been working on for almost 3 years now, we learned a lot from it though. Credits also to hextupleyoodotZesiul, and SeanHicksArt for feedback and assistance during the creation.

Also check out our group page to see everything in one place! smashifiedart 

Feel free to download and use them for stuff, but please credit if you publish it!
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Can you make now Bartz Klauser from Final Fantasy V?

LarkspurBetula's avatar

The closest thing we will ever get to Goku. They're both designed by the same person.

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dang, dont even play chronotrigger, but just from this alone i would totally be in support for him in fighters pass 2
Alfonso9184's avatar
Is Crono the only character to get smashified or they will be more in the future?
colossalcake's avatar
We have a few others in the oven you'll see soon, hopefully.
Alfonso9184's avatar
Soooo when can we expect the mod into smash ultimate? and over what character?
K-den21's avatar
I would assume he would be put over one of the Dragonquest heroes
Mast3r-Rainb0w's avatar
Crono is one of my most wanted characters EVER! Crono Chibi 
Personally, I want him more than other popular SE characters like Geno or Sora.

As one of the best JRPGs/games ever made, it's almost a crime NOT to have Chrono Trigger represented in SMASH!
Really hope he makes it in some day! No joke!
If only Square wasn't so stingy with its IPs!

This is a great render BTW, and it's almost exactly how I'd visualize him if he were in SSBU! Nice job here, my dude!
colossalcake's avatar
Thank you!
I think if we had Crono, people would be saying the same about Cloud and FFVII. I'd really love to see Square do something new with the Chrono series in the future though.
Jug-a-Nuts's avatar
What goes into thought when recreating the character for smash 4 and ultimate? 
colossalcake's avatar
You mean, how do we decide on who to Smashify? Or how to bring the character's design into HD/Smash style?
Jug-a-Nuts's avatar
chuggaacoRnroy's avatar
You know I'm gonna request Frisk until the day I die, right?
chuggaacoRnroy's avatar
I swear, if this is your way of saying, "Beg all you want, it will never happen" then I am going to kill a man.
colossalcake's avatar
LOL, that's not the impression I meant to give from that emoji. I just thought it was a nice emoji.
chuggaacoRnroy's avatar
Just please, for all that's good and holy, Smashify Frisk. I've been asking for it ever since you did the Mettaton trophy.
FreezingTNT's avatar
Chrono in this image looks like as if he was made of plastic.
colossalcake's avatar
We could have maybe added a little more subsurface scattering in his skin, but there is a good amount there already also I think.
DrSurgeonGuy's avatar
People: Crono would be boring though, anime swordsman

Me: His moveset could revolve around summoning teammates to perform dual-techs, a chargeable Luminar, Triple Tech Final Smash.
colossalcake's avatar
That would be super cool, summon Frog for side-b X-Strike. I'd just like to see all their art and models honestly, like all the Megaman's in his Final Smash.
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