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Sculpting Tutorial My Little

Pose sculpting Tutorial. Feel free to ask any questions. I recommend starting withh a simple change, like moving the head down. Also, reference real horses to check angles and sizes.
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I'm so glad I stumbled on this :) I was banging my head against the desk earlier trying to figure out how to get my limbs to stay where I wante them.
And here are the other 2 pages for easy access ('cause I'm gonna need 'em)
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i wouldnt exactly call this a tutorial, you're just showcasing different poses that can be achieved, a tutorial is a step by step guide explaining how to get to said result :/
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Never mind, I found the other pages lol
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Is there any way to get a step by step of the basics? It's easier to see the steps than to guess
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how do you use sculpey, dosn't that need to be baked in an oven?
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Yep, but the temp isn't high enough to do any lasting damage to the pony (unless you smoosh it before it cools)
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awesome tute! if only there was a way to move limbs around that didnt require a repaint afterwards :(
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Sculpting is something I really need to learn when I make my customs (someday) thanks for the awesome tutorial.
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Thank you SO MUCH for this! It's incredibly helpful and detailed. <333
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