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Firstly, remember that ANY social media you use with an account you control you can potentially use as Art Commission promotion + Art Promotion for your own art, in a free self-managed manner. Getting your art to be viewed by others is crucial for Commissions + representation of you work.

Some Artists will post their art + commission info / contact info via sites like:  

- deviantART
- tumblr
- instagram
- facebook
- Youtube
- etc. social media.

Of course you are using deviantART if you are reading this, but be sure to utilize everything that dA offers that you can! The Forums are a great place to find Commissions + Promote your art + exchange insight on art with other Artists. Finding Commissions on forums are usually via Job Offers + Projects forums. For leaving your Commission info for users to see that you take commisisons are usually done via Job Services + Projects forums. Be sure to read up on any staff articles for full Forum rules.

Groups are an amazing source of self promotion, join as many as you can, especially those with high amounts of members. Submitting your art to a group is submitting your art into the inboxes of those Members in the group (assuming they have deviations enabled of course).


I've had some Artists ask what other sites are out there to get Commission work on, here's some that I've either used or have considered using by recommendation of other Artists:

-FurAffinity , NOT ".com", the .com is a different site entirely that's NSFW, not an art site. For Artists who also draw animals, Furry & Anthro characters, monsters, animals, mythical creatures, animal-eared humans, and more. Fan Art is allowed as well, as is human based art of course. It's like a simplified dA, with the user base being specifically interested in non-human art normally. Some may be weary of the site if they are under the impression that ALL furry / anthro fans / artists are in it for NSFW, but there are plenty of people who use that website that don't draw or ask for lewd / NSFW commissions too. (I use that site to offer little cat drawings + more, that are all General Audience safe.) It's just that the NSFW art + commissions get talked about more so, since FA is a place you can order those commissions without too much embarrassment for most since many Artists there will have a separate price sheet for those sorts of commissions if they offer them. There is a Forums area, however you have to sign up for a separate Forum account (which last I checked new memberships for the Forum side site are on hold for fixing). (For Artists that do accept highly NSFW furry / anthro art, there's a site called InkBunny to look into I've heard.)

- Elance   A website made for Freelance workers + Freelance Contractors. You make an account w/ a Portfolio of your work + skill sets and can "apply" for job listings, similar to deviantART Job Offers forum, but an entire website dedicated for that. I used it for a few years awhile back, it was overall a good experience, I'd only stopped using it when I got to the point of needing more immediate  Just be sure to familiarize yourself with their Escrow + "Milestone" type payment plans, and make sure you are comfortable working in that manner.

- Patreon   Essentially a Creator crowd-funding website, where people can choose to pay you a monthly donation to encourage you to continue your creative pursuits, in return for you also uploading behind the scene looks at how you work or exclusive artworks, or really any sort of perk you can think of to offer. There have been some issues in the past I've heard of where users left their monthly amount assigned to a higher number than they paid for when the billing time came around, due to an option of backers being able to change your donation  amount at any time (last I heard.) Many creators use it, and unlike Kickstarter / Indiegogo /etc crowdfunding sites, it can be used to support an Artist financially in general, even without a publishable material in their endgoal. Some Artists offer exclusive Commission types via Patreon to encourage getting more funding.
See the FAQ on Patreon for info about the website.

- Art Corgi a newer Art Commission based website. Prices are totally controlled by Artists. I've seen quite a few Artists from dA start using ArtCorgi for getting more Commissions.  However, currently joining as an Artist is on a waiting list, which you can submit your e-mail to be notified when they are looking to add new Artists next here:    (I'm still waiting to join myself.)

- a website that is recommended by several IDW Publishing Comic Artists, for work pertaining to Freelance Art work, many times for Commercial Use projects. You can view their Job listings here: and joining is free. I've not navigated this site much, but have seen others find work through it.

- !! Fiverr  A website tailored to anyone offering a freelance form of work for the amount of $5 base price. I've heard it's good for traffic, but if you're a Seller (Artist) offering art for $5 make sure its 1) A type of art you can offer for $5 flat and not feel underpaid.    2) Don't do any publishable work. Take "OC" drawings or Fan Art (if allowed) instead.

Why? Because technically any $5 transaction between a buyer and an Artist on that site is considered to be a payment for the buyer to OWN the work made for $5. see via Fiverr's Terms of Service here…  under the section
"Unless clearly stated otherwise on the sellers Gig page/description, when the work is delivered, and subject to payment, the buyer is granted all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyrights for the work delivered from the seller, and the seller waives any and all moral rights therein. The delivered work shall be considered work-for-hire under the U.S. Copyright Act. In the event the delivered work does not meet the requirements of work-for-hire or when US Copyright Act does not apply, the seller expressly agrees to assign to buyer the copyright in the delivered work. "

It's really something to be careful of, so that someone doesn't run off with something that should have been priced as Commercial use work for the itsy bitsy amount of $5. Fiverr offers the option for the Buyer to purchase a "Commercial Use License" when ordering a work, however, I would assume the Artist/Seller needs to select that they are open for that sort of  work order before the Buyer can purchase it. Read more on the Commercial Use License purchase option via the Terms of Service link above, which might conduct the Commercial Use more fairly in payment if done through it.

- Behance suggested to include by PuNK-A-CaT. Read more on Behance here:

There's definitely more sites out there that can be Commissions based, but these are the ones that come up in conversation between Artists most in my experience. If I find any later on that I consider highly worth mentioning, I'll add them on in time. (: Please use all social media + websites with caution, as there can always be an incident of a scam between users or site error if not approached carefully.
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FanOfTill Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
may I put this journal in :icongenuine-commissions:?
colormymemory Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017  Professional General Artist
FanOfTill Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you!
sJibbi Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015   Digital Artist
Great guide! :la:
colormymemory Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Professional General Artist
Juliusrabbito Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015
lol FurAffinity  is already NSFW with the .net to begin with
colormymemory Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Professional General Artist
Well, the .com address takes people to an unrelated full on live action porn site. does have NSFW, but if you have an account you can set it to make art marked as NSFW not show up. (:
Juliusrabbito Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015
i know i have been there by accident and i know about FA but the SFW side is dead usually when i go
PuNK-A-CaT Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Behance is another one that offers jobs, I'm not sure they take small commission work though, they seem to be more high paid big name artists stuff/ fulltime jobs with well established companies.

Great list thanks! I'm still not at a level I can charge for work (and wary of working to order, had too many bad experiences when I worked in web design) but it's good to know there are a bunch of options if I ever get the confidence up.
colormymemory Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Professional General Artist
Added your suggestion to the list! (: I didn't know of that site yet actually. Thanks for sharing!
PuNK-A-CaT Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Welcome :)
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